SAGITARIO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 16 AL 22 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

welcome to my warriors Sagittarius This weekly reading from 16 to 22 September greets you jot and are here Jota tarot my channel I want to invite to subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications reminds me your comments name and country ‘to have you present when I’m doing my meditations Before starting this reading and the end you’ll have a great opportunity at the end this reading of asking a question Interactive whether or not So stay with me until the end so you can ask something your spirit guides if you remember Like this read me your fingers up and share that way you show me that you like and continue these weekly readings doing what Sagittarius marvel at the power week for you is very positive is the power source tells you that You’ll have a great lighting during this week you will be able to take actions necessary to meet your dreams and keep climbing in your life that some of you may have a new spiritual awakening also this week may be connecting with spirit beings with their guides receiving messages parts thereof downloads of the universe where through your dreams or signs around you will tell you the answer to the questions you have I have been having for several months or even years will be a week revelations for you a week where you’re going to be able to see clearly because this letter source also speaks to you that will illuminate aspects in your life where situations and people before they went unnoticed now you will be able to identify as positive people in your life or Toxic people to keep them away from your Sagittarius road warriors so it’s a nice week for you to do reflections about what you are doing and people who have your around I see some of you also me your guides are saying you could be developing some sort of way you might be connecting spiritual doing some kind of work Meditation attending yoga classes Reik attending classes and learning how to learn tarot connect with the universe and this will be something very nice for you because you indicated also that you will be able to meet that master of light that you have been waiting or you become a master Light you they are also saying it will be a week so you’re very watch what happens to your around because I see that they will come people next to you to ask the advice ask your word to know what you think you with respect to a particular issue recalls that during this week like you you’ll be connected to the god source the universe divine being in which you believe it will be used as a means for to send a message to those people around you who need a voice of encouragement that they need a Council guidance use it wisely let’s see what messages are that there for those who are working on these moments this is the letter that admires you want to talk you out the letter the seven of clubs that has to do lot with what I was commenting many people around you people looking for you looking your seeking your support help looking for your ideas and this in the after work can move or transmit as fellow I work approaching you to search your approval to seek advice for seek guidance that make up some extent could get to you feel a little as overwhelmed many people instead of taking their own decisions closer to you so that you give them an opinion or your approval before doing something that could be a person or group of people who are around you that you’re going to get to feel that you hear but you can not do nothing without having to ask me before and you have to be calm with that attitude If you get to feel overwhelmed by so much People seeking your support or approval Council because they are doing in time focus on the negative focus on what Positive see you as someone who has leadership see you as someone who has knowledge see you as someone who has experience and maybe you say ok but looking not me boss because the boss is the one who You must not give those answers do not You can have that attitude although it is Certainly the boss is who should be having those answers but if all the Staff is approaching you to search support and not where we are the boss you’re talking about a born leader and I assure you that very soon Heads of time your boss will account and will give you a better opportunity then continues to work based on love and positivism do not focuses on the negative Sagittarius if you’re looking for a job which It is the message for you Let’s stay with this letter is the Nine of Swords letter you know my warriors who lovingly with I lovingly say to you the advice that comes through your guides spiritual and if I have to give them a then pull ear because I am very live with all the respect in the world my warriors here tell me that being sad crying in bed at home enclosed you will not achieve absolutely nothing you will not change your situation you wake up you let it be missing time feeling sad and feeling drowned in a situation You can not leave ahead because you’ll stay in the gap as digging deep rather than get out while True have to recognize feelings of sadness and feelings of pain because all why we even depression You see here my channel that I have It is past for depression this year also and other years so we recognize that but if you’re at the point where you do not wake up no You do not want to eat does not make you bathe us you do not have hygienic care now we are already talking about a situation a little more delicate and then I recommend you look professional help from a doctor you I always know that shipments where their doctors to do them diagnosis and they can help their and therapists can help out below those in need because the no no otherwise then let my brothers up my girls not They can lie to mourn there or die because someone has told them not have the talent do not believe in people Negative believes in you then I want you you wake up on Monday this week 16 until 22 September with a much more positive attitude that you look the mirror and you say love my body as I have it’m an intelligent person I deserve love love and I’m a professional person I know what I need to learn what I will learn you have to repeat these words every day for then instead of having a constant negative in your mind have a constant reinforcement positive in your mind and that’s what it stays in you not going negative I waved to get out of that bed come on Take it step by step and little by little So then I will help you to get your work and things financially better for you but doing the same thing over and over again Once you will not achieve anything different You have to take your chances you can I think in you those who are in such a situation requiring difficult unburden Remember that my comments are all welcome to express whenever you make with respect and am more than confident we have a community of warriors who support us among all so if someone needs some sort council message or support from Our community is not tribe warriors then leave your comments here I’m more than sure many will Positivism leave messages for you can go ahead if you are in a relationship which is the message for you leaves you the letter of the xota de Oros talks about finances at home They will be being a little motive speaks of discord that those that they are in a relationship could be feeling less if one of the two wins more money if the girl earns more money for man may be feeling a little bad also vice versa if man is making money more than the girl for that You may be making you feel bad to girl in the sense that they are assuming as something negative and not They want to have that connotation by customs of the culture around them to is that man is the one who has to generate money it is that women do not You can work have to have that good clear that everyone has the rights equally to earn the same money and because definitely also be able to contribute home so take that mentality If you’re with someone and have that mentality expresses your opinion is asking express your feelings and emotions because we all have the right to work but I see a discord situations you and you can not then allow for that actually affect your relationship it marks as a nice relationship but they have to start communicate and to understand then these monetary factors If you are single what message to you and you look out the letter of 5 swords indicate here since you you could be looking at a former or ex you might be looking for you warriors Sagittarius and if that is the case then you’re going to have problems because you’re going to repeat situations and circumstances of the past you can not Looking back continue to have to focus forward this was a battle already won and you had some reason this week going to starting to have feelings resurface again in your relationship above you could be you are looking for This ex or ex or your ex this could be you looking at you so very careful with these energies remember that later you will be able make your interactive question will see what lucky numbers are for thee out 1 10 9 and 9 and your lucky day full of energy positive for you on Friday is very then attentive to news you can be getting on Friday remember that you can do combinations of these numbers you 11 prefer is 10 today and 19 look 19 is repeated twice 19 and 19 so very attentive Sagittarius those numbers if you play random, chance, fate remember to subscribe activate the bell to reach you all my Share this video notifications leave me your fingers up if you know you like and so then he continued to make ready for your Interactive question of whether or not You can ask me should change Work should I buy this car suits me francisco jose suits me can do the question prepared if you want is the choice you made to answer for you is not with the Charter of love so if you asked for Love the answer is a resounding no the love is not reciprocated if save question about anything else the answer is if you took not the Option B the answer for you is a yes if in love it tells you yes but there are other people around too interested if something in general yes also hope that They are enjoying this reading screen at this moment you appear the following videos you recommend and at the top is the link so you have a private consultation I am me jot and light will decree and progress

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