Tarot divination[塔羅Lab.研究生]圖案占卜_2020上半年桃花藏在哪?Where is the lover hiding in the first half of 2020?

Hello everyone It’s 2020 All the things that everyone wants to do for the new year Or some plans from last year have not been reached Or the goal in your heart Then move on I wish everyone happy It looks a little dirty on the screen today. The question to be tested today Actually one day When you go out early in the morning Suddenly you feel the air is dirty and cloudy There seems to be exhaust from factories So it looks a little bit grey and a little bit grey now what Just how you feel If you see a mass of dirty air on this picture Which part of your eyes’ gaze would you like to focus on? now what Just by your intuition Feel like you want to pick that block? If you have chosen Then we go directly from 1 This block begins to explain the topic of today’s test is where is the peach blossom hidden in the first half of 2020? Suppose you already have friends with men and women Or already have a family Then maybe you are single Can be measured In fact, Taohua means your popularity If you choose one, it means your peach blossom in the first half of the year. Is hiding in you On the move or you have something to go out People in the field The person you met He might be a comparison Perceptual More talkative When he talks, he can understand what you want to hear Then you chat with him I feel like you guys have known or talked about a long time ago For example, what is your interest He just happened to do it too Love to play everywhere or you like sports He likes it too So you can just talk about the topic together This represents your peach blossom in the first half of 2020 Is when you go out Or go out with friends Or when there is something to go out of the country, the special peach blossom is very strong Just the place to remind you is The peach flower you met He may also have other good friends at the same time Or ambiguous object Then he speaks because he is very good So you might ignore or avoid the part he doesn’t want to say He won’t say it So the suggestion is to observe more when you meet peach blossoms Learn more about what he really thinks Or how much more to discuss with him some comparative ideas or values Is your idea really related to his idea? More suitable or suitable Sometimes he may be with you Or observe what you like to hear So he will tell you what you want to hear If the next block is selected, The peach blossom representing the first half of 2020 will be hidden when you are in danger Whether it’s possible to quarrel Or disagree with the family Then or just recently a bunch of things happened at the same time You feel annoyed When it’s messy You find that someone cares about you Then someone will notice that you have been emotionally unstable recently Or a lower mood Those who care about you are likely to be your peach blossoms in the first half of the year one of That is if you want to get out of order or you want You want to further develop the relationship to the next stage Or if you want to get out of the bill, there is a good chance. So when the first half of 2020 you are a little confused in life Or when you are unhappy Can release you need help from others Or you express what you need now What is support When you say it Actually, some people think they should help you Or feel happy to help you So the same If you think you do n’t need that much peach What do you think is good popularity in the first half When you need help Whether in the workplace In family relationships, everyone is actually willing to help you So whenever you have trouble Just say it Someone will be willing to help Then he will be very happy Don’t think this is trouble The next block is the third block representing the peach blossom in the first half of the year. If you want to start a relationship Or if you continue your current relationship, Actually it will make you very painful You will feel that the care you do is even money And energy and spirit No matter which part makes you feel pain Very frustrated you may not get the corresponding return For example, you often care about each other But the other person just thinks you are disturbing him Or do you think you are so serious Want to maintain a relationship with each other Or get to know each other more deeply But the other party does n’t seem to have that will Want to respond to yours Thoughts or your feelings for him This peach in the first half basically He appears or does not appear Will make you feel extra sad Especially when you really might meet fate Why do you feel that your heart is doomed? But that fate is destined to make you feel more painful And it ’s very difficult for you to go out in a short time So the peach flower I met in the first half of the year The point is not where he is The point is when you meet Be a bit sane Tell yourself Regardless of how the relationship develops and how it ends If you can set a stop loss point Tell yourself No matter what the end result is At least you have experienced it is a memory Or it can make you grow Seeing yourself different Different from each other Then the other party did not meet your expectations Let this relationship continue to develop Or if his direction is beyond your expectations Your emotions are sustainable So no matter if you have a relationship in the first half of the year May even end a relationship Your adjustment in mood becomes important Then this is not to say bad But each person ’s life and feelings are at different stages Will have different issues Follow what you want to learn So in the first half of the year, You may have this mood Struggle inside and a kind of pain Then if you face it You will have a chance to grow Then if you think your peach blossoms in the first half of the year do not seem so obvious Maybe you are very bland Depends on whether you want to get the life you want or the result you want The next choice is the fourth block. On behalf of the first half Peach tweed Is in your peers Is your friend Your classmate Your colleague is always with you to communicate Even fixed contact with someone May be short-lived For example, just happened to contact Or just go out Will meet nod This relationship is that he is easy From friends Then gradually Because I know this person Sublime Become an emotional component in it So in the first half of the year, your peach blossom will be hidden in daily life. Everyone you reach Then This phenomenon also shows that In the first half of the year There are actually no obstacles or misunderstandings when communicating Because you all have a good understanding You can learn that the other person is talking about it He didn’t mean to express it on purpose Or he has another meaning He might just be talking to you Feeling bad now Although I speak louder now So in the first half of the year you were chatting with everyone around you Even a little misunderstanding When arguing You can clearly understand that this is a misunderstanding Then you can solve this situation The fifth block is easy to choose next In the first half of the year Hidden in a place you didn’t expect When this peach blossom happened It just happens that you feel a little special when you are finished Then these chores will come one after another And then constantly appear to test your patience Then maybe one day your patience will bear these chores all the time You might make a decision that no one can think of It doesn’t matter if the decision is that others look good or bad After you just do it I will accidentally meet your peach blossom In fact, sometimes when I see others, it seems like you have a big turn But for yourself You will feel that this is a natural decision Or is this happening You have expected Don’t you find it strange You just didn’t expect him to happen so soon Then once this happened Your peach blossom will follow He might be after you tell the truth Someone suddenly feels that you really have the courage to tell this fact Then he is attracted to you I want to know more about you Or when you change places to live Or change place An environment Is that environment suitable for you now? You met a peach flower that was not expected For this relationship For yourself You will want to maintain or not I even think this is just happening It’s all up to you If you think the timing of this peach blossom is superfluous for you unnecessary You might avoid this peach blossom and this person At this point Do you think this peach blossom is okay for you Or what you want to try You will start a new relationship Or even If you change the environment It may even be possible to be separated from the original person You are maintaining long distance relationships Or you want something temporary It’s up to you to make this relationship pause So in the first half When you encounter something Your peach blossom also appeared unexpectedly If we choose the last 6th block, In the first half of the year, your peach blossom came from when you The more I disagree with others, Or when there are some people explaining or expressing their thoughts Your peach blossoms will express their opinions because everyone is working hard on this occasion Or for your own stand Protect one’s own interests When stepping forward Your Taohuafang will notice you because everyone is so serious When talking about the goal you want or expressing your opinion There will be a kind of confidence and charm running out on that occasion Instead, you will deliberately give out personal qualities For example, you are talking or expressing Your logic is very mature Or you want to protect your own interests and positions So you go and say a lot of truth So this When expressing self-confidence or understanding Everyone ’s light will be very strong Sometimes people look like they are fighting But in fact you all know Knowing that you are expressing your ideas rationally Of course, if you talk too hard sometimes More emotional becomes quarrel When arguing But that’s another thing But if you can keep your own rationality And then elaborating on one thing Your peach blossom will see you He will find In fact, is your logic or what you are talking about really not arguing But expressing Or is it good to do At this time Your personal charm will be inspired Or it naturally attracts you when it comes out People around you notice you Then your peach blossom will notice you too Where are the peach blossoms in the first half of 2020 measured by everyone above? Hope everyone will like it 啰

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