Shocking Psychic Predictions That ACTUALLY Came True

Come, viewer, and stare into my crystal ball.
I see a name, starts with a J? No? How about
an S? A D? Maybe a T? Yes, a T. This person…
was close to you. I have a message from them-
oh they’re not dead? Well, I wasn’t really
talking to you, I was talking to the other
viewer who has a dead relative whose name
starts with a T, or a D or an S or a J.
Everyone knows psychics are nothing more than
very skilled scam artists, masters of the
cold read, able to discern a plethora of details
about you from the way you behave, dress,
and speak. Any details they can’t read right
away, they simply have you fill in yourself
as they lead you on with purposefully vague
questions that allow you to fill in the blanks
yourself. Don’t get us wrong, it takes real
talent to be so cunning and manipulative,
but real magical, future-seeing powers? C’mon,
everybody knows that’s not for real.
Or is it? The US military once thought it
was, and rumors persist that faith in psychics
lasted well into the 1990s. Some even say
that psychics provided the US military with
good, actionable intelligence, and may have
even saved lives. But we’re not here to discuss
classified boondoggles, we’re here to talk
about the times that psychics got it right.
So right in fact, that it makes one second-guess
they’re position on psychics. Maybe, just
maybe, some psychics at least are the real
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
November 22nd, 1963 is a sunny and pleasant
day. The American president, the popular and
dashing Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
is traveling through Dallas, Texas in an open-top
convertible. Crowds wave to the president
from the sidewalks, and secret service agents
keep nervous eyes on the massive crowds. As
Kennedy’s vehicle passes by the Texas School
Book Depository Building, right at 12:30 pm,
a CIA operative fires a single, magic bullet
which kills Kennedy and through evil witchcraft,
frames Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime. Or,
if you believe the government then Oswald
fired 3 non-magic bullets, still killing Kennedy.
The nation is shocked and in deep mourning.
Assassinations aren’t the type of thing that
happen here in America, especially not the
President! That’s something left to the communist
bloc, where political rivals are dealt with
through courteous public debates, and bullets
to the head. Mostly bullets to the head though.
But wait, could this be a communist attack?
Is the Soviet Union behind the assassination?
Was this a preemptive strike to sever the
head from the body and Soviet bombers are
even now on their way to deliver nuclear armageddon?!
For people living in 1963, they got to search
for the answer to these and other equally
pants-shittingly terrifying questions over
the next few days.
But if the entire nation had listened to just
one woman, perhaps this horrible event could
have been avoided altogether. Psychic Jeane
Dixon was a famous psychic from her day, though
her popularity exploded after she successfully
predicted that the American president would
die in office, seven years before it happened.
In a 1956 interview highlighting her psychic
powers, Dixon stated that the 1960 election
would be won by a Democrat, and that the president
would then die in office or be assassinated,
though not necessarily on the first term.
Others would embellish the account, with Dixon
doing a fair bit of embellishing herself after
the fact. She did accurately predict the assassination,
but after it happened tried to add details
that made it seem as if she had specifically
seen it happen to JFK. Either way, the original
death still occurred, and to a democrat president
while in office, exactly as predicted.
End of World War II
Jeane Dixon didn’t just predict the assassination
of an American president though, in fact on
at least two occassions she apparently consulted
with presidents directly. Claiming that her
visions were given to her by God made her
very popular amongst the religious community.
Due to some of her prophecies actually coming
true, and the help of a whole lot of word
of mouth, Dixon got invitations to the White
House on at least two occasions.
On the first occasion she consulted with President
Roosevelt about a year and a half before the
war ended, who asked her when the war would
be over. With pressure mounting from the allies
for a decisive campaign against the Germans,
and steep losses in the Pacific, no doubt
that the President was eager for any good
news about the most destructive war in human
history ending. Allegedly Dixon told the president
that the war would end in 1945, which must
have picked up his spirits. Sadly, he would
die before the war was over.
The second time Dixon was invited into the
White House was by the now second-most controversial
of American presidents, Richard Nixon. In
1971 Nixon invited Dixon- say that three times
fast- to the White House, although the details
of their conversation remained between the
two of them. Perhaps Dixon warned Nixon of
his impending impeachment, and ultimately
led to his decision to resign in disgrace
Mark Twain Predicts His Death
Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name
of Mark Twain, is one of America’s greatest
authors. He held rather dim views on the treatment
of blacks by white southern society, and made
many of his feelings known through his books.
Perhaps the most famous of his books though
is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, featuring
one black character who’s name has with time
become incredibly uncomfortable to say in
the midst of a mixed-race classroom.
Yet Twain was apparently more than just a
literary visionary, and he may in fact have
been a psychic visionary as well. He had been
born in 1835, just after Halley’s comet had
become visible again to observers on earth.
The comet, named after Edmund Halley who calculated
the gravitational effects of Jupiter and Saturn
on cometary orbits, has been observed since
at least 240 BC, and follows an extremely
elliptical orbital path that sees it dip closer
to the sun than Mercury before flying out
to the reaches of Neptune’s orbit. Taking
about 75 years, the comet can be regularly
predicted, and will next reappear in our skies
in 2061.
As he neared the end of his life, Twain commented
that he had come into this world with Halley’s
comet in 1835, and that he expected to go
out with it when it arrived the following
year. With his trademark self-deprecating
humor, Twain said, “The Almighty has said,
no doubt: now here are these two unaccountable
freaks; they came in together, they must go
out together.”
Sure enough, the very next year Twain died
of a heart attack just as the comet became
visible to earth.
C’mon, you didn’t think we were going to discuss
psychics and not talk about the granddaddy
of all psychics, did you? Nostradamus was
a French astrologer and physician- though
we use that term very loosely- who lived through
a major plague outbreak in the 1500s. As a
child he hoped to attend university but was
thrown out when the school closed its doors
due to an outbreak of plague. Years later
he would meet and marry his wife, who would
give him two kids- and the plague killed all
three as well. You could say that Nostradamus’
life was tainted by tragedy, which might have
affected the many prophecies that he made
later in life about future events.
One of his most famous predictions was that
London would burn in a great fire in the year
66. Unfortunately he didn’t give the first
two digits to that date, but a hundred years
after his death, London did in fact burn.
On September 5th, 1666, the Great Fire of
London burned through the city and displaced
70,000 out of 80,000 residents. The fire laid
waste to the city exactly as Nostradamus had
predicted a century before, which makes us
suspicious that he didn’t simply return as
a ghost and set the fire himself…
Another prediction by Nostradamus was that
the oppressed people in his native France
would one day rise up and demand justice.
The elite would fall in a bloody revolution
which would shake the nation to its core.
This would seemingly point to the French Revolution
in 1789, which did in fact end up with a lot
of nobles dead as the poor and downtrodden
rose up against the wealthy elite who exploited
and ruled over them. Of course, this prediction
should be taken with a grain of salt, as this
kind of thing is sort of inevitable when you
live for centuries in a political and economic
system that favors the rich and disenfranchises
everyone else. America, here’s looking at
Apparently Nostradamus also saw past the French
revolution though, and gave a name of a figure
who would rise to power and lead Europe to
disastrous war. He referred to this figure
as Pau, Nay, and Loron, and apparently if
you do a bit of linguistic gymnastics you
get the name Napoleon out of that. However,
what did come to pass was that this figure
would, as he put it, “deny the Piuses entry
and imprison them”. Napoleon did indeed
lock up Popes Pius VI and Pisu VIIth, and
that’s close enough to count in our book.
Perhaps the most famous of Nostradamus’ predictions
though was that of a child born in West Europe,
who would seduce a great troop with is tongue,
and his fame will spread as far as the east.
Another quatrain says, beasts ferocious with
hunger will cross the rivers, the greater
part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
If this one isn’t obvious by now, then simply
replace the S in Hister with an L. That’s
right, many people claim that Nostradamus
accurately predicted Hitler’s birth and rise
to power, and even the earth-shaking clash
of armies which would be World War II when
he said, “the two greatest ones will be
at war with one another.” In this case the
two greatest ones are the Axis and Allied
Nostradamus also predicted the death of President
Kennedy, along with his brother- at least
according to his followers. In another quatrain,
Nostradamus stated that two great men would
die, one during the day and the other at night.
Incredibly, John F. Kennedy did die in the
afternoon, and five years later just past
midnight his brother Robert F. Kennedy was
also killed.
Edgar Cayce
Nostradamus is all good and fine, but we’d
like our psychic prophets to be just a little
bit more accurate. American psychic Edgar
Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet,
gave several predictions, many of which came
true. In 1925 as he gave a psychic reading
to a young doctor, he warned that though the
doctor would come into a great deal of money,
he should guard it carefully as adverse forces
would come in 1929. Then six months before
the stock market crash, in march 1929 Cayce
warned a stockbroker that a great disturbance
in financial circles was about to take place.
Perhaps more terrifyingly, at least for the
recipient, were Cayce’s warnings of World
War II. In 1935 Cayce gave a reading to a
29 year old freight agent that catastrophic
events were building within the international
community. He accurately predicted that the
Austrians, Germans, and then later the Japanese
would band together, and that militaristic
groups within those nations would set the
world on fire. Sure enough, just a few years
later German expansionism forced France and
Britain to declare war, and two years later
the Japanese would drag America into the war
with their attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Bible
Many have claimed that secret codes run the
length of the Bible, and that it accurately
predicts events throughout history. Today
there’s little evidence that any of that is
anything more than a lot of wishful thinking,
but one thing that the Bible did eerily predict
was the Earth’s position in space. While other
religions and myths spoke of the Earth being
flat, or on the back of a large animal, or
something similar, the Bible said in the book
of Job, chapter 26, verse 7: he hangs the
earth upon nothing.
What about modern radios though? Well, once
more in the book of Job, God says to Job way
back in 1500 BC: can you send lightnings,
that they may go, and say to you, here we
are? Here God is asking Job if light can manifest
into speech, and yet we now know that light
is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, as
are radio waves.
God must have apparently been filling Job’s
head with mind-blowing knowledge- which probably
blew his BC brain away- because once more
in the book of Job, God says to Job, “When
the morning stars sang together.” Today
we know that stars emit radio waves which
you can actually tune into and listen to as
What do you think about psychics? Are they
the real deal or phoney baloney? Ever had
a psychic prediction come true? Let us know
in the comments! And since we’ve already predicted
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