Tarot divination你的潛意識害怕失去什麼?What is your subconscious fear of losing?(English、日本語、French subtitles..

Hello~ Hello everyone! The pessplay course is already online! You are welcome to click on the link below the video to start the class! Today’s question! Just just Everyone sees the title Your friend moved to the mountain and you have to visit him. But no one on the road is a little scary. I hope the film does not scare everyone. Then you hear a voice and he asks you Do you know what I lost? So today? There are four options From the first We will start from the first one directly If you choose the first “time” What do you think this person lost is “time”? On behalf of your subconscious mind, what is afraid of losing is actually a stable relationship. There is also the stability and good relationship of interpersonal relationships. That is You may be afraid that your lover or family around you will leave you. Or are you worried? The relationship between family and you is not in a stable state. So in fact, you are subconscious. What you are afraid of is About this piece of “people” There is also this piece of emotion You will be very scared to say What happened on any day? Or maybe one day you may suddenly leave home. Does anyone still have such a good interaction with you? Who else can believe it? So this will be the part of your subconscious fear. Then, if you choose the second one “Fortune” words Representative, what is your subconscious? In fear of losing, in fact, very much There are actually so many reasons why you are afraid of losing. Because you don’t have a sense of security. Often in a belly And it doesn’t have to be your enemy Many times is your idea It’s in your mind, you feel like you’re everywhere. Instead of being really de facto, life weeks are all enemies So you often think that someone is going to attack you. Is it that you will be hit by a car when you go out? Or yes, if your friend said this sentence Is he really sincere? Sometimes you are sensitive and suspicious Will make you feel like living in a lot of people for your environment But in fact, for another person who is more nervous He will think that he said that sentence Just because he is in a bad mood Has nothing to do with him Or, even if someone is targeting the big man He will feel that the next second has forgotten He has forgotten what he just said to his people. So in fact, maybe the same environment is on different people. I feel different So the current subconscious is actually losing a lot of fear. But your real reason is more like you don’t feel safe. So you will feel Anything may be lost Next, if you choose the third free The words of this option It’s yours that you are afraid of losing your dive guide. Smart, and the knowledge inside your head In fact, you are a man full of ideas and creative ideas. However, sometimes you will be afraid that one day you will have For example Suddenly there are always ideas Inspiration from the source Then I am very happy to talk to people. It’s natural to always chat or it could be No matter what task you have on your hand You can solve it very quickly. But your subconscious mind will be afraid If you have any accidents on that day Or which day you suddenly received a task When you are unfamiliar and don’t know what to do Will your cleverness not come in handy? Will one day AI’s function be stronger than you? Will you be replaced? So actually you are worried about comparing heads There is also a piece of cleverness and knowledge. What you accumulate Will there be no more value for this day? This is what you are worried about Also you are afraid of losing Next, if you choose the fourth “love” words What are you subconsciously afraid of losing? Stable for money control That is, you are about the so-called property Wealth, money… these Something…the material level and the money level You have a kind Dependence of security attached to that For example, when you have a sum of money in your hand You will feel more at ease Comparatively determined that the next half year or year Your life is more secure Or there are other bad conditions happening Or when there is a sudden need for money You can make a sum of money to protect your life. Or the economic situation of the person you care about You hope that life like this is stable. So in fact your subconscious is afraid of losing will be If you suddenly can’t work any day If one day your money was cheated by the fraud group Then when there is no money support around you, Do you still have a way to stabilize your daily life? And to protect the people you care about This is the part of your subconscious mind that you are afraid of losing. That is the topic that I tested with everyone today. Also welcome everyone if there are other questions you would like to ask. Can leave a message directly below the video Come here today~ Thank you all: D


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