SAGITARIO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

welcome to my warriors Sagittarius This weekly reading from 23 to 29 September Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell I reach all my notifications end of this reading will have a Interactive question so I stay me to the end so you can ask your spiritual guides will you want the energies that you’re going to have this week leaves you the letter receptivity talk that’ll be very sensitive warrior and Sagittarius very attentive to the way in which you’re driving with the way which you are talking and also with the people around you if it is some you will not walk with a sign I say I’m sensitive care with thousands of energy if you try To comment at least those closest you how you’re feeling what It is happening to you about how you are you feeling at that moment if you annoying if you’re sensitive to them then you know how to handle They are going to make you feel bad because it speaks also you have to be careful people with whom you surround yourself because there may be people your around with some attitude negative or a little impulsive and you go You are getting all those energies from here they say your guides spiritual that will be a week where you’ll be like a sponge that they have the same attitude people around you will be the same attitude that you too then reflejes why is that going to be a week to you have very calmly and very carefully with the people around you because if you do not you could sneak around gathering with negative people you could be Teeing energy vampires these people who suck you all your energy and all your good intentions and then it leaves you with a Sagittarius pretty depressed attitude sadness loneliness and you say but what happened if I I’m sorry things good in my life around well because I’m in this way is by people that are around you who you you are circling that are coming then it will affect your energy recalls comments leave me your name and country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before these readings start and let your fingers up your Likes and share this video if you like for that way then continue doing I will add a Additional features let’s see your family and your friends if Like this is included here let me know in the comments Look at your family speaks of a group It is quite united around you speaks Your family is very united with you warrior Sagittarius and sometimes even I had recourse to support and help them because you are like a dumbbell your family feel all as part of a computer and each has different responsibilities taking or has to perform and that will be very Also important for the future and development of each one of you especially if there are young children in home also speaks very soon that Your family might be organizing some activity meeting some fair type party might go to make a weekend barbecue during these weeks or weeks later to have a good time and You have those energies where they will be having a good time with your family with your loved ones and this will be something that will fill much energy you spend time with and they’re coming out of that meeting here because it seems that there are people such Once it’s you who does not want to attend this meeting and you are saying here your spirit guides you have to attend that meeting because you’ll have fun with your family and with your loved ones in your group of friends seems there Here a woman can be a man also have feminine energies or It may be that what I’m telling you now relates to a man who is deeply analyzing what the situation has around because there might be a yours friendship You might be thinking about what to do in their future and are looking for advice you closer you get close to give you a opinion that you give it a go near advice and also speaks here of news of pregnancy that could be very soon your surroundings in your groups of friends I see emerging a yours might be getting friends news pregnancy and that will be something concern for them and they will be then seeking support for yours give them any advice some sort also idea what to do with about that I see some of you too They have a friend or a friend who does up sometimes as a figure of your father or your mother and even you will Mom can call this friend or this Mom friend calls you or you call you dad you or you call him Dad’s friend to this friend and I see that person going to be this week if you are who need that Council will be providing you that support and advice that you need so If you are working at this moment What is the message for you this week leaves you the letter of 7 gold medals and if you’re unemployed you out chart float for those working on the letter of 7 gold It is indicating that it is not the time to make great strides is not the time to approach your boss is not the time to try to reach some kind of goal that if you are presented by Of course leverages and take it but If you have to take the first step yet do not give it waits a little longer works in you work on developing your knowledge works more things around you that can take you to a future be able to get that position you yearn to see a person who wants approach your boss for a raise to ask for a better position in these while if you do the answer will be you are not saying here your guides spiritual hold on a little wait a couple of weeks and then you where you can bring your boss them the request for now not because the van to reject and talks to you in future’ll have great abundance of money and wealth in general lifetime but do not despair you have to wait for those who are looking for work I see Some of you might receive any offer of some friendship or a family that is going to request that you drive the car can be you’re going to ask you to work with them as driver or work with them at home by providing them with some kind assistance or help and those energies They are going to be here in your favor obviously at the end of the day you decide you If you want to do that or not but there are those energies in which you’ll be in movement and I see you working on with a car can suddenly you too you decide to provide taxi services or you decide to provide services but applications like taxis private as are uber lift Cavi file any that exist in your country or any other but I see that some of you might be having that option or considering taking their own Meanwhile car and start to work with these platforms digital to generate some money remember that these readings are general not everyone is going to relate to them but you relate these readings can then listen to your rising sign or Description is my website for have a private consultation with me then comes the interactive question and is stay with me until the end so you can ask your guides spiritual whatever you want if you are a couple if you are in a relationship if you’re single if you’re in partner is talking here about the letter six of spades seems not ever get over the message remember this does not apply to all there is here person who wants to get away from you and I I see here the power of the part female part of the see Energy is here mother with her son or daughter who want to separate from parent or want to distance themselves for while the situation this week may be a little complicated because you may be having difficulties differences I see that here the couple do not feel 100% happy and there are some of you who They are thinking if you’re the girl who you’re thinking you’re considering whether to be a good a good way for you to leave the house with your child at least to have a few days to rest or to clear your mind I see those energies where they want leave home do not see them by the parent who wants to leave the house the son more than anything I see it as the mother who wants to take the child but It could also mean this letter is warning that those in A relationship the husband is thinking about leaving the home remember that if you have a happy and wonderful marriage and that not applies to you because you do not get no do not panic stresses that there I they will leave for nothing and you know If this applies to you because you’ve been having problems with your partner your couple even as it could be I said I better go This way you know that applies to you If you are single you out the letter of the hung and this is telling you from you’re not ready to warrior surrender to love Sagittarius this has been a situation quite complicated for you what you’ve spent you lately and is asking you to your focus is in money even family friends but not in the Love is still not the right time so you go you love talk and also that you can be knowing a person a gentleman during this week a girl and this person does not It is what it seems you suddenly you see a person very It would be very educated but has bad intentions and that person will reach this attentive week can be male or female remember no matter your gender or your preference let’s see then what sagitario They are the lucky numbers for you this week if you play random reminds you play responsibly 6 2 62 is the number that I recommend have 8 and 6 86 you can mix the numbers just the way you like I recommend 62 and 82 are numbers that I like what will be the lucky day for Warriors you this week Sagittarius They are living with me full-color changing light is the sun that is right there’s an advantage and there is a window every time the sun becomes more intense or less notice the change in light sorry it will be on Saturday it is going to be your day full of positive energy for and take advantage of new things manifest your life will happen with the question Interactive a question of whether or not it can be perform You can ask me should change car will suit my partner leave home I should use my car to CAPIF uber handle and lift it you use in your country if you took is ready the option to answer for you is a Off comes the letter of the moon you says no if you made is the choice b the answer to you is yes with karma letter very well on screen these moments you shown I recommend following videos from this side is my secondary channel j jars stars where there is daily tarot and other options that I offer tarot there so I invite you to follow me Also on that channel it has been an honor to assist this week I decree you have plenty of light and progress

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