Shark devours on a wall of Mullets – Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

Cold currents are sweeping along the coast of Florida. And with them come grey mullet, on their migration to their
spawning grounds in the south. Millions of them, and packed so tightly, they stay in the water like an oil slick. Few people on the beach are even aware of them. The mullet keep as close to the shore as possible. For in deeper water, there are predators. Close to the beach, they have to keep clear of human swimmers. But now, hunters from the open ocean have detected them. Tarpon, over two metres long and weighing over 100kg. To get close to the mullet
in the shallows, the tarpon turn on their sides. Now the mullet can’t see their shining, silver flanks until it’s too late. And feasting begins. Blacktip shark arrive. Pelicans join in. But these attacks have little effect on the immense shoals. The mullet outnumber their enemies by 10,000 to one. So the great procession travels on into the northern Atlantic Ocean, where, at last, they will be able to spawn in safety.

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