Star Wars: The rise of 5G.

Wow, Sravya these decorations look amazing! I know, I wish we had some more, right? Ho ho ho, ladies I heard you needed some finishing touches for your tree, well have I got a surprise for you! All week long our 5G Santa has been revealing the newest cities that received the gift of Verizon […]

Agnipankh (2004)(HD) – Jimmy Shergill | Rahul Dev | Divya Dutta – Best Bollywood Movie with Eng Subs

‘Eagle Aggressor, surface winds 27010 knots.’ ‘27010 knots, got it.’ ‘Aggressor Control. Eagle formation. Permission to take off.’ ‘Eagle Aggressor, clear to take off.’ ‘Aggressor Control, this is Eagle 1 calling.’ Taken pictures of coordinates 103.00825 NW. Turning on next coordinates. Over. Eagle 1, this is Aggressor Control. – Co-ordinates confirmed. You’ve reached the enemy’s […]