STOP Chasing Your Twin Flame and instead do this (they will chase you)

this video I’m gonna show you why if you
imply you are chasing your twin flame
why it means they’re running away I’m
gonna show you how to switch up the
energy and exactly what to do instead
welcome back to another video my name’s
Aaron and I help people expand their
consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna show you what to do instead of
chasing your twin flames some of the
things you must do with your energy to
make that manifestation and
synchronicity possible and I’m gonna
show you the the energy parts of this
and why when you chase something it also
means that something else is running
away now this has a lot to do with
understanding how the energy works with
us in correlation to what we’re
experiencing and think about this
anytime we say I really really want
something we are implying that we don’t
already have it now it doesn’t mean that
we’re you know obviously you might be
looking around whoa I haven’t actually
met my twin flame yet so I would be
lying to myself if I said that I didn’t
but think about this in a term of an
energy thing I’ve used this analogy
before but what if I was like please
watch my video I really really hope that
you watch my video please subscribe to
my channel please won’t you please do
that for me please it would just make me
feel so good if you would just do that
think about the energy dynamic there
think about how that is is correlating
with what we are experiencing think
about how then you can feel that off of
me would you if I was like hey you know
I’m making these videos and bah blah
blah and I was authentic and you feel
that I was like if you want to subscribe
it got a lot more videos coming you see
how the energy dynamic is very different
that’s because we are in a different
state and when you’re in that state of
not neediness then you really allow
things to come to you so first off let
me show you around real quick I am in
Sedona Arizona I am with my buddy Victor
Otto we are at this amazing look at this
this is the Airbnb we’re at it’s really
cool the room house the opinion is right
there that’s like the main living area
and then this is like the bottom floor
there’s different rooms there’s like a
rooftop it’s really cool and there’s a
creek down there that we’re gonna go to
here in a little bit we’re gonna swim
we went there yes sir is really cool so
for understanding first off you might be
asking yourself what is a twin flame now
the way that I understand this I’ve
heard Bashar talk about this before as
well is what a twin flame is is you can
call it your divine counterpart the idea
is that every person on the planet has a
twin flame but the idea is they don’t
always incarnate together
see it’s the thing as well once you’re
chasing something you can always connect
energetically to that twin flame divine
counterpart on meditation
not everyone incarnated with their twin
flame which doesn’t mean you have any
depthness less of a relationship could
mean that you’re meant to connect to
somebody else at a very deep soul level
and these are just labels as well just
remember that as well and the thing with
twin flame is twin flame is a divine
counterpart you could say in a way it’s
like a split off of the same soul now
the problem with a lot of people looking
for their twin flame is they believe
that it is the other half to their soul
you’re already a complete soul it means
in a way twin flame is something that
comes from a similar oversoul so the
idea is that we are here we have a
higher self we have parallel
incarnations say that you have different
lifetimes those are happening right now
what we like to call those past lives
from the linear perspective but those
lives exist right now they’re parallel
incarnations and yes it’s yours it’s a
similar energy and it comes from the
same oversoul or the higher self but the
idea is that what a twin flame is it’s
another soul counterpart from that of
the higher self or the Oversoul so it’s
a more direct connection you see we’re
all already all one anyways at the
deepest level we’re all connected and
the labels the set is the only thing
that separates us but the idea of a twin
flame is that a lot of times they’ll
mirror back to each other a lot of
different aspects they’ll cause each
other to a lot of growth I will say as
well I believe a lot of these type of
relationships right now on the planet
happening more than ever because now is
the time of transformation on the planet
so where as back in the day maybe it was
much more rare for this kind of
connection and thing to happen I think
it happens much more common now so for
this understanding of twin flame what I
want to share with you is that the
energy about it is what is important and
the more you are seeking the more you
are looking is the more you cause that
person to run away I remember I remember
being in sales commissioned sales and I
remember helping customers and if I had
an energy that I really wanted to help
them because I wanted to make money and
I wanted to you know get my Commission
up for the day customers could feel that
off of me and a lot of times as a
repellent think about it like a magnet
if you are looking for someone else and
you are really really wanting someone
else you’re putting out an energy that
you don’t currently have them it’s a
resistant energy because you’re
resisting the moment you’re not saying
yes to the moment you’re saying this
moment’s not good enough because when
twin flames not here so then what
happens is then you can’t actually
perceive of them you need to be in the
vibration of being able to perceive of
them so let’s look at these two things
as two separate vibrations this one idea
right here will change your life when
you begin to absorb it there’s the
vibration of wanting something and the
vibration of having something the
vibration of wanting something is I
really really want a soulmate I really
really wanted to enflame I really really
wanted and the more you beat yourself up
about it the more that you focus on how
you don’t currently have it and how you
want it that’s a vibration in of itself
that’s a vibration a lot of times of
lack now the thing is sometimes people
will notice that and then they will move
into an intention that can then move
them out of the vibration of wanting now
then there’s the vibration of having now
the vibration of having is saying I’m
already hold and complete I already have
that kind of relationship in my life and
the difference in this vibration is the
difference between you attracting and
meeting your soulmate or not so the key
is chasing it is the wanting wanting
wanting the key is to turn it into
intention the difference between wanting
is I want to go do that I want to go
down to that Creek right now I really
really want to if I could just go down
to the creek I could get into the water
and it can get this very energy
in effect on me but if I just stayed
there then what would happen is I would
I wouldn’t actually actualize that but
instead I could move into the having of
it which is the intention for me to
actually walk down there now the
difference is if the stream could feel
my energy the stream would wonder run
away if it could just like people that’s
how people work people can feel that I
was talking to someone else about this
yesterday because um I know someone that
her and her boyfriend she has it to
where she wants really this a big bug
huh all right they she has it to where
she really wants like she gets really
mad when her boyfriend goes out anytime
her boyfriend goes out she gets
extraordinarily mad about it and she
gets kind of insecure about it now what
happens is is anytime she does that what
happens is it causes you know a certain
type of energy she gets ungrounded they
get to like a little argument bickering
about it and what when I when I look at
that the guy what he does is I believe
he has even more of a desire to go out
because she gets angry about it because
she has such a rule in her mind that
don’t go do this don’t go do this and
he’s in a way fighting for his freedom
so it’s almost like maybe he wouldn’t
want to do that in the way that he’s
doing it because then she he would feel
that that energy dynamic isn’t there to
where she’s actually pushing him to do
it without even knowing it so if you
define I see a lot of people that reach
out to me that go oh you know this I
have this twin flame relationship and
it’s mirroring this back to me and it’s
they’re running away and all this stuff
here is the key here is what you do
instead of chasing your twin flame the
first thing you must do is you must get
to your core vibration your core
vibration now the reason this is imagine
you are constantly putting out a
frequency you’re putting out a frequency
and based on that frequency you will
find relationships in your life that
come in correlation with that frequency
you’re putting out so imagine you’re
putting out a frequency of I’m not
enjoying what I’m doing
imagine you put out a frequency of like
I did four years I had a job that I
didn’t like I always had a girlfriend in
my life of somebody that had a job they
didn’t like when that was the case
you always attract what is equal to
where you currently are now this is the
thing when you move from that place of
you being where you where you were where
you didn’t have a job or were you not
doing what you’re passionate about and
you start to really act on your passion
doing what you love you put out that
frequency to where that other person can
then find you you see but if you’re
chasing them you’re you’re confirming
that’s not really who you are if you’re
chasing you’re saying I’m not good
enough you’re putting them on a pedestal
and then they can’t actually perceive of
you energetically but you’re always
putting out a frequency and other people
will be drawn to you based on that
frequency but if you’re not in your
divine frequency how can that you’re not
putting out the call so that the other
person can then meet you together then
find you so the key to this is you
getting to your core frequency the
sooner you get to you know you’re
connected with other souls as well and
maybe by you getting into your key
frequency maybe then them wherever they
are they then start to get into their
core frequency you see this is a
different perspective but I do believe
that we’re connected in that way and
especially if you’re from the same
Oversoul you have even a stronger
vibrational connection so the key to
this is getting to your core frequency
are you doing what you’re meant to be
doing in life are you passionate about
what you’re doing or do you have self
love for yourself because if you do then
that energy dynamic starts to go away
the energy of I’m not good enough and
you’d complete me you see the energy
dynamics really start to change but the
key to this is getting to that state be
in your core vibration if you are in
your core vibration you’re more likely
to meet that person you’re more likely
to be putting out the frequency to where
then they can pull on it and if you do
the inner work then they also do the
inner work you see but whatever
vibration you’re putting out there
picking up on that if you’re chasing
them and you feel resistance then
they’re gonna feel that and they’re
gonna feel like they have to run away
think about that dynamic of cat and
mouse if something is running like
sometimes I think Mouse’s might be
walking around but then the cat’s just
kind of looking at it but once the mouse
starts to run it then gives the cat the
the the ability to want the wanting to
you see but it works the other way
around as well so energetically if
someone if you are chasing someone it
may be causing them to run is what I’m
saying not kind of schedule huh
so for this twin flame understanding
understand that for this process the
thing that you can do instead is get to
your core vibration feel the
unconditional love within yourself
understand you’re already whole and
complete and understand that you always
get a relationship even just talking
about beyond that of twin flames just in
general you always meet people even
Franz hi vibe tribe that are equal to
where you currently are and part of this
core vibration that I’m talking about
may mean that you have to let go of
certain things if you’re in an abusive
relationship how you can actually be
obviously you’re energetically tied to
someone else
how would you meet and have a twin flame
in connection relationship you see so
you may have to let go of things you may
have to let go of things that don’t
serve you things weighing down your
vibration things weighing you down from
actually being in the core of who you
are so the other thing you can do is by
changing around this energy dynamic you
can have them chase you you can have
them chase you you see when you’re at
the core of who you are and you feel
unconditional you feel love about
yourself that emanates out of your
energy field and it causes people to
feel what you feel so I tell people that
your self image is being projected out
to other people if you feel insecure
it’s not that those other people will
perceive of your insecurities normally
but they may pick up on that energy and
say oh this person they may then be more
apt to look at those insecurities so in
the same way if you’re not confident in
your own energy and understanding that
the primary focus can be your own growth
then what happens is you end up
externalizing everything and they will
pick up on that energetically so this
really is everything to do with you
because this person as well is going to
mere things back to you I know this from
experience things get mirrored back and
things you don’t even really understand
because some of them
from past life stuff you know our
multi-dimensional beings and you do that
for each other so understand that the
more you go into yourself and the more
inner work you do the more you are then
going to be ready for a twin flame type
connection but you won’t receive it if
you’re not ready for it and sometimes
you know there’s still baby things that
shake up within your life when you do
but you’re actually you would be ready
for it if it would happen everything
happens in perfect timing
so understand how the energy works here
the energy works that whatever you put
on a pedestal you immediately
vibrationally separate yourself from it
instead of chasing it and applying that
they’re running away focus instead of
the vibration of wanting on the
vibration of having and the vibration of
having is knowing you’re good already
you’re a whole and complete already
you’re a whole soul that is going to
meet the divine counterpart someone very
connected to you at that soul level but
understand that you’re you don’t need it
to happen and you don’t have to control
the way that it happens by not
controlling and letting go you then
allow it to happen even in a more
magical way so the key to this whole
entire process is letting go let go of
the outcome let go of attachment to how
things happen because that rule in our
mind will keep things in resistance and
it will keep things from not actually
happening the way that they could so
that is the power of this give up the
necessity to control it give up the
necessity put on a pedestal realize the
primary focus for this is putting out
your own core frequency that’s what you
do instead you put out your core
frequency you do your inner work because
then you will attract and bring that
relationship closer to you you will
resonate with it and in synchronicity
will just allow itself to happen but
stop looking for it as well stop looking
for intent for it stop looking and
chasing intention is different intention
is I intend for this to happen but you
know you know to be attached to the
outcome but then you follow that up with
action followed by action maybe try new
things go to a new place find out what
you can do to put yourself in uncertain
situations so that something like that
and then just let go let go let go I
promise you it’s a paradox because the
more that you let go of the outcome the
more you let go of the how is the more
you actually allow the magical things to
come into your life because you’re not
energetically trying to control it from
the ego level you allow to happen from
higher levels you allowed the
synchronicity to happen in a higher
vibrational form so this is the key for
you something else I have is I have a
guided meditation for tapping into your
core vibration I’m gonna go ahead and
link it into the description box below
lists over 21 days that it’ll transform
your life you could also read the
comments to see what is possible if you
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like this however you have to hit the
notification Bell to see them that’s the
way you – does it for some reason so I’m
excited to share those with you as well
and as always peace much love and

  • heyyyyyy everyone here's the meditation I mentioned in the video! for best results use headphones & listen for 21 days 🙂

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    Also, i realize, that just because i met the divine counterpart (i don’t say MY because i don’t possess him) .. doesn’t mean we are to be in a romantic union on this plane.

    We may truly be like business spiritual
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    I was fixated on being in a romantic union with him, so although physically i was STILL, energetically i was eager and experiencing extreme anxiety because i was attached to an IDEA instead of the actual reality and purpose of our union.

    I am now turning back into myself and connecting with the divine and developing a deeper relationship with me.

    Detached from the outcome, but i ITEND for the outcome to be GREAT in my life in all aspects.

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