Super Moon in Gemini – The Weekly Astrological Message with Boaz Fyler 2-9/12/17

hello everybody I’m boss father and your friendly neighborhood evolutionary strategy and I’m here with evolutionary astrology message for the week between December 2nd and December 9th 2017 so we begin this week where the terminal in the heavens on the 1st of December we had an exact opposition between Mars and Uranus as I said in the last video this is a more volatile time in time as we could blow up rapidly we can have a shorter fuse that we could feel that our initiative our needs our craving is not being met by the group or by society that we need to walk fold but there’s something that isn’t walking in our paste in our same pace and in keeping us back on the one hand or that we are asked to make some decisive action and actually move forward and we are being challenged by it from the group from society from our social circles this is a time that we need to make sure that we are as sensitive and as tolerant as possible and we have an aspect in the sky that helps us do so that makes us a little tamer and more sensitive and softer on the second we have the exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune it’s a very spiritual very creative artistic influence that can expand our horizons and everything concerning philosophy spirituality and realms that are concerned with the right mind and not the left brain and this is a great time for us also to take it a little easier as a colleague a beautiful astrologer by the name of Paul Sheldon and charting your course astrology check out her Facebook page and knows the influences of done very well and after the last video she said I was too negative about Neptune and that Neptune is also a great opportunity to just lay back and enjoy and be a little passive and also and go out to nature out to the sea out to the forest whatever it is so when we have Jupiter trining Neptune this is a great time for traveling in nature and just laying back and enjoying yourself and it’s quite in contradiction with that volatile opposition we have in the sky and it’s two different energies playing parts into different parts of our lives and we need to balance them out on the third we have mercury entering its retrograde for the next three weeks three and a half weeks until the 24th it’s going to be retrograding in Sagittarius every Mercury retrograde is a time that we could have communication malfunctions that our input and output mechanisms do not work as well as we might might expect them to that we could have power failures or or malfunctions with any kind of electronic equipment and the time that mercury is slowing down like it has for the last week is already considered part of the retrograde because you could as the planet slows down things start to break off and break up mercury retrograde is not a time that we should stop breathing and stop doing things and stop working and stop navigating our life it’s just that we need to make sure that we’re looking at all the small print that we’re checking out double all the details that are concerned it’s not a great time to plan for changes but if changes or anything needs to be done at that time that could be good as I always tell people I actually signed the contract for this apartment I mean right now in America retrograde and we’re loving it okay we’ve been here for a year already talking about power fares my computer just died I had to stop the video and and make sure it’s okay so definitely can’t fill it already mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius it’s a lot about ideology it’s about the truth that we believe to be true it’s about the philosophical subjects that we are attuned to and many times this is time that we begin to think differently change our belief systems change the things that we decide are true for us there can be great developments in your spiritual realms at this time it could be also a time that something changes in the approach you have towards in other countries and other cultures it’s a time of expansive expansion but often through a sense of bewilderment and not a sense of being too focused on where you need to go but this is certainly a time that we find out through mistakes and through different suggestions that turn out to be not as exact as we wanted them to be what is the truth and what is the way for us but often as I said it is through a feeling of losing one’s ideology or losing one’s faith in something or losing one’s Road that we can find ourselves and you series is in the beginning of this week in the weekend on the north no this is a great time to give for the sake of giving this is a time to be productive it’s a beautiful time that you can enjoy the bountiful nature of this planet food drink flowers grass sunshine whatever it is well it is December so I hope Sun is where it’s shining where you are but it’s a great time to enjoy just this life being in a physical plane and the third is also a full moon it’s an energetic peak of this month it’s a full moon in Gemini and cannon has to do a lot with our ideas our information our thoughts and the way we spell out things the way we output an input information and data into our systems and it’s a lot about how these ideas connect to how we choose to navigate our life forwards usually a full moon is about and it’s a peak you know that we move on forward too but here they speak and again it adds up to that sense of confusion and and and sense of having this vague and fog around us you know all this fog around us and we’re not sure what’s the right answer yet because this full moon is going to square Neptune Neptune is squaring the Sun on the one hand and squaring the moon on the other hand which are in opposition every full moon because the sun rays are exactly opposing the moon so it colors at fully unless earth stands in the middle and then we have a lunar eclipse so there’s neptune standing in there so that means that a lot of the answers come from inside come from the realms of feeling and not so much of the intellectual part of ourselves we have a saying in the jewish scriptures that goes something like that once you know return it to your heart and you know there’s a question that what do you mean once you know return it to your heart because the belief is that something initiates in the realms of feeling initiates in the heart then transmute itself to the higher cerebral plane we think about it we formulated we get to an answer and then we return it to our heart we return it to the animalistic feeling so we could get the animals we can get the movement forward to take this concept and make it play out in our reality so Neptune squaring the nodes is some of that energy it’s about understanding that our decisions are not all logic but there’s some things that we cannot control including our feelings and the way we feel about certain things our environments things that happen on a larger scale we cannot even anticipate them and we need to conform on the one hand and we need to feel what’s true and best for us as well our gut feelings on the fourth we have the moon in Gemini opposing Saturn squaring carbon it’s a sensitive day don’t be too caught up in your thoughts and ideas and don’t be too judgmental and remember that you’re sensitive and everybody around you is probably more sensitive this day on the fifth Chiron goes direct it was retrograding and now it’s walking forward and that usually concerning the places we feel hurt in and and the places that we can heal ourselves and heal other is from which are the same places within us work better it’s as if we can look at our pains and aches and the things we need to remedy better and actually heal them better in our lives on the same day Mars is going to sextile mercury as well mercury even though it’s in retrograde with that Marshall effect that means that other people in our life can be influential on that day to help us gain new ideas to provide new action moving movement forward since mercury is in retrograde that confuses things a little bit it seems that things are not clear-cut there’s not a very a pristine and clear way we should approach things that’s it’s it’s more of a bit of a mess and actually we can get things done on the fifth with the help of other people around us we can make things move forward and on the sixth we have the moon in cancer which is very emotional ready and melodramatic and then it’s T squaring Mars rubs that opposition we were talking about before so it’s a volatile day regarding emotions that are not contained we have to be careful not to be too aggressive or too assertive that day and not to try to stand out of the crowd regardless okay it’s about we’re talking about rebellion with Uranus Neptune we have to talk about smart rebellion and and consider it rebellion and not just an all-out war against everything and anything and then throwing out the baby with the bathwater because we just got to angry or too sad with things and on the seventh we have the moon in Leo Square Jupiter trying the Sun on the North node this is a day we can very much enjoy ourselves we can indulge ourselves we have to be careful not to in Georgia indulge ourselves too much and not to be too extravagant but saying that that’s a great day to enjoy family to enjoy the home environment to enjoy more intimate surroundings to enjoy being with good familiar friends it’s a day that intimacy and enjoyment of life could be heightened on the 8th the moon is still in Leo and it’s joining Saturn and Mercury and Ronson hair is creating a grand trine this is again a good day that we can with a little shrug Aviva joy of life and optimism move things forward in a way that could prove strategically beneficial for us create positive change and on the 9th we have Mars entering Scorpio in ancient astrology it’s its ruling sign in modern astrology it’s the co-ruler Scorpio it feels very well in Scorpio and it’s very strong almost too strong that means that our actions could be too obsessive that means that we could be too locked on our ideas and and become even cruel to people in our actions to people who are either in partnership with us whether it is the work partnership a friendship or a romantical partnership we have to be careful not to go to sue not to come on too strong also I desires all our male parts you know all our male energy within both of us male and female is heightened it becomes clear to us that we need to dive deeper and become more powerful in order to take our life forward it’s a need to overcome our restrictions and our boundaries it’s a need to transmute and let something die in order for something new to begin and when you’re talking about Mars being there it’s a time that we can meet aggression it’s a time that we can meet drama it’s also time that we could get meet great challenges that seem to us like they’re turning our world apart but really they’re they’re taking us a level up they’re changing us and they’re allowing us to say goodbye to things that are no longer needed on the less you know extreme situations it’s just a time that we can actually direct our actions in a deeper more authentic way for us and we can gain new partners at this time again if we if we are if we are considerate and if we are sensitive and if we’re not too assertive or aggressive we’re not too militaristic it’s a very militaristic and approach and it could be also a bit paranoid and and and too stressed about things so um you know I’m 5050 about how how this is going to feel you can take it in the neck to this realm or to that realm and what really concerns and how how this Mars traveling in Scorpio sits in your natal chart what it aspects in your natal chart and where Scorpio is in your natal chart check it out and that’s how you know anyway we’re still looking for more people for our English group both beginners and intermediate in evolutionary astrology if you want to study with me you can through the computer or your smartphone from wherever you are around the world well thank you for listening and I want to remind you that every comment you have and every share and every like helps this video get exposed to more people and of course for private consultations and for any question you might have or a private lesson I’d be very happy to hear for you this is boss Fowler signing off have a beautiful week and a weekend buh-bye

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