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Today, we’re continuing our cosmic
talk and we’re gonna see which are the
best job offers for Scorpio people. So if
you are born between October 23rd and
November 22nd your zodiac sign is
Scorpio, the most passionate zodiac sign
out there. People have strong opinions
about Scorpios, but it’s because they
just don’t get your intensity. Now
talking about career traits: Scorpios are
known to be intuitive, assertive,
resourceful and enigmatic, goal-oriented
people. These traits become highly useful
in a workplace! Scorpios are more
effective in the work when they can do
something for other people; also when
they don’t have a lot of supervision, and
of course, do something that fulfills
them! Having said that, when it comes to, these are the best categories
and job offers for you as a Scorpio:
Mystery shopper! When it comes to secrets,
Scorpios are the best at it! Your
investigative skills can take you really
far. So why not be a secret shopper where
you get to try products, stores and
different services and give your opinion
about them, answer surveys and quizzes
and just give your opinions? It’s perfect
for you! So if you’re interested make
sure to check BeMyEye and Secret Agent at
Selling online! Scorpios are so charming that they can literally sell anything to
anyone! So why not try online selling? You
can basically put out there used items
or even equipments or anything! Or
if you are crafting, you can also sell
your art! So if you’re interested make
sure to check Vinted, Letgo or Etsy at Freelance writer! Scorpios
are super creative, resourceful and also
their intuition is on point,
so writing for them should be easy even
if it’s fiction or nonfiction. This is
a great career for you to try out! Still
on the freelance area, but going to
another way, you can also be a really
good financial adviser because it’s
way more than just paperwork: you need to
know your clients and follow your guts
to know the right things for them and
that’s why Scorpios will be perfect for
it. If you are interested in
freelance jobs, make sure to go to on the freelance category
and you can find jobs like Peopleperhour, Freelancer or even Fiverr. And that’s
pretty much it for all your Scorpios out
there! If you are interested in any of
these jobs, just go to the link in the
description box and go to
where you can find all these jobs we
talked about, and even some extra more if
you want to try something different!
Thank you so much for watching this
video, I’ll see you next time! Bye

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