star sign

Star sign is a really common way to understand people when we first meet someone And also lots of people would check their daily horoscope to decide what they should or shouldn’t to do today The astrology divide people into 12 different star sign. We have Capricorns, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. This 12 sun sign represent the different personality we have. Then we are going to introduce the different between sun sign and moon sign. According to your birthday you can know your sun sign at the first time. Sun sign reflect your first impression to others. And also people can know what kind of person you are through your sun sign. Moon sign represent your inner reflect your inside world, the sense of security , and your emotion. Now there are some words to explain the differences between sun sign and moon sign. The sun is you, and moon is your shadow. Sun stand for chase, and moon stand for requirement. Sun is who doesn’t wear the clothes, and moon is who stand in the X-ray. Let’s talk about sun sign in our class. According to the statistical data, we have four same quantities of star sign in our class. First, it’s Taurus, people think they are boring. However, they are interesting easy to close but only stay with their real friends. They are nostalgic. Yes they are. They think everything is impossible to be perfect, but it is a part of their memory. Next is Virgo, they want everything to be clean and neat. But they are actually lazy guys. People always think they are fussy, but they just care about something is really important to them. They are so difficult to get close…? No! They are extremely unconfident, so they are afraid of being refused by people. The third one is Libra. People thinks they cannot focus on a person. However the fact is they can like lots of people, but they exactly love the particular one . They look like pacifist, but actually sometimes they are really aggressive. And the last one is Scorpio. They harbor grudges. Well… exactly yes, but they only hold these things and people. They do not revenge to anyone. They desire the sex. Most of them think love equals to sex Let’s talk about moon sign. Most of us are Libra. The personality of this moon sign is they cannot bear lonely. They want someone can always stay here, so it is easy to “get them”. They divide every kinds of people and only stay with whom is similar to them. They want everything is harmonious, and they think to have peaceful relationship is important. They are narcissists, and like getting admiration by criticize others. According to the above information, the style of our class is friendly, peaceful and a little bit aggressive. Okay. This is the end of our video, thanks for your watching.

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