RuneScape Behind the Scenes #205 – Skilling Pets

#205: SKILLING PETS On this week’s Behind The Scenes we have a whole host of brand new companions with the arrival of the long-awaited skilling pets. Over to you, mod Ramen! On Monday the 22nd of August, RuneScape sees the release of skilling pets, 19 pets associated with their respective skills, which you’re able to go out and get throughout the RuneScape world. You’ll be able to do different activities such as woodcutting, mining, fishing, and smithing to get the pet for each of the skills. In a player survey about what players wanted the most, skilling pets was pretty highly ranked. Initially we sat down, we brainstormed all the different skills we were including in the update. From there we filtered out the ones we liked best and then sat in the meeting room, got the one we wanted. After that, we sent them over to concept and the modellers to bring them to life. Each of the pets is a different character. So we have Rue, the dragon, for Runecrafting, who you may have seen floating about in the Runespan before. We have Gordie, a gorajo, who you may find plundering the Daemonheim floors with you. Dojo Mojo, the agility monkey pet. Baba Yaga’s house, for the construction pet. We have Willow, the divination pet. Ramsay, for the cooking pet. Gemi, for the crafting pet. We then have Brains, the farming pet. Bubbles, the fishing pet. Flo, the fletching pet. Herbert, the herblore pet. Ace, the hunter pet. Malcolm, the invention pet. We have Rocky, the mining pet. Crab, who you can find from slayer. Smithy, the smithing pet. Woody, the woodcutting pet. Bernie, the firemaking pet. And then we have Ralph, the racoon, who you might catch in your pockets every now and then. To go about unlocking the skilling pets you’re going to need to go to the appropriate skill, perform various activities within that action, whether it’s woodcutting, you need to go chop willow trees or elder trees depending on your woodcutter level. From there you’ve got to be really lucky to unlock the pet. Once you’ve got the pet, you’ll notice there’s an object in your inventory. If you click this, you’ll unlock the pet in your pet interface. If you open up the interface, you’ll be able to select the skilling pets tab and then pick your pet from there. Alternatively, you can use them as familiar overrides. With the update we’re releasing two new titles. One for gaining five pets, which is Jack of Trades, and one for gaining all the pets, which is Jack of All Trades. Players should go after the pets, not only to collect them all, but to have that awesome companion throughout their adventures in Gielinor. In next week’s episode of Behind The Scenes we’re taking a look at September’s ‘Crablet Plunder’ plus we’ll catch up with The Watch once again as we visit the new look Catherby and the mighty White Wolf Mountain.


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