our welcome back your friendly
neighborhood Slytherin Rebecca Folgate right there I’ve got a friend joining me
for this video I’m just gonna drop I ordered another well dial up up there is
Johnny virtual prison no.11 Puff so I hope you’re enjoying this I
recorded on them that we’re making on the channel you may recognize Danny from
most amazing top ten oh and also our Harry porterhouse challenges we’re a
half above it actually making a combat yeah we know it’s a slow but steady game
we’re gonna win made a really good college eat potion yeah that’s pretty
much today we are going to give you these seven surprising facts
about half of us the greatest house the bottom children I don’t know
all right our first fact JK Rowling herself has said that now it’s a dawn of
the age of the Potter oh they were we to argue with that your
new star under bringing up so yeah exactly I don’t see any further
any movies coming everything that needs to be 0 so interesting but it is the
dawn of the age of help us JK Rowling herself a Gryffindor has said in many
many ways hufflepuff it has been for a house so I
mean that’s my grade from the Queen migration daughters that has been wrong
ever I mean never never Griffin got Paul
adult fault so yeah anyone any more proof JK Rowling’s eldest daughter
Jessica even she said the Hufflepuff was her favorite house who is now out there
wrapping the Slytherin that’s my question
not the actual creature Harry Potter type stuff we know that so our next fact
is Cobblepot is the house of foodies you’re the city I am why help us well
page okay so the evidence behind this you’ve only got a look at the house
average of the world going please yeah Alan so he has Godric Gryffindor hero
sort we have Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem review we have slytherins lock here and
lock down yet and finally we had helga hufflepuff’s cup mouch
she obviously use this for free wine yeah Congrats mine how do you like good
wine you’ve had our good food it’s obvious that she loves people
oh yeah she did here’s without absolute major babe as well helping us on her
chocolate rogue card even pheasant apparently she was very very well known
for her food charms now confirm or deny the humble pub common root is nearest to
the kitchen and I’ve heard that you guys are very good friends of the household
who let you in the midnight beef yeah obviously it makes total sense there’s
no point making friends of humans because humans working food household
attitudes and also as everyone knows Opera buffs are the best pathology and I
really can’t think of a more kind of food-related subject at all boys I think
anything to do with hvala G can help you produce food
Oh 100% okay for our next back not only as Hufflepuff the house that people
would like to eat it’s also the house of people who love drink and let’s have fun
monsters it sounds like I shouldn’t in Hufflepuff
straight off the map again I like food drink and fun never too late
to join us oh this door to cast decision is final
my eyes we know halibut up a bottle of this swill her wine and half cup but you
know you’re always partying in the common room house elves in fact I’ve
heard there’s a Hufflepuff connection rebecca with probably the best plate I
can think of to get food and drink totally yes that’s right Angus of would
cross the hog meat pounder what a ha ha ha and I bet you’ve really really
enjoyed thrilling a butterbeer or two in the Three Broomsticks
so for our next fat double heart are a group of people that love other people
too Papapa is the only non religious house said Slytherin will teach those
whose ancestry is purest said ravenclaw we’ll teach those whose
intelligence ensuring that Gryffindor will teach all of those with brave deeds
to their name that hufflepuffs I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the
thing near a house the hippies are yes our neck strap is actually they kind of
share something with Slytherin if you cross them they will get you yeah anyone
can see this because the house animal is of course a badger now on the surface
patch is kind of cute maybe you could leave without tricolor one because they
will probably bite your face on very vicious very are you very vicious I I
won’t bite your face off probably uh unless you crack you okay okay and if
you want evidence of hufflepuffs fighting for what is right and look no
further than the actual Battle of Hogwarts obviously all the slower ends
just you know pretty much left run away a lot of the Ravenclaw’s also that the
same for the hufflepuffs for the ones who all stayed have the Gryffindor’s by
the Death Eaters and I think that’s pretty great I think that’s pretty brave
let me know if I was out the Battle of Hogwarts I would have been there of salt
weathering Jesus oh I’m eating a cheese and fighting crime
alright so we’ve been thinking a puzzle top as being very honorable and right
but a next fact is that hufflepuffs kind of powers a bit of a dirty secret mm-hmm
that’s right poster boys Cedric Diggory the pride and
joy a palpable had he not died in the drivers of tournament he was going to
turn out to be a Death Eater evil is evil
everyone has evil people not just with room so a lot of fans do have actually a
kind of contentious disease about it but JK Rowling did say the had Easter
biochar is a tournament Cedric Diggory would have turned his dog
he would have been so upset about the whole ordeal he would have started
following Lord moldable so this is all revealed in the eighth installment
actually a play Harry Potter and the cursed child okay so he might have got
off the rails but come on I mean overall we still produce the purest dark wizard
power one day I saw that one coming littering
below the common there’s like a factory photographer great wizard great do you
think a great dog really and now for our final fact despite what
Draco Malfoy instead of that bubble pop we’ve actually produced some of the
greatest Wizard of all time yeah a 3/3 you scan under absolute pop
up he was the author of fantastic beasts and where to find them and I think we’re
going to hear a bit more from him very very soon also we have bought witches we
have told Fantana other people both in acaba also talked in child teddy
he also got sorted into handlebars oh and great which is in with their kid
called Teddy in a house I am getting remarks of me my friend and we’ve also
got some real-life bubble plastic John bring in the blog for a Deadpool yeah I
know if ever I hear the hubbub of I can’t get my head around how Deadpool is
I love it I think that’s what I’m saying just know what about the Gryffindor’s
get four we got Hufflepuff and always a we have John popular and also there is one incredible
Hufflepuff out there Danny Burke most amazing doctor and all happy but in
doing Deadpool can’t believe that politeness this video and I didn’t why
was my mention you were here you’re right Here I am listen you made
this video I know you is your favorite hopper time I have to say my favourite
Hubble fuck is someone who I can’t believe hasn’t been mentioned so far
professor sprout Oh professor probable baby Balaji I think you know the way she
handles those Mandrake’s yes something for Yemen I don’t know where I was going
but believe it on the worst month drink one of your name is an excavator and
that video daddy’s going to hop off thinking about professor sprouts in a
Mandrake and I’m just going to add slithering around for NYU whiskey
because I always do thank you so much Danny Burton for joining me for now I’m
a breakfast I’ll get your friendly neighborhood Slytherin if you like this
video make sure you give the good films up share with a friend and head on over
to Danny Burke channel where he also has some treats for you would be next time you


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