Saturn in 10th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Jupiter in the 10th house of the
horoscope in this video we are going to
talk about what happens when Saturn yes
Saturn is into the 10th house of the Horoscope so
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intensive horoscope analysis Saturn in
the tenth house of the horoscope what is
Saturn the first thing which comes to my
mind when I think of Saturn is
negativity scarcity and lack Saturn is
polar opposite of the Jupiter Jupiter is
abundance Saturn is scarcity Jupiter is
optimism set all this pessimism and
negativity Jupiter is all about the
wisdom higher belief and things beyond
this Rihanna Saturn is the most
practical planet Saturn is a hardworking
planet Saturn likes to work hard
Saturn is an intelligent guy Saturn has
greatest of the analytical mind because
the air element is ruled by Saturn which
is all about the intelligence Saturn is
also the significant for the work Saturn
signifies the mass is seven signified
subordinate Saturn’s signifies death
aging restriction disabilities all these
things can be seen with Saturn Saturn is
also the Karaka of the work and courier
Saturn represents tiny that’s why Satan
represents death as well and that’s the
way of Saturn to restrict you now this
Saturn comes into the 10th house what is
10th house 10th house is one of the most
important kinder houses it is one of the
important opera houses along with 3 6 10
and 11 opera houses on the houses which
grows with tiny any planet situated in
to the Opera House’s gives good result
over the period of time and second loves
delays anyways so if you have Saturn in
any of the warehouses made 3 6 10 or 11
it tends to give that great result we
are talking about the tenth house today
what is ten toes 10th house is an open
sky 10,000 is your public life that
10,000 is the house of your work 10,000
is the house of your highest material
achievement in this material world then
is the house which signifies your status
your work authority power Fame 10th
house signifies the zenith in the sky
Libra houses that is house number 1 4 7
and 10th are the foundation of your
horoscope first house
is the house at the eastern horizon
seventh house is West horizon fourth
house is nether it’s the nighttime it’s
the place below your feet and tenth
house is wide open if you have any
planet into the ten thousand to Spanish
become visible in the sky just like an
example of the Sun just see when the Sun
is visible right right above your head
and see the timing in your chart
discussed our horoscope for that timing
and you will see that Sun is into the
ten thousand now what happens when
Saturn comes into the tenth house of the
horoscope what is ten thousand houses
the House of work the planet of work and
hard work comes into the house of your
career so these people are constantly
working these people does not have
fatigue they keep on working
relentlessly until they reach their goal
until they achieve what they have
decided to achieve they are unstoppable
Saturn in the tenth house is one of the
suitable positions for Saturn for these
significations Saturn loves to work the
planner of intelligence comes into the
house of your authority and public life
so these people are intelligent when it
comes to taking decision in their work
areas they are extremely intelligent and
aware of where they are heading and what
they are doing so they always end up
getting and taking the good decisions in
their professional sphere of life and
that’s me that makes them successful in
the life the planet of Justice comes
into the house of work now these people
have the ability to and
Stan what is right and what is wrong the
person with the 10th house Saturn is
into the authority position and when he
is into the authority position he has
the conviction about what is right and
what is wrong and that really helps him
to grow into the career the slowest
moving planet comes into the house of
your career and fame and your authority
when Saturn comes into the 10th house
things move slowly at work front but you
will always see that steady growth in
the career the planet of the shy nature
comes into the public life so Saturn
feels uncomfortable in the tenth house
for this significations have you noticed
the shy celebrities they are not very
willing to talk about themselves or they
are not much into giving interviews or
they like to keep themselves private so
Saturn loves to be private and
ten-thousands the house of public
speaking they are always working and
their hard work gives them success and
fame but they don’t like it unless they
have a very good Jupiter or Venus which
can really appreciate the public love
and can really understand the public
life they have a hard time dealing with
the public they only interested into
working hard onto their subject that’s
it they don’t want fair when Saturn is
into the 10th house it
spec’s the three houses Saturn has three
special aspect Saturn can aspect three
places away from it seven places away
from it and ten places away from it and
we have to count the place
Saturn is placed in in our example
Saturn is placed into the tenth house so
we are always going to count the ten
thousand let’s count it let’s talk about
the third aspect of the Saturn let’s see
where you will have third aspect of
Saturn when it is placed into the tenth
house so encounter tenth house 10 11 and
so Saturn will aspect the twelfth house
from the tenth house with its third
aspect what is the twelfth house twelfth
house is the house of losses twelve
house is the house of foreign things
twelfth house is the house of
spirituality twelfth house is the house
of the longest journeys and when Saturn
is aspecting the twelfth house more so
twelfth house is also the house of
privacy or bed pleasures when Saturn
aspects the twelfth house it delays all
these significations
so these people have a hard time getting
the private time for themselves and you
will understand why because they are
working constantly so they don’t have
time they don’t have a private time they
are working hard in a public life so
they don’t have the private time for
themselves so Saturn delays the private
time Saturn delays the twelve thousand
AUSA’s Saturn deal is the foreign travel
but if you travel it will prolong your
stay in to the foreign countries and
Saturn has a third aspect the third
aspect has the element of third house
which is what which is the house of
self-effort so these people have to put
in the cell
effort to the 12 house areas so they
have to take time for themselves be it
for meditation or be it for themselves
but they have to take an effort
otherwise they are constantly busy into
the tenth house working and they’re not
going to get the twelfth house to
private time for themselves from the
tenth house certain aspects the fourth
house of the horoscope now again any
planet into the 10th house connects
connects the mother and father so it
very much impacts your relationship with
the parent the planet of discipline and
responsibility is aspecting your fourth
house fourth house is a very private
environment Saturn loves to be into the
private environment but what it shows is
this person will have disciplined
parents why parents because Saturn
itself is placed into the 10,000 and now
it is expecting the fourth house of the
mother so these people have a very
strict environment into their initial
life like their father will be strict
their mother will be strict so the
parents can be disciplined and demanding
like you have to do this
you have to follow and that becomes a
burden from the tenth house Saturn
aspects the seventh house of the whole
scope with the 10th house aspect what is
the 7,000 7,000 is the house of your
relationship 7,000 about the marriage
7,000 is about the marriage relationship
business relationship it is the
relationship with the other people now
Saturn is aspecting the seventh house of
a horoscope and wherever certain aspects
it cannot delays the things or it kind
of brings in the responsibilities about
that area of life now that is aspect in
the seventh house in the 10th house
Saturn pretty much impacts Kindra house
it is into the 10
house it is aspecting the 4th house now
it is also expecting the seventh or so
three out of the four kendra houses
saturn is influencing it okay by
placement and aspects we have not
considered the congestion if lagna Lord
is also conjunct into the tenth house
things will be even more intense for
this person but let’s talk about the
effect of Saturn’s aspect under the
tenth house so this will first it will
delay the marriage and it will give you
the mature and old spouse okay so this
person the person with the tenth house
Saturn will have a spouse who is
extremely dutiful
who is extremely responsible in his or
her action and who is very mature but
this placement delays
marriage you can have relationship I
have seen people who are engaged or our
interrelationship may be from 22nd years
of age or 22nd 23rd years and they got
married at around 29 or 30 that is also
but this placement delays the marriage
for sure but this is not the only
component to delay the marriage there
are many other canceling effects and lot
of things we have to consider so don’t
just come to the conclusion that it will
delay the marriage but yes if you just
talk about this placement this placement
will delay the match if it does not have
any other cancellation or any other
effect which will so is if you are just
talking about this placement yes it will
delayed you have to look for the
cancellation of them okay so so yes what
if this Saturn is debilitated into the
ten thousand Saturn gets the strength
into the 10th house and when it gets
debilitated it rules the seventh house
and the 8th house so the lord of the
seven thousand and the 8th house into
the ten thousand okay so first thing you
have to do is you have to look for the
rush of Saturn in the na manja whether
it is into the Libra Capricorn aquarius
that you have to look also you have to
for the dignity of Mars in your truck
because Saturn is into the sign of Mars
so it is like Saturn is living in the
house of mass so Saturn is a tenant and
Mars is the ruler okay so you have to
look for the mass room and what if you
have certain exalted into the 10th house
when Saturn gets exalted it rules the
first and the second house of the
now the ascendant and the house of
Finance is coming into the ten thousand
it makes the person workaholic and it
helps the person to rise into their
career okay but you also have to look
for the placement of Venus because now
Saturn is living into the house of Venus
but don’t just come to the conclusion
with this there are many more things to
it like you will have to look for the
shed Bala you will have to look further
dashes and nakshatras pada and many more
things to look for before we come to the
conclusion so don’t come to the
conclusion with just one element no
matter how profound it seems so yes this
was Saturn in the tenth house as much as
I could hold grasp and share with you
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  • I have Saturn Ketu conjunction in 10 th house in Pisces sign ( Gemini ascendant). I want to know how Saturn affects my career.

  • 🙏👌.If Saturn is polar opposite of jupiter.then how Saturn will behave in pushya nakshatra.because here sub Lord is jupiteri .if Saturn is in 10th house ,you are known in public by your dedication towards work,you can be known by your justice. You can be in legal profession if this Saturn has aspect of Mercury on it.can we say these native believes in saying"action(work) speak louder than words".I don't have Saturn in 10 house but I do feel it's 3 rd aspect feeling as I have Saturn in 12 th house.I really strive hard to get some private time for my mind is always busy about what to do next 🤔.Day by day ,your videos are becoming more exhaustive, interesting and informative.Great work…Keep it up ..
    Keep shining
    Sending you high vibes..
    Love and peace..🙇✌️👌💛💫🕊️🌠🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇

  • Hi,
    What is the meaning of Saturn in 10th house ( i.e. in Scorpio sign in Jyesta Nakshatra) for Aquarius ascendant.

  • I felt this position is most frustrating position for job, parents and marriage. (Saturn in scorpio for Aquarius ascedent in jyestha nakshatra in pada 2)

  • Saturn is my 10th lord in 1st in Aries ♈
    And my 1st lord Mars in 10th house
    What type of professional career is best for me? According to this placement?
    Independent or depending carrer?
    Jupiter is sitting with Saturn
    Mercury is aspecting Saturn from the 7th house
    Moon aspects Mars from 4th house
    I'm Aries asedent

  • Thanks for another amazing video. Can identify with most of it especially workaholic part and it gives stlow and steady rise. Having Saturn in pushya in tenth has given interaction with general public especially the underprivileged class.

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