Revelation Online | How To Get 3 Star Special Skills For All Classes (Special Skill Broken Seal)

hey guys today i’ll show you how to get your last two combo skills keep in mind that the names will change for the english version so watch with annotations for future corrections. Start by opening the combo skills window and click the plus you’ll see that you need 20 combo fragments. there are multiple ways to get combo fragments one way is to purchase them from the cloud hanging NPC you can lower the cost by discounting it with incomplete pages each page will decrease the price by 125 from the same npc you can also purchase them with a discount using fairy orbs keep in mind that you first need six orbs to buy one this raccoon in town also sells for fairy orbs there are other ways to get combo fragments some dungeons can drop them and they’re also offered as rewards for completing tasks in this window if you have the money you can buy all of the items that I’ve mentioned so far from the auction house if you know of other ways to get combo skills or items for them please let us know in the comments below thank you and have a good day


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