Sagittarius October 2018 Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

hello everyone I’m Carolyn Clairvoyant
and I want to welcome you to my channel thank you everybody for joining me for
the October Tarot scopes and I will go through and do each of the readings
individually and I’m keeping with the same formula that I used last month
which is giving you a chance to see how I work with the Tarot of course you’re
going to find this month is a stimulus month it’s one that’s going to get you
proactive and out there and you’re really looking towards change not only
is this month beckoning new beginnings and transitions within your personal
life and your professional life it’s heightening ways in which you can be
successful within yourself which is a very good positive especially if you’ve
been kind of meandering around and not really seeing any results in the past
months some of us have been feeling like we’re circumnavigating and doing the
same things over and not accomplishing much because we’ve had quite a lot of
planetary changes but we’re starting to see these all move forward now so we’ve
got some really great successes setting ahead now if you haven’t caught up with
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video guys go and find the video that I actually released the other week and be
able to put it down on there and then you’re going to the draw I want to thank
you all very much for joining me I hope that you have a momentous month you’ve
got a wonderful time ahead this is going to be quite successful for each and
every one of you in your own individual ways you’re coming out of where you have
been it’s like the clouds have parted the sun is shining it’s not only coming
into a time of rejuvenation and wonderful changes you’re starting to see
some of those beautiful plans that you anticipated happening at the beginning
of the year or in the middle of the year now starting to manifest and this should
be just absolutely beautiful I thank you so much please enjoy my individual Tarot
scopes which are about to follow thank you and cosmic hugs
Hello Sagittarius let’s take a look what does October 2018 hold for you and here
we go just giving it a little bit of a shuffle okay just to see what’s going to
pop out if spirit has anything additional that wants to add to our
readings throughout this period of time okay here we go one more little shuffle okay we’re just going to take a look at
the five aspects of our life we’ll put these ones over here that have popped
out so we’re gonna look at the home and the family or where you are within
yourself right now career goals and aspirations are the things that are
important we’ll look at your finance health and well-being and of course your
relationship areas so the first thing that you do have around you in
connection with the home in the family The World this is new directions lots of travel
great plans you’re feeling great this is a complete change so you’re going to be
finding travel on the horizon maybe new environments you’re looking forward to
these changes and this is between now and the end of the year so you might be
quite proactive with a lot of plans going on throughout this period of time
very very busy time I love this this is usually being as you know sagittarius we love
our freedom but you’re going to be finding that yours
seeing things from a whole different perspective and because of this the
challenge is bringing in new situations new people new circumstances
implementing something new into the home perfect for new as in new relocations
perfect for buying and selling great for those that are planning on travel and
goals the money will be there you’ll be feeling like as if you can really kind
of make that energy and effort it might have been slow to manifest but it’s
finally getting there before the end of the year and this is a journey that
you’re really not saying you’re not anticipating but you are going to find
that is well worth the wait and the energy that you’ve been putting in there
for the home is really going to be of great source of support great benefits
to you throughout this period of time but just expect everything to be new new
people or new environments new interests refurbishing really taking that time to
enjoy that complete wonderful change of that environment so almost gone from
black to white or white to black they’ll won’t have to worry about the Greys
because there’ll be nothing in between okay it’s almost like I said this is a
beautiful new transformation and change for you great for attitudes as well in
connection with your career goals and aspirations look you’ve got the knight
of swords sitting here I like the knight of swords it generally means that you
put the opportunities out there there’s proposition sitting out there these are
financial decisions everything’s going to be made quite quickly and you could
be finding yourself making decisions on the spot opportunities for you to really
advance your career path and your goals will be significant especially between
now and May and June next year but you will be finding really making decisions
or choices like I said on the spot something all come up you’ll go yes
that’s it so this is great for interviews great
for those that have been putting in applications but at the last minute you
might be finding that you need to put everything else together such as your
resume or you know get to that interview this is going to be great for those that
are putting any financial goals into place with business or other areas you
might be finding that this is a really fast-paced time in your career goals and
aspirations but it should be very good for you in connection with
your areas connected to your finances okay we’ve got the Eight of swords sitting
here and the eight of swords brings up insecurities to do with money
now you might be going through old fears and old phobias and of course we this is
the case then you may be looking at the ways of thinking that maybe I should
have make decisions a lot different maybe eight months ago okay cause this
is you know all the you know eight of swords which is eight months so it could
have been the time of August and you know or eight months prior but we’re in
October in October is showing here hey listen here you got more than enough
money sitting there you’ve got more than enough Direction sitting here to be able
to get those plans gone the only thing that’s tying you up in knots is your
anxiety and the fear of not having enough yet you’re probably going to get
through here easing and breezing quicker than what you think remember you’re
going to make some very quick decisions and those quick decisions will get you
out of any of those ruts that you’ve been in or being nervous about so August
should you know I’ve brought up at times where you’ve been quite diligent with
your finances but you will be finding the decisions that you made or that are
sitting around you now in the month of October help you to be a lot more
further ahead than where you were a few months ago so this month opens up
chances or opportunities in which you should be finding the financial flow a
little bit easier now we’re going into your health and your betterment look
we’ve got the queen of swords sitting here she rules the house a libra that’s
obviously the seventh house she rules kidneys she rules blood work the adrenals, she rules the bladder so you’re going to be finding your head okay is right
there thinking thinking thinking but your body may not be able to stop and
take that time out and relax so you’re gonna have to really think quite smartly
how can i balance this out because that’s what libras like libras like
balance so if you’re giving a lot of activity then you need to give a lot
more energy back into the body just apply that activity so you’re going to
be finding ways in which you can constructively balance out your energy
put yourself into a position where you can look at routines or programs or
even look at ways have been proving your health and betterment and keeping a
positive mind by also balancing out the other needs that you’re going to need
throughout that period of time in connection with your relationship
areas look you’ve got the seven of wands in Reverse and this talks about
indecision you’re questioning everything in everybody and it may come about
because perhaps you’ve had a few imbalances sitting around and maybe
you’re really wondering how everybody else is gonna be maybe you have been
questioning your own identity of where you fit in your relationships with
people where you fit in your relationship with yourself where you fit
with your family where you fit with your friendships or who you are within
yourself and where it says well hang on a minute why are you now starting to get
those insecurities about your identity why are you now starting to overthink
things because this is not that time you’re in a whole new time a whole new
time of new directions you know that is that thinking or thought pattern can be
impulsive and that impulsiveness can lead you to go questioning things again
don’t worry about it okay just get through this month just keep the balance
the best way you can and by doing that you’ll probably find your relationship
areas are a lot more stronger or a lot sturdier than what you realize so for
those that are single we’ll look you know it’s not saying that you won’t meet
people but you may be kind of questioning whether or not you’re ready
maybe you might go gee do they really like me do I put myself out there do I
not put myself out there it says look you don’t have to really worry too much
if you if you meet somebody and it’s a great conversation and you take from
that what you need then that’s all you need at this time but you don’t need to
focus too much on to giving too much okay those relationship barriers will
just settle themselves now your overall the influences these were the cards that
kind of popped out and they are very significant so we’ve got the high
priestess we’ve got the Hermit in Reverse which is known in my deck as
Retrospect we’ve got the two of Wands in Reverse we’ve got the eight of Wands and
then we’ve got the seven of cups in Reverse now all up we know that there is
new direction coming and is going to happen quite quickly we’re going to make
that decision just like on a dime and we know that we’ve had insecurities we can
see that and we can see that we need to balance our life out and stop being so
indecisive about where we’re heading so therefore when this comes up it tells
us that we’re going through this period of time where we’re secretly desiring
change we want to feel better about ourselves we want to feel better about
who we are what we’re mediating in our life what we’re putting our energy
towards and we’re doing this and we feel that we’ve got support but in another
aspect of ourselves we may be going through that sense of of really
questioning who and what we need in order to be better at being ourselves
we’re questioning our independence and also going through that sense of not
trusting things so if you need to second-guess something that means that
there is a reason for this but really look at it is it because you are going
through that sense of healing at the moment that sense of wanting things to
be or purely in place right now and spirits saying listen you need to trust
your instincts on this but at the same token you need to also wait for
circumstances to be a little bit more reliable sort out your budget shut out
your home sort out who you are look at things contemplate sort this out put it
into perspective and by doing that you’ll see everything moving quite
quickly okay very quickly and you’ll see this beautiful time of progress now both
these cards here indicate plane trips and travel okay so that’s the aid of
ones and the world usually means a trip by by plane but those that are or more
on the spiritual plane it could be an ascension a time of of really going
through quite a lot a lot of healing okay seeing things in a different
perspective having a weight lifted from you it’s coming through the choices that
you are making decisions that you are making and the more you trust the more
this is going to progress quite uninhibited the more that you start to
see everything sorting and falling into place the better you’re going to feel
about the progress that you are making and the decisions you are making where
your life is instead at the moment but also about
your betterment and also about your life as far as home and family your
insecurities that you’ve been through all of this will be changing because we
had a beautiful new direction sitting around here but it’s not a time to go
questioning everything right at the moment okay well or questioning your
faith okay or your faith in spirit or your belief in what you’re doing okay
guys thank you so much for your beautiful connection and I thank you so
much for joining me for your October Tarot scopes and I hope that you have
enjoyed them and I wish you all the best for the rest of the month


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