SUN in 11th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about Saturn
in the 10th house of the horoscope and
that was the end of the series of
planets through ten thousands of the
horoscope today we are going to start a
brand new series today we are going to
talk about the effect of Sun in the 11th
hour of the horoscope so keep watching
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11th hour of the horoscope before we
talk about Sun in the 11th house
what is Sun the first thing which comes
to my mind when I think of Sun is the
soul and light Sun is the planet of
light Sun gives light and what happens
when you have light when you have light
on someone you can see things clearly
so vision is the another signification
of Sun Sun helps us to see things as it
is Sun is the planet of authority
leadership career father all these
things can be signified by Sun stability
reliability are another signification of
the Sun Sun is the Karaka for the soul
Sun has the vitality Sun is the life
force yes Mars is the life force of the
Aries ascendant and the fire element but
Sun is the original giver of light and
life without light there cannot be any
life so Sun is also the Karaka for the
life and the Karaka for the light
what is 11th house
eleventh house is the house of gains
eleventh house is the house of aperture
category what is the new Opera House
oopah chair house are the houses which
grows with time
any planet situated into the third house
sixth house ten thousand and eleventh
house does great job over the period of
time so as the time goes on these
planets get mature and these planets
tend to give good results malefics into
the open air house are great Mars
Rahu settled son in the houses of three
six ten eleven does great job today we
are going to talk about Sun in the
lambdas eleventh house is also the house
of cometary cony house number three
seven and 11 are ComTech own houses
karma literally means desire so these
houses bring desires in our life and
that might deviate us from our Dharma
the one five nine quite possible but
these houses fulfill your desire third
house is the house of your hobbies your
heart wishes seven thousands the house
of your marriage and eleventh house is
the house of your gains profits friends
all these things can be seen with eleven
thousand the first thing which comes to
my mind when I think of eleventh house
is friends networking and friends can be
seen with the eleventh house gains
income profit all these things can be
seen with the eleventh house condition
11th house is Danis turn to the
thermostat so it is the ultimate gain in
this material life eleventh house is 12
to the 12th loss of the loss Donna of
the work and
6 to the sixth like tackle to the
obstacle so it is the ultimate lava star
eleventh house is also the house of the
larger organizations the social circles
being the last house of the comma three
cone it is the ultimate desires your
dreams can be seen with the eleventh
house the fulfillment of dreams can be
seen with the eleventh house cultural
activities on a larger scale can also be
seen with the eleventh house any
recreational activities can also be seen
with the eleven thousand now let us
understand what happens when Sun comes
in the eleventh house Sun is a serious
he’s not serious like a subtle Saturn is
pessimistic and serious and intelligent
that is a different blend some is king
stable reliable and serious guy so his
seriousness is a kingly seriousness so
he doesn’t like to mingle like mercury
11th house is the house of networking
when Sun comes in here person has
connection with the people in the
government or the people in the
authority position their friends are
like some of the political connections
government connections or their father
themselves is a prominent figure in the
society the 11th house is the house of
the organization and social circle when
Sun comes in the father of the person
with the eleven thousand himself is
prominent and well-known personality in
the social circles the planet of health
comes into the house of gains the
biggest gain
the 11th house son can give is health
these people are extremely healthy the
planet of health comes into the house of
ultimate kids so they are always healthy
I really like this position for the son
these people are popular in their
friends circles they have large frame
circle because they are always stable
and they always help those in needs that
builds confidence in the friends that
yes this guy is always there for me
stable and reliable so their friend
circle keeps on going every single day
11th house is the house of gains and
more so it’s the house of desires 11th
house is your capacity to enjoy and when
Sun comes in here it kind of brings in
the restriction I won’t say restriction
but the maturity of the Sun makes the
person enjoy moderately the person with
the eleventh house Sun will enjoy
moderately he won’t get carried away
because of the Sun because Sun is very
difficult to influence so the moderation
of the enjoyment is the effect of Sun in
the eleventh house the planet of
stability comes into the house of
Prophet in the month house is the house
of huge gains and profits and these
people have stable gains and profits
stable huge gains and profit okay so son
the eleventh house gives the stability
in the profit on the stability in the
gates from eleventh house some aspect
the fifth house of the horoscope fifth
house is the house of your children your
intelligence fifth house is also the
house of politics strategies and it is
the ultimate house of hobbies and
passions because it is the third from
the third now son is aspecting the fifth
house of the horoscope
so wherever some aspects it gives the
clarity about that house because it’s
the light so son gives the clarity about
the fifth house things now the person
has a clear idea about what are his
hobbies and passion what he wants to
pursue he has clear ideas about his
children and what their children should
do he’s not confused about it fifth
house is also the house of the
intelligence and now your intelligence
has the clarity which ultimately results
into the conviction so these people are
convinced about what they think what
they want and everything about their
life what if you have debilitated son in
your eleventh house first thing you have
to do is look for the d9 chart and check
the rushes if you have son in the sign
of Libra Aries or Leo in the d9 as well
this kind of cancels the debilitation in
the deep one there are many rules to it
if you want to know more about it just
go and watch my leachable garage video
I’ll put a link into the description or
a card just go and watch that video
so we are talking about what to look for
when you have debilitated son you
already checked the d9 rushes and come
back to the d1 and check the Lord of the
Sun when Sun gets debilitated it’s in
the sign of Libra so the Lord becomes
Venus so check for the condition of the
Venus in d1 that will also give you clue
about what this Sun is going to do okay
you also have to check for the Saturn
why Saturn because if Saturn is with
this debilitated Sun this create nicha
Bunga again okay so you can go on check
the leachable garage job and you should
apply it if you have a debilitated
planet what if you have an exalted Sun
into the 11th house same process go to
the d9 check the rushes if it is into
the theories or Libra or Leo if it is in
Libra it won’t fulfill the promise it is
showing in the deep one but if it is in
the Aries or leo
it will give good results also check the
Venus and its condition not Venus excuse
exalted Sun is into the sign of Aries so
look for the lot of Aries that is Mars
when you have exalted Sun look for the
condition of mass in the chart so yes
this was Sun in the 11th house of the
horoscope if you are new to Vedic
Astrology what to watch next just go and
watch the ascendant series go and watch
the how to get started into Vedic
Astrology series or just go to my
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you would love that and if you still
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comment section or DME sending you tons
of positive energy sending your high
vibrations see you in the next videos
love and peace

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