Six of Cups – Pleasure – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The six of Cups Pleasure is the Sun ruling
the second decanate of Scorpio. Its a happy card from all the cards we had before, the
4 of Cups, back into the central Pillar where there is balance and enjoyment. We are at
number 6 where tipareth, the Sun the ruler of the 6 of Cups is the Sun. With this dual
energy going on. His fierce, but balanced power operates that type of putrefaction,
he is in the Sign of Scorpio which is the basis of all fertility, all life. that is
destroying the egg to create life. The lotus stems are grouped in an elaborate dancing
movement. You can see that by the flowing stems and the two cups either side are at
an angle. They are not vertical. From their blossoms water gushes into the Cups, but they
are not yet full to overflowing, as they are in the corresponding card below; the Nine.
So you go from Kether Ace of Cups to the 6 of Cups and the 9 of Cups. Happiness. Pleasure,
in the title of this card, must be understood in its highest sense; it implies well-being,
harmony of natural forces without effort or strain, ease, satisfaction. Foreign to the
idea of the card is the gratification of natural or artificial desires. Yet it does represent
emphatically the fulfilment of the sexual will, as shown by the ruling sephira, planet,
element, and sign. Scorpio, the sign of sexuality with the Sun, kind of an idea of what is going
on here. he also introduces one of the hexagrams of the I Ching, Kwan, or Big Earth, being
the Earth trigram with doubled lines. Its not what you expect is it. Kwan means manifested
but also contemplating. The Thwan refers directly to an High Priest ceremonially purified about
to present his offerings. The idea of pleasure-putrefaction as a sacrament is therefore implicit in this
hexagram as in this card, while the comments on the separate lines by the Duke of Chau
indicate the analytical value of this Eucharist. it is one of the master-keys to the Gate of
Initiation. Sex magick. As if to emphasize that he mentions the 9th degree of the O.T.O.
Sex magic, men and women getting together. The Gate of Initiation, the key of initiation
the fool card manifesting, at the centre of the Fool card. The sun at his navel area.
Now for that innocence and purity of the sex magic of the 9th degree of the O.T.O. Lets
go to the 7th card, which is debauch.

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