Should Pluto Be A Planet Again?

– [Narrator] Back in the ’90s, most people took Pluto for granted. Fast-forward to 2006. Suddenly, Pluto was all Americans were talking about. Or rather, yelling about. Some people were so angry, they were giving astronomers death threats. – People were so angry that they said that all the astronomers should be put on the […]

Universe Size Comparison 3D

Ceres, 950 km The Moon, 3500 km Callisto, 4800 km Mercury, 4900 km Mars, 6800 km Venus, 12000 Earth, 13000 km (You are Here) Kepler 22b, 30000 km Neptune, 50000 km Uranus, 51000 km Saturn, 120 000 km Jupiter, 140 000 km Proxima Centauri, 200 000 km The Sun, 1.4 Million km Sirius A, 2.5 […]