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Namaskar audience, I am Suresh Shrimali I welcome you all to my special program where we will see how the month of February will fare for the Leo natives. I will let you know this 29 day month’s horoscope in 29 points. I will try my best to give full value to your time and in every moment you will get to understand or learn something new. First of all, we will talk about how the horoscope of Leo natives is being formed in this month. Later based on its analysis we will talk of your business and wealth this month , about jobs and profession, will talk about mothers, sisters and women, then after talking about students and child happiness, health and enemies and in the end, I will tell you the special remedy for all the Leo natives, which will make your day and month better. Let’s look at the horoscope of this month in this whole month Rahu will be in Gemini, Jupiter and Ketu will be in Sagittarius and Saturn will be in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius. Mars, till 6 February, it will be in Scorpio and after 7 February in Sagittarius. Upto 12 February, Sun will be in Capricorn and after 13 February in Aquarius, Venus will remain in Aquarius until 1 February and from 2 to 27 it will be in Pisces and then Venus will move to Aries from 28th. Moon will create Grahan Dosh along with Rahu on 6 and 7, It will form Mahalakshmi yoga with Mars on 18 and 19 and Gajakesari yoga with Jupiter which is a plus point But it will also form Grahan Dosh with Ketu On 21st and 22nd it will form Vish Dosh with Saturn. Now see, you or me, it could be anyone, I feel that there are one or two days in a month when we get mental tension, delays in work, hurt, disturbance and causes loneliness. I inform these dates in advance so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, On 8 and 9 February, the moon will be in 12 house, On the 16 and 17 in 4th house and on 26 and 27 in 8th house. You should be alert on these dates. Let’s start this horoscope with business and wealth now with these 29 points, you will understand this month of 29 days. In this month, you have to be careful in financial matters, do not give finance powers in the hands of someone whom you do not trust. It will be better to do it yourself and keep the financial key in your pocket. Financially profitable opportunities can only be good if and because you follow punctuality and discipline The more you try, the better success you will surely achieve. You can consider yourself lucky this month, if you have invested somewhere, then you can get a sudden benefit. If you want to open your business or branches in another city, close one and start another and make changes, then this decision would be wise. In month end you can use your extra savings to invest in mutual fund, stock market or for any investment purpose but do not take any kind of risk. It will be auspicious for the business to have new equipment, new recruitment, purchase of land, make any changes or update and upgrade technically. The 3, 16 and 28 will be auspicious for business or auspicious work. Talking about job and the profession your level of hard work should increase to achieve success in this month’s career path. Hard work can give you a new identity in the field of work People will appreciate you, just as the selectors don’t say that they have come to select, they secretly watch which player is playing and how well they are playing and only then they select. You will also get an opportunity to work in a new place. You will get better results in the field of career. Your hard work and dedication towards your work will definitely be visible to the seniors. Your work in the office will be appreciated. At the same time, unemployed people who want to give interviews for a job, could get success in it, have faith in yourself. Those working in a government job or trying for one, will have a fantastic month. Chances of promotion are very high This month do not have any money transactions with your relatives, or else the relationship with them could get worse due to money matters. The situation will be almost in your favor in terms of money and immovable property. If you want to buy a property this month, it will be beneficial for you. If you want to take a trip, want to learn something, want to update and upgrade yourself, take some days off and do some planning, then all this time would be good for you. Together with some people, you can resolve some property business or property dispute but do not do all these things on 5th, 21st and 26th. Let’s talk about mothers, sisters and women and family life This month will be auspicious for you to face your problems at the family level. Do not run away from problems and participate in it and rectify it. From the in-laws point of view, you should maintain transparency in the relationship. It is fruitful to have a good relationship with your life partner, do not try to instigate you husband with regards to any incident could have happened against you, as it could create a fire which will not be extinguished easily. You will get an opportunity to get involved in social work and this will increase your social circle. Before undertaking any new task, be sure to discuss it with your family members because someone else may be jealous of your work and they could try to spoil your work. So why don’t we tell them before hand about our decisions so that they feel that they got the respect they deserved. Love-life You could take some new decisions If you believe in the western civilization, then Valentine’s Day can be very auspicious for you. You can express your love or take the blessings of your parents with regards to your relationship. Relationships will improve with love partner. In these days money will be spent as soon as it arrives, but the expenditure will be done in useful things. The 3rd, 13th and 20th will be very auspicious for you to spend for some special work or for learning something. Your family life will be efficient and peaceful. Love relationship will definitely get direction during this month. If you had hesitated to talk to any of your old friends since a long time, then it will happen now that and you will be happy about it. Relationship with your relative will improve. Your attraction or your attachment towards animals will increase and maybe you could bring home a cat or any such pet. Talking about happiness of students and children only a deep study will make students successful in the field of education. On the other hand, if students want to get education abroad, then this month will be auspicious for them. This time will be especially beneficial to those students who are preparing in the field of competition. Seeing the success of your child, you will have a feeling of content in your mind. The 1st, 7th and 21st will be very auspicious for you and you can do some special work on these dates, you can make changes in your studies. Anything can be done which will prove to be effective in the coming days. Talking about health and enemies from the health point of view, pain in your joints can be disturbing. Therefore, practice yoga, you should sit daily in the Kagashan, Balasan and also in Vajrasan as doing so will give great benefit and be very careful while driving, your carelessness will become your enemy this month and there could be chances of getting hurt. Some chronic disease is knock your door so stay alert. Take care, do not take things lightly. This month, you should control your diet too. If you talk to others regarding nutritious food, advising others on having green tea, advising on what should be eaten and what not to be eaten but you need to also practice what you preach. Stay away from junk food 100%, otherwise you will be inviting many types of stomach ailments. From the health point of view, dates 5, 15 and 24 will be very special for you. If you want to get some checkup done, then these dates are good for you. Now, I will talk about the special remedies for the month of February for Leo natives, which will help make this month memorable month for you, First of all, see Jaya Ekadashi Vrat is on on 5 February. to get success in love, to marry your love or to get love you should fast on this day and put a tilak with vermillion and rice on Lord Damodar’s idol and recite the mantra “Om Padmanahe Namah” and “Om Rishikeshaya Namah”. Recite these mantras for 5 rosary beads or at least 1 each. On 7 February which is Vishwakarma Ekadashi and Guru Gorakh Nath Ji jayanti On 7 February which is Vishwakarma Ekadashi and Guru Gorakh Nath Ji jayanti, on this day, you can take a pledge On the day of Vishwakarma puja after bathing offer water to the Sun and do not forget to add vermilion, red kaner flower and a bit of jaggery in the water while offering. Worshiping Lord Vishwakarma ji will prove to be auspicious for you. on February 21, I have a puja in Indore at Madhya Pradesh, where along with diksha, you could meet me personally. All of you are invited to come and on this day. But wherever you are, on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, you should make mixed fruit juice and mix it with water and then offer it on the Shiva lingam At the same time take 51 bel leaves and write “Om Nandeshvaraya Namah” and offer them, after that you sit there and meditate on Lord Shiva. Pray to make your mind peaceful, to increase your disease capacity, to end the disease and to achieve whatever you wish for you should pray and fast on this day and also do bhajan-kirtan at night. On 25 February, we call Phuleraduj as Abuzh Muhutrat, on this day you can start any auspicious work, and you can start doing any special work without asking anyone. On this day offeing abir Gulal to Shri Krishna and singing his hymns will be very auspicious. Now, I am telling my schedule to all those viewers who want to meet me personally. On 28 and 29, I will be in Dubai, 14 March, I will be in Katmandu. In the month of May I will be visiting America and in June I will be in England and in Europe. On 1 and 20 February, and on 1 March, I will be in Mumbai. The 2 February, I will be in Pune and 8 and 9 February, I will be in Surat, Baroda and Ahmedabad. The 13 February, I will be in Delhi and on the 14, 15 and 16 February, I will be in Chandigarh, Kolkata and Ranchi respectively. The 22, I will be in Indore but one day before on the 21 we have our puja at Indore. Those of you who wish to take diksha, sit in the puja are welcome. The 23 February, I will be in Nagpur and 15 March in Gurgaon. If you live in these cities or countries and want to meet me personally, then you can take an appointment by contacting a number being given. You can also take telephonic appointments or a video conferencing on which we could talk and see each other and solve any problems. I sincerely hope and believe that you have understood this program, you must have decided to like, dislike, subscribe or not and you may have begun to adopt what I said too, but do comment. I always try to answer most of the comments otherwise I read them always. I pray to God, and also to Bholenathji that this is the month of Shivratri goes well to take care of our dear Leo natives. With this hope, faith and prayer, I will end my episode. Namaskar and blessings.


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