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week will be the letter
transigencia this letter speaks to you in a
week in which you have to be very
careful you have to be very careful
with people who you have your
it also speaks about
tell me your guides energies much
Sagittarius envy energy you’ll
where you have to take care of the
people around you and reminds
you always have to do things
taking into account the results and
people who will be around you
you’re going to take that into account during
this week and you’ll then be able
Share with important people
in your life situations and things very
cute and very positive whenever you like
keep in your lane whenever you like
keep focused not let
anything or anyone you out of those energies
and talks here also that some of
you are telling me their guides
They could find its complement
perfect with this letter
transigencia guides here says you’re going
having a connection to be very
important with someone this week
it could develop into something
far beyond a simple friendship
attentive to that
let’s see what message Sagittarius
your family this week
we will look for you that was the
letter from the queen of spades
communication with a woman ready
because this week could be
receiving a phone call
part of a woman in your life can be
a family can be a mother, an aunt
a premium for an important call that you are
You are receiving from them
They want to see you what they want
talk because you miss receive
a call from your mom get a
an aunt called to ask how
you that if everything is fine if you’re
doing this or that and how are
It can also be the situation
definitely it tells you recover
a person who had walked away from you
in your family if you had some kind of
off with a mother or an aunt
with a person in your life where you and us
They were talking reset the
lines of communication between you
your friends what message for you
leaves you xota chart of golds and me
are saying here your guides
spiritual that this week you will be
valuing very much people
You have around you or people
you have at your side you will your friends
be valued much but you
to have something in mind you will have
It has something great for you this
Sagittarius are good energies week
but this letter
transigencia my guides you indicate
this situation can envy
have around you so as you go
It is much sought after during this
week’ll have many conversations
with people around you
you are recommending here that best
beautiful and positive things are you
you happening to you crumple to you that
converses with people who come to
your life with your family with your
friends about the things you
like you attract attention but not
you’re saying that there looks to me
was super good I won the lottery or
look to and yes you have to be
working and maybe you just do
you’re making a comment and tell them
ah see if I am I doing very
While I am doing this I am
using the money for this my
Sales have improved a lot at work
I’m doing very well and these people
unintentionally they could then reach
feel some envy not count your
calladitos things during this week
is another Golds also your friends
medical that comes a new friendship
you will be meeting a person
younger than you
and this person will be someone who will
start following your example is someone
it wants you to serve as your guide
that serves as a teacher and this
person will be by your side learning
of you
let’s see what the energies are for
you and Sagittarius at work and know the
xota letter from sight swords are
surrounded by people in your work you
see you as an important figure
people you admire people you
and they follow the letter of the sword xota
at work tells you what you’re going
number one number to overcome difficulties
two help someone
you need to you can be a
It can be a co-worker can
be a person who is starting
recently working in your company
perhaps someone who needs you
you give workout but tells you
definitely this week you
You’ll have the chance to beat
these difficulties in your work
highlight and if some of you in the
work they are doing have a
low position speaks to you that you have to
keep fighting because very soon you’re going
to be able to reach the top of
where you want you will arrive
positive news this week you
They will indicate that you are climbing
but for some of you this
It looks like there is not if well I
I said this will give a bonus
Additional but is not nothing is not
do not say this removes much these energies
definitely your life because each
one of those steps you are going to get you going
bring to where you deserve
towards success gradually get as
If you’re looking for work this week you
out the letter from the queen of diamonds have
two Queens here to Sagittarius your connection
with women it is very important is
your blessings come from the
women who are around you or
people as men who have
female energies we are now
speaking at this moment that
because this queen of diamonds in the
work situation for those
seeking employment you a brand
Jobs that will get to you
by a woman you have the queen
sword in your family you have to
Queen of diamonds in the work for which
they are looking for and this is a person who
It is considering that it will be reviewing
your resume and this woman is who
you’ll call this week to make
an interview either by phone
you a pre interview and is
thinking very seriously about give you that
chance something you wrote or
this week you write on your sheet
life or in that letter that
you will draw a lot of attention and
It will definitely give you think that
You have to be very grateful to the
women in your life
woman looks women and all
positive for you you you letters arrive
blessings for the way in which you
treat women in your life are
friends are people you
You are in the park and can be your
woman also there you are stating
exactly the same as you have that
energy cordiality among women
and women who are in your life
that’s the blessing for you
if you are in a relationship that may be
going for you this week this is
the letter would be out of the letter
13 Golds seems that some of
you might be this week
having some kind of meeting with his
partner can be a family reunion or
can be a meeting in which you
go out with coworkers or your
partner might be telling you this
week wants to go out to take a few
drinks or hang out with certain
friends work with friends in
but generally you will not invite forgiveness
It was like drastic at this time
because this letter to transigencia
I pulled my guides me to her me
They said life but will not invite and
they will see there so jealous Sagittarius
very careful if you are in a relationship
not you jealous jealous with your
couple because no matter might
Also they invite the girl who wants
out with their peer group or groups
Friends and jealousy are to give
because at that meeting
the girls might be knowing
This jack of diamonds this new person
It comes to your life this new friendship and
It is exactly the kind of man who
You like it can work
vice versa for men might
They are meeting a young girl
There is also a younger girl
you who might be calling the
so careful attention because there is
passing nothing but your energies
jealousy which can cause problems
If you’re looking couple this week
What is the message for you
Sagittarius 10 gold medals one week very
positive for those who are looking for
partner to meet someone important
someone who has values ​​regarding
Family someone who would like to have
a family or may be a person
divorced also have children this
person is very well financially is
a person who definitely has its
Life can be resolved one person
owner of your business can be someone
which has a very good position in a
international company or because according to
local company in your country but you are
talking about a very lucky person
a person who is surrounded by much
abundance and that person has
many intentions to get to share
its abundance with you again
silence with all these blessings not
you’re saying anything because all that is
you can fall if your partner says
He wants to go out with your group
because friends tell him do well
he will not say that jealous
Nothing like that
and have calladitas these blessings
of this opportunity to work and that
you win will also take into
their work so that they will not do
any evil desires because those
evil desires are very strong energies
what the lucky numbers are for
you and Sagittarius this week 28
November 3 remembers sharing
this video to be the video more
seen and thus are within
the first groups to be published
numbers for you are 78 or 70
71 10 counts as 10 or as 0 as
One too
These are the numbers you get here you
You can make combinations
numbers you want and day
Lucky for you a very important day
where you can receive news
positive and important and impactful
sometimes not so positive it will be the day
Thursday so it is very attentive to what
It may be happening on Thursday
because you could be getting news
around this day
let’s move on to the question
Interactive at this moment how
works I got two letters option
and Option B is all a question of
whether or not and then then revealed
cards and tell you what the answer
part of your guides option b option if
like you at this moment you can pause the
video meditate for a few seconds thinking about
question you want and I turned and
I give the answer if you took is the
option to answer for you right
moments is a yes and depends on what
you have wondered this is the ninth of
glasses to tell your guides that you
make your dreams come true and there is a
Also if a party celebration
It is the choice you took sees the answer
for you it is not the letter sota
well you have many notes here
The swords have the golds you
Also now the bastos
too much energy fire here and
land well
I hope you enjoyed this reading
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Light and Progress


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