#SpreadTheLove💜 with Millie Bobby Brown

Hi everyone, it’s Millie.
We all know that social media can be one of the most positive and negative places.
While it can be an amazing platform for spreading positivity and change,
it’s also a place that could stand to be kinder
So, I want us all to make a positive change, and it all starts here.
This week I want you to spread the love to your friends and family.
And I am going to join you every step of the way, using this.
Record a message, share a photo, video or story that spreads the love
and pays your kindness forward using the hashtag #SpreadTheLove💜
Don’t forget to add the purple heart 💜emoji and tag me too!
So come on guys, let’s make social media a happier place.
Together I think we can make some real change in the world.
I can’t wait to hear from you soon.
Bye bye!


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