SAGITARIO Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles NOVIEMBRE 2019 Tarot

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What is your life purpose for this
November in which you have to
focus and energy you have at your
around are fabulous are very
You have the power energy success
They are telling me your spirit guides
some of you were about
Sagittarius to give up and you
are indicating that what good that does not
did or you are saying here that no
you do not give up because
a new adventure a new opportunity
that could come into your life or
You will be coming to your life during the month
November will be the door that you
you’ve been waiting to open your
life to enter into a new stage
to enter a new path for
focus on new things for
that success and the blessing that you have
I have been waiting for and deserve
Sagittarius so no divine right
you have to worry because the
God universe these divine beings in
you think they’ll be on your side
giving such support during this month
taking you to look just hit me
place the image in these moments your
spiritual guides a person who
It is across a goal as if it were a
career knows
as triathlon so it may be that
any of you are participating in
some kind of race or triathlon or
ironman some of you may be
involved in some of these
activities and literally get to the
perhaps you cross that goal within
top three or may be one
of you who are hearing people
they are participating in this or if you
some friends have a friend
someone who is participating in these
races because literally their guides
They put in my mind the image of a
person crossing the finish line as
can be literal that some of you
are runners or athletes are or can
just as this is the meaning for
your life that you are coming
crossing a line where once
the crosses and enter this path of light
this road this road adventure
joy and celebration there will be
turning back no recognition for your
and they are also placing me again
another picture at this moment of
people applauding good when
People cross the finish line usually
always I applaud but I see this as
if also in a type of place
where you had perhaps raising you
to the public where people
They are clapping you are asking your
name may be that you’re getting
some recognition of some
award some of you might be
celebrity artists could be
receiving these awards can be
just maybe even in your
I work you are doing
recognition and people your
around are cheering can be
that is celebrating this month
a party or activity in your work
and you are giving this recognition
this award
but I see these energies very very
positive for you Sagittarius I see
over the world
I see going on and on and
highlighting on all people your
It is also about as if you were to
have some sort of recognition
world some of you like them
can be indicated celebrities can
you have some video that will go viral
You just can represent that
Your business works such levels
international and you are recognized
I also see several places ads
advertising because I just
place your image as a fence
advertising so you could be in
newspapers could be in sight
public’re going to have a November
filled with lots of light in this regard and
these are the energies that are your
around and some of you who are
Thinking in these moments do not go
disque still must be sure that’s not me
It will happen because if you have that
thinking is not going to happen here these
are the energies that are your
around for grabs them and if
stay with you but if your mind instead
I deserve to say that that’s what
I receive after so long your
mind will not want that’s not for me
then I want you to know that
Automatically you already just CRETE
and this will not be for you so
Change your way of thinking
Change your attitude and you’re starting to see
positive results in your life
forgiveness if they are a bit like you
pull the ears but here you are
Sending this message in a manner well
strong you may have a family member
from beyond the grave which was just as well
tenacious you say things as they are and
here are putting deserted me those
that way because it says you have to
let’s see what will be your purpose
Life for this November in
you have to focus to heal for
close cycles or you have to
focus on your life regarding
races are going to stay with this
letter was that I wanted to talk
I wanted to talk talk about flowers
said that for some of you the
working with flowers can open your
heart and can fill you with blessings
and you can do this for others
as your life’s purpose
and this can be interpreted in a
literal way in which you are
stating here that some of you
health have to seek a career
perhaps in which you dedicate yourself to
gardening you dedicate yourself to create flowers
put a flower business that put
a business where you work with plants
work with flowers sell them the
cultivate deliveries or make arrangements
You make floral arrangements for houses
Sometimes arrangements for activities such as
birthday celebrations or any
other special celebrations you
They are indicating that definitely
you have that to look me are saying
also your spiritual guides
Some of you might work
making wreaths to
Head hair
and suddenly there is a business
very important to you that you be
highlighting and you will receive the
international recognition for this
It may simply represent that
You’ll get to work on a
florist or you’re creating your
own flower shop and in that
situation in the way you do that
through the process of cultivating
flowers or look for them to buy
Some of you may start
grow their own flowers in these
all places that will help you to
bring healing to people who are
around and blessings
and that there is part of your purpose in
this life can also be that
some of you simply have
energies this month to create a
garden at home
If you are living in an apartment as
maybe you have some of these garden
which are hanging for balconies but you
you will feel the energies or
intentions to do something that has to
see flowers with gardening and you are
indicating your spirit guides here
if you needed that motivation
that’s what this letter this month you
to focus on that for that to give you
joy because that also the fact
caring for plants search
sow seeds of speaking
every day to meet them to throw them
Water worry about them to throw
all that manure is a representation
Also of your life and what you have
to do with your projects so for
some of you who have nothing
to do with flowers that are not interested
absolutely sell flowers or have
nothing to do with the florist are you
indicating that at least do
with a small plant for you that
grip from seeds
and that this process for you could be very
important things to teach
subconsciously how to care your
dreams of how to grow your ideas
you can then reap the most
later some of you might
even start a project like this
where you have your own garden
vegetables and fruits at home
start using your own
organic food grown for you
depends on the situation you
others simply find it
It may be a metaphor in which you
you have to start cultivating your
put feelings in your heart
Seeds of love rather than seeds
hatred and negativity suit your
life let me know if you like this new
reading part of your guides where to
oracle cards see what your
purpose for the month in which you have to
work to feel better
and the council of the archangels
the romance of love that tell you
For this month
leaves you the letter of reconciliation
says someone from your past
You could be returning to your life
to apologize you could be
returning to someone’s life
Sagittarius to apologize for
peace and you are indicating that
As it around you you you have
you have peace tranquility you have love go
to receive more than that and this can
speak from a person who is your ex
he wants to return to your life no
necessarily to be with you as
You might want to return only
to apologize to family
a friendship with a person that you
lost connection perhaps some
of misunderstanding that wants to return
this week or being
communicating with you or leave you until
one little heart on instagram to let you
one like and that already means that the
person definitely wants to
have that connection with you if you did
something that is very difficult for you
forget at least give the
opportunity to express forgiving
and that does not mean you have to
to reactivate friendship
simply means that you have
around you peace and harmony
suit your situation
let’s see what the tips are
Right now your guardian angels
they may be familiar or can be
particularly some angels
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sign looks
during this November you are
saying here your spirit guides
you could apart from receiving all
If you receive these blessings that success and
that recognition and that
that this situation where you are in
look around the world you’re in
interviews that you are in newspapers
They are in these places can be
introduce your energies around the
which network you want is retiring from
world you want to disconnect because
are afraid to comments
They may be doing people
because it seems that you’re going to be
dealing with this letter the devil
critical and can be either
constructive or negative and may
that is causing that some of
you want to withdraw and
disconnect from the world disconnected from
people have around you and
this may also simply be a
level where they have nothing to do with
where celebrity has nothing to do
with this where you just start
criticized for changes you want
do in your life in your career
If you want to dedicate yourself to something after
has to do with flowers you will say
and that no longer gives it to you
you’re going to get into that happens you are receiving
many criticisms that you’re going to do
feel like a slave to your own
thoughts and you will retract that
you want
art from around the world that you are
saying here’s letter lovers
you do not have to do anything like that that
you are being guided not allow
the negative messages reach
affect you keep you always
the positive attitude that you remember that you
You can not control the view
people who are around you or
people who do not even
and know that these people may in
that moment are going through a bad
time and are just
is getting even leaving a bad
comments or speaking ill of you who do not
enter into any discussion is
always keep your harmony and
publicly because if you get to do it or
in your social networks always keep
love for everyone and as if
Sometime bother those
comments because they simply do not
Ignore or delete
let’s see what else is there for you to
this month will do justice to your
closing life cycles and communication
messages look beyond justice
It will be very predominant in your life
during this November and everything
you say it will be able to corroborate or
Whether you’re going to have prestige
get recognition and you will generate
people trust in people
at some point you criticized you
praise people at some
when you spoke ill will
they repent you will have all that
peace of mind you’ll have all that
peace that you can close those cycles
of negativity in your life during this
November to prepare yourself because
It is to do justice in your life and
your name that divine justice will
lead your life the success win one
new adventure that will come to you
you talk that you’re going to have communication
from some of you angels
They may be or perhaps tarotistas
you want to work with some kind of
medium energies where you are because you’ll
able to communicate with beings
They are from beyond this letter
temperance and letter of 8 bastos me
definitely have a talk that
intuition and an ability to receive
spiritual messages like no one
I had seen him before
some of you may simply
are receiving these messages
through dreams or feelings may
you have some psychic ability
You can also they are in need
Tea consult with someone who
medium handling techniques to talk
with someone from beyond you speak
your look at these two angels are
just on this side of you you free yourself
the bonds that you can have in your life
you get rid of those situations and you will
open your energy to your intuitions go
be getting help or guidance
spiritual by these beings
divine you are protecting these
angels are at your side
you have a calling very to
very important people to
light someone give hope to
people who are around you
some of you might have a
also called for to be part of
any belief or religion
You can reach this way give some
type your word or the word
you use and bring peace and
peace of mind to people around you
You have to be very attentive to these
energy during November
because you’ll have what you’ve been
asking the universe going to have that
peace and tranquility and it is important that
to obtain reconciliation
some of you this reconciliation
You may have to do with yourself
forgive you and this is going to open
many ways during this month
closes in cycles of negativity in your
life and new adventures in the open
spiritual paths and roads in your
particular life guided beings
from the divine beyond this
Sagittarius reading for you
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I decree, a November full of
bright and progress


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