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FEILER: I’m in Africa,
in the city of Osogbo, for the Osun festival. This annual celebration is the traditional “cleansing”
of the city. In that spirit,
I’ve been invited to the home of a traditional priest. Hello. (speaking foreign language) He’s offered to do
an Ifa divination on me and give me a message before
I attend the festival tomorrow. What is your name? My name is Bruce. – Bruce. (chanting) – You have to make a sacrifice. So the message is that I need
to make a sacrifice in honor of… Your head. Of my head.
– Your head. I don’t understand
what that means. – Head is what we have,
this is head, but we have inner head,
it’s called… Right, but you’re saying
that I have a head, but I also have an inner… – Inner head. Inner head,
like an inner being. It needs to be fed. FEILER:
My head needs to be fed. Feed, yes. FEILER: So what can I do
to feed my head? Bring your head. Bruce,
what is your mother’s name? FEILER: Jen.
– Jen. (speaking foreign language) You will have to offer
a she-goat. FEILER:
I have to offer a she-goat? – A she-goat. That is what Osun wants from you
for a prayer to be answered. (speaking foreign language) If I say you will not do the
sacrifice for your… So Ifa’s saying that I’m
resistant to make the sacrifice? – Yes. Well, that’s correct,
I have to say. (chuckles) So that is what Ifa is saying. So I need to get over
my resistance and do what Ifa is saying. Yes. In the end, the message that
you have heard is that I have to get my head straight,
as we say it in English. – Yes. And that a good way to do that
is to go to the festival and make a sacrifice. Yes, that would be wonderful. Tell me what happens in
your head after you do that? Because you said the head’s the
most important part of the body. So when you make this sacrifice,
what goes on inside your head? When I invoke the spirit
of Osun, I feel it in my body. I feel it in my head,
in my soul. I know Osun is right here
with me. My spirit changes,
it’s like getting possessed. FEILER: Tell me what that feels
like when you are possessed. – It’s powerful. It’s powerful. It’s powerful
and it’s spiritual. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. FEILER: Now onto the festival,
where a 14-year-old virgin priestess will carry
a sacrifice for the entire town. – Notes from the Field
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