Relax Telugu Full Movie | Rohan, Anjali, Brahmanadam, Ali | Sri Balaji Video

If you open that door
water wiII spIash, pIay with this doII
Why do you stare Iike that?
Have you recognised him?
Who is he?
He is Markandeya Sarma
A great astroIoger
-What do you mean?
-He foreteIIs future
You mean he reads horoscopes
AII big peopIe stand in
queue to get their horoscopes read
We wiII aIso show our horoscopes
No, he might feeI bad
You are aIways hesitant
What is wrong in asking?
Ask about your promotion and
about our chances of having a son
May not Iook nice
If you don’t, I wiII ask him
Ok, I wiII ask him
I am Sreenivas
Cashier in Hyderabad SBH
She is my wife KaIyani
She is our daughter Harika
-We are fortunate to
traveI with you -Yes sir
I have read your articIes in
the ‘AstroIogy’ Magazine
-Are you going to Hyderabad?
If you don’t mistake,
can you teII us about our future?
-Yes sir
Horoscope shouId not be seen at
odd pIaces and at odd times
PIease don’t say so. We may not
get a chance to meet you again
-Your fuII name?
-Sankara Sreenivas
-Date of birth?
-Nov 26th 1971
-PIace of birth?
-In Vizag at 12.03 midnight
-Your name
-Date of birth
-August 7, 1976
-PIace of birth?
Show your hand
Show the girI’s hand
-GirI’s name?
-Date of birth
-1999, May 9th 1 1 .00 a.m.
Yes pIease
Listen to me. This train
shouId not move from here
PIease stop it
Within a short time,
an accident wiII take pIace
How do you know?
Did you get any information
about the accident?
I am an astroIoger. I foresee that
aII the passengers are going to die
AstroIoger! Do you
understand what you taIk?
Death time is very cIear
in aII the passengers’ hands
DefiniteIy the train
wiII meet with an accident
Listen to me
PIease stop the train
How can we stop
the train based on astroIogy?
Are you speaking with sense?
Not sense but science!
E.S.P. (Extra Sensory power)
An unfortunate thing is going to happen. . .
. . .before the eyes of
an astroIoger, mass death
Why don’t you
aIIow us to do our jobs?
If I stop the train,
I wiII be sacked
Not that…
PIease stop this train
at Ieast for haIf an hour
Line is cIear,
can I give the signaI?
-No, No…
-Give the signaI
Listen to me
Stop the train
Dear sir, train is about to start
If you miss this train…
…you may have to
wait tiII morning sir
-No sir
-PIease, understand me
TaIking about horoscopes!
‘Do your duty’
‘Don’t expect for
the fruits of your action’
This is Sadasiv pet
I am Yesu speaking
Train no:7070, Brahmadri express
met with an accident
The train deraiIed
AII bodies feII into the water
No idea, how many died.
Here it is fuII of chaos
PIease give message to headquarters
Take life lightly!
Take lightly!!
Dr Sarma is a famous astroIoger,
the TeIugu university professor
We humbIy request him to speak
I never used astroIogy to earn money
I never craved for pubIicity
by forecasting that so and so..
.. wiII become Prime minister
or this and that party wouId win
These are cheap gimmicks
I am anxious to share
my knowIedge with others
From my experience in Iife
and the Iessons I have Iearnt…
..for the benefit of the posterity..
I am writing a book on astroIogy
It is named as
AII of you are aware about
the mass death that happened…
…in the train on that day
I cIearIy understood, what was
going to happen but couId do nothing
In that confusion I was requesting
the station master to stop. . .
. . .the train, but I did not ask
the passengers to get down
That thought didn’t occur to me
Do your duty?
Don’t expect the resuIts -Thus spoke…
Lord Krishna, in Geetha,
‘The theory of ACTION is great’
Whom, when, where and
how it entangIes, is a riddIe
Sandeep, we studied engineering in Vizag
Wrote the exams weII
Geetha is going to America
He says he wiII find a job there
Gandhi says he wiII do business
What about you?
I want to reIax for 6 months
Want to reIax
Got bored with continuous
studies since chiIdhood
We missed a Iot in Iife
16 years of studies.
This is very bad
So I want to reIax without
any work for 6 months
Idea is ok
But how wouId you reIax?
Let us sleep,,, let us sleep,,,
Lunch in the evening
Let’s go to temple
after jogging and disco
Oh friend listen
Be as you are
Do what you like?
Show your trend
There is nothing wrong
Do what you like?
You don’t lose your wealth
Spend merrily
They pinch as soon as you are born
They crush you by fondling
They name you to their liking
These elders,
From convent to college,
Would drive us for ranks
This age is for playing and singing
They don’t bother
in the house and outside the house
After study they ask forjob
After job marriage
After marriage
They bother you to have children
Besides marriage,office files
school fees and house rent
Provisions for house,
running helter-skelter
lt is all an anguish
-Is it the Ganapathi compIex
opposite to the station? -Yes sir
-Give me ‘E Nadu’ paper
-Give 3 rupees
Look there, in these days, this attire!!
She Iooks Iike goddess Lakshmi
– Yes
Give me one goId fIake cigarette pack
You heard me correctIy
Give me
Take this
If you don’t mind
can you Iight my cigarette?
-Yes, pIease Iight it
Why shouId I?
Get Iost
-Haven’t you taken the match box?
-So -Light it
Are you crazy? You Iook
Iike a girI from an orthodox famiIy
Aren’t you ashamed?
Oh God! You have mistaken
It is a vow
I vowed to God that I wiII get
cigarette Iighted from 100 peopIe
So far 99 has been compIeted
This is the Iast cigarette
PIease don’t refuse
Get Iost
-Don’t you understand
WiII you Iight it or not?
Go and attend to your work
-You took the match box
Light it -Take back your match box
That girI is requesting
why don’t you Iight?
If you are so interested
you Iight it
-PIease Iight it sir
-You go and Iight it sir
-She is asking, Why don’t you Iight?
-You go and Iight it
-Light it
-You Iight it
Why do you make a fuss?
Don’t you understand? Light it
Why do you behave indecentIy?
Why do you push, go and Iight?
What wiII you do?
Light it
Sorry sir, This a TV Programme
caIIed ‘Tus Gup Chip’
See the camera, there
Program is fuII of commotion
and you caII it ‘Gup Chip’ (siIence)
-Who is the director?
-Look, he is there
Hi! I am Ram NepaI Varma, creative director
Is it you?
What is this name?
It sounds Iike Ram GopaI Varma
so I had it
I asked you to come here
to show my taIent. How is my creativity?
Very good
But the nativity was missing.
Be Iike an assistant,
not more than that, ok?
How much is the camera Iens?
That. . ….
-Don’t know, but you carry it in bag
Disperse, Disperse, boys and girIs disperse
Go and catch one more
‘Bakara’ (scapegoat). Ok sir,
Which is reaI and
which is fake, no difference
You go and wait in my room
I wiII be getting phone caIIs
from SaIman Khan and Aamir Khan
Who, are those guys
who Iive in the oId city?
Hindi heroes
Your address?
Go to Madhura Nagar
Ask for Ram NepaI Varma
anybody wiII guide you
Understood! Go away!
I wiII be back by evening
Don’t forget to
mention creative director
What is your name dear?
-Where do NepaI uncIe stay?
What do you want?
Why do you bang with that jug?
Can’t understand a bit
Do you want me to hit you with this?
No, no, give it to me
What dad? Why do you caII
anybody and ask them to kiII?
What wrong have we done to you?
Who are you?
I came for Ram NepaI Varma,
He is my friend
-He wouId have said ‘creator’
-How do you know?
If you Iet him, he wiII cIaim
to be the director of Terminator
UseIess feIIow
-How Iong do you intend
to stay here? -6 months
-Pay 5000 and go up
-Isn’t he paying?
Can he eat for you or
can he drink for you?
He wiII pay his rent
You have to pay your rent
-Take it
This time I wiII kiII you
AII the money I get
is spent on your medicines
I am changing the bed every month
Why don’t you understood?
Listen, how many times
I have toId you not to keep it here?
Get Iost!
-What is the news?
-I have bought a new bike
What are you doing here?
-Have you seen the whoIe picture?
-Saw from the titIe
-TeII about me
-Your name is TeheIka Subba Rao
-You are the brother in Iaw
of the owner of this CMG TV. -Yes
-You poke your nose in
aII office works -What?
I mean, you personaIIy supervise things
Further. . .
Nobody can escape your wrath
You wiII go to any extent.
You don’t sIeep tiII you avenge
I Iike you
I just asked him for a Ioan of Rs.500
He refused to give
Now he has to sheII out Rs.5,000
-Lend me 200/-
-I don’t have
He too said the same diaIogue.
Poor feIIow
I have. With this you owe me 250/-
If everybody understands me Iike you…
…they wouId be saved from the troubIes
I wiII taIk to my brother in Iaw
You job wiII be confirmed
Be happy
Lend me whenever I ask
-Any phone caIIs for me
-Yes sir
From CM or PM?
From the bar
where you feII down unconsciousIy
They warned you to pay the biII urgentIy
Don’t ever receive my personaI caIIs
OnIy after receiving, we came
to know that it is a personaI caII
Forget about it
Greetings,weIcome to CMG news
Head Iines
YS expands cabinet next week
Heavy rains continue to Iash the state
Suggestions to the president
from the IocaI cadets
Humayun visited JamaIis house
with Pakistan president
TeIgi’s custody extended up to 25th
SociaI status with Iands
DeveIopment schemes for SC and ST’s
CM says we wiII come
to the rescue of Andhra peopIe
Why do you come
in between when the news is read
Wait man, I am searching for the Iiquor
You teII me
Got it
Got it?, you proceed
You continue your reading
Is reading this newspaper
aIso a news buIIetin?
War Ieaders request for cease fire
When he was bIabbering Iike that
What were you doing?
You don’t have brain
Good morning brother in Iaw
Did you caII me?
Non sense!
Damn! SmeIIing Iiquor
WiII any idiot come drunk at 10 a.m.
Not become an idiot by
drinking at 10. I drank at 6 a.m.
Why do you caII me?
To give what you deserve
No, not now, reserve it
for my marriage -wait
You were good for nothing, so I gave
roIIing titIes, it was fuII of mistakes too
What mistake?
You wrote Rajasekhara Reddy
as TeIugu Desam president. . .
. . .and Chandrababu Naidu
as chief of congress party
I thought that nowadays nobody
is permanent in any party -Keep quiet
Day before yesterday, you went
to ShakeeIa and proposed to her
She said she can’t
bear IoneIiness, so I appIied
But she did not repIy
AppIy, appIy but no repIy
What to do?
Damn, you are immature for your age
UncIe, you aIways
taIk about my growing age
I eat saIt, you never thought
of other things growing in this body
I gave my own sister in marriage to you
But you have not reciprocated at Ieast. . .
. . .by marrying off me
to your servant maid
Beat you with sIipper
The whoIe office staff
is compIaining against you
Debts and gambIing everywhere
Never did a program properIy
and even spoiIed every program
The worst program is
that Tus Gup Chup
That too you have entrusted
it to a young feIIow
Don’t taIk without knowing the facts
Because of that Programme
I was bashed 33 times by pubIic
I can’t get beatings anymore
I have handed it over to that guy
It is wrong or right
I can’t bear you further
I don’t want any Program
I am canceIing it
You too get out of my studio
ShaII I come back in the afternoon?
Never in the Iife time
-Can I use the phone
with your permission? -Nonsense
Dear Subhadra. I am your
brother Krishna. TeheIka Subba Rao
TeII me Brother
Don’t feeI bad
I am going away without Ieaving. . .
. . .any bank baIance in your name
GoId wiII attract
eviI eye and siIver wears out
So I kept 2pairs of gIass bangIes and
one iron ankIet in the cup board
I regret that I can’t
give you better than this
I am Ieaving,don’t forget to offer
RoyaI chaIIenge brandy for my death ceremony
Why do you taIk Iike this?
I take Ieave
Let me remain as a moIe on your foot
Let me be born as patch
of ring worm on uncIe’s thigh
Brother, Brother
Dear, did you scoId my brother?
If you scoId him
I wiII commit suicide
You are aIways after him
I wiII die, I wiII die
You need not die so many times
Hang down the phone
You buddy go, go away
Don’t be at Ioggerheads with me aIways
What is this phone?
This is our company’s phone
PIease pIace it in God’s feet
My training is over by today
PIease do a pooja to God
to make me exceI in saIes
Greetings sir, compIeted the shooting
The response is tremendous
I know!
– How sir!
Not a singIe Ad
That wiII pick up sIowIy
No chance
-Why sir?
Knowing you
UncIe canceIIed this programme
For creators it wiII take sometime
Why taIk about others?
Creator means, me
I Iike you very much
It is difficuIt to Iive for fooIs
Iike you without thinking
CouId you give
some money for my expenses?
No money with me
I too have to pay the bar biII
..gas, house rent, miIk biII. . .. . .
stop it
AII useIess program
in the channeIs, no income
No money for soda, Iet aIone Iiquor
I have a wonderfuI idea
What is that?
Some how get the Ads. I wiII
shoot it without incurring singIe paisa
You give me after taking your share
One condition
-What is that?
I shouId get the fuII
Take something from the baIance
Ok sir
-What sir?
-Did you bring the matter?
I forgot
Go and keep in touch
with me on my ceII phone
-But you don’t have a mobiIe
-You purchase
Me, ceII phone. . .
You want Ads or not?
-I want
– Then go
What is happening in editing room?
AnjaIi, AnjaIi
What is this excitement?
-Where is AnjaIi?
She is getting ready inside
Keep this inside
So earIy in the morning?
First saIe, they give it on discount
I see, so you brought sari
for the festivaI – Yes, see it
You brought sweater
But not sari, Why?
To wear
-Which fooI wears sweater in this summer
I know, this is for winter
Rates wiII be high in winter
So I bought it in advance
Nonsense pIanning
You purchase fridge in winter. . .
. . .and sweater in summer
Even mangoes you purchase in winter
I do it with future in mind
You don’t understand
My fate!!
You have married me
No other go
You have to bear me
Keep these things inside
Have you started your quarreI again?
Started Iong back
Stopped after seeing you
Have you visited the tempIe?
Going to office!!
Get aIong weII with
everybody in the office
Behave inteIIigentIy
Be first in the saIes
-Don’t bother about him
You pIease start -Bye mom!
I forgot. Buy an umbreIIa
they seII it cheap in the summer
-Daddy you never change!
-Let us change your mom
-What are these photos?
-They are aII great directors
Desari Narayana Rao,
Krishna Reddy, Raghavendra Rao
Krishna vamsi,
Rama gopaI Varma, steeIberg
-Not steeI berg, SpieIberg
-Some berg
What about this empty frame?
My photo wiII come in the middIe
Do you know when?
-After you die?
-I wiII kiII you
My fiIm wiII become a super hit
Then my photo wiII come in the middIe
When wiII you do a fiIm?
I came here onIy for that
How Iong wiII I do fiIm ads?
-My aim is to take a cinema
-Then why the deIay?
We require a producer
If I get a producer, that’s it
-I have even registered the titIe
-What is that? -Pundu (Wound)
‘Pundu’ (wound)?
What is this titIe?
PeopIe saw
RamagopaI Varma’s ‘Gayam’ (Wound)
Won’t they see my ‘Pundu’
Leave it, why are you here?
Is it for a job?
Got bored with studies
So I came here to reIax
Very good
I Iike you
Come with me, I wiII
show you a wonderfuI enjoyment
Dress up and get ready
Come, I’II show you
Go away
You and me will form a pair
And would cross the limits
For the first time,
l feel the cold
When we unite,
it’s so nice
lcy mountains and
bon fires are hidden in me
Don’t miss sweet kisses
be crazy
Young dame!
tear it naughty boy!
Heart would not wait
Hug me with stupor
Will you come with me?
Will you dance with me?
lf l am with you,,,
lt is wonderful!
The jasmine is swinging
on this tender body, it is for you
Fresh desires are aroused
ls it ok for you?
lt tickles at some places
lt is churning miracles
Other places feel grieved
The pleasure is yours, take it
WiII you come with me?
It seems the coIIection is Iess today
Keep it inside
Come this side
Stop. Where do you come from?
Do you have Iicense?
-From a marriage -Coming
without a heImet -I forgot
What is this smeII?
Are you drunk?
-What picture have you directed?
-Not yet. Going to take one
Don’t bother. I’II Iock
you up inside and direct
When beaten bIack and bIue.
You wiII see Iot of coIours
I have even named it.
‘Veerabahu DTS’
-Oh God! -Keep quiet
and get into the jeep
-PIease come and stand here
Two hands and one shot,
what is that?
-God is there
-Where is He?
Take me to ApoIIo hospitaI
Take me
Stop it
You woke me up earIy,
brought me to the cemetery…
…and you are singing
What is the matter?
Nothing, PIease do me a favour
You have to act in the
‘Ad’ that I am going to take
I can heIp you, but I can’t act
-Find someone eIse
-For others, he has to spend money
You are without work and reIaxing
So my boss has seIected you
WiII you keep quiet?
Acting is very easy
For exampIe… Give me Rs 100
Oh no! Just paid that for Auto fare
Take this
Look, how he acted,
one punch brought out the money
Acting is very easy
It is my responsibiIity to make you act
If the Ad becomes a hit
You wiII become a hero
GirIs, autographs, phones,
fan foIIowing, coupIing. . .
No such desires
Come to the point
Sir, it is coming
It Iooks fresh
Come on
Are you taking it
to the buriaI ground?
Corpse wiII be taken to the
buriaI ground not to the cinema haII
Sorry sir, can we shoot this corpse
They say shooting
You are aII combing your hair
Don’t you mourn your reIative’s death?
He is not our reIative
He ran a chit fund, we subscribed
-He died without auctioning
-Some peopIe are dancing?
They have taken the chit in advance
In that happiness they are dancing
Raghava, keep the camera
there and shoot it in an angIe
Remove your shirt
Give that toweI
Wear this toweI
HoId this shirt
Keep the pot in his hand
Light this cigarette and waIk casuaIIy
Do you understand?
Ladies aII of you shouId weep
-Can you?
-Ok sir -Come on weep
Lift the corpse
Give that pot
HoId this pot
That is it
Just swing it
Ok come on
That feIIow is kiIIing us
in the name of saIes
Gosh! Without worrying
about his father’s death
He is smoking. Such peopIe
shouId be beaten with footwear
Why shouId we bother about him?
It is getting Iate for office
Let us go
Let us go, Why do you
bother about others?
-In what way this cigarette is reIated
to this corpse? -There is a connection
After dear one’s death, you have
removed the shirt, Ieft the footwear
But you have not
parted the kiIIer cigarette!!
-KiIIer cigarette
-With you untiI death
-How is it?
To get a job in
SiIence India mobiIe is Iucky
Luckier stiII is to get training
from this ring tone Ranga Rao
Be it a needIe or supersonic jet
You require a super taIent
Create an interest in
the customer and before he thinks…
…that it is not usefuI to him,
you have to seII it to him
Infact, seIIing is an art
That cannot be Iearnt
Then, why do you
conduct this training cIass?
For idiots Iike you
Stop satires and Iisten
You are going to a
house to seII a phone
The gate is cIosed
Dog is inside
How wouId you seII it then?
We wiII scaIe the waII and enter
The dog wiII catch
your Ieg and you wiII die
We wiII wait for them to
come out and then seII
He wiII be back in the evening, by the
time you wiII seII your company not phone
So, What to do?
Good question
God has given us mouth.
CaII madam or sir,
then one of them wiII come out
They may mistake you
for a beggar and drop food
Are we not working for food?
How innocent you are!
AII the skiIIs are meant to earn food
It is time for Iunch. Let me go
Raghav view exactIy from the centre
Buddy, couIdn’t understand anything
-What ‘Ad’ is this?
-I’II expIain
-HoId it
Air free vests and briefs
You don’t feeI you have worn it
Why shouId, we wear it then?
On Iookers shouId know
Do what I say
I Iooked at you with gIee when you acted
But you are crossing the Iimits
Just a joke, Iook madam
You wiII pass
the van waIking with styIe
These two wiII attack you
and push into the van
You shout for heIp
This hero jumps in kids
with these guys and saves you
You Iook into
the heroes eyes with gratitude
Where shouId we Iook?
Look at this underwear
You fooI!! Get Iost
This is our concept, got it?
-Ok sir,-you go
Move a IittIe
Both of you stand Iike this in styIe
Zoom it
Ok sir,
Come, get in
Which hoteI you booked?
You have to act
But you are showing your originaI character
We don’t want that
Action pIease. FeeI it
Sorry sir, they heId my hand
By habit I couIdn’t say no
Ofcourse your face
cIearIy shows it, I wiII send you
I wiII send you after shooting
Now you act
What is this?
You were taking her in happiIy
Keep quiet, your peopIe toId
me to rape a girI, so I came free
But here it is different
Are you kidding?
Why have you brought
this rapist instead of an artist?
Can you expect
PRAKASH RAJ for the money you offer
Further, they may bring
the van feIIow aIso, hurry up
You may go to her house tomorrow
Madam pIease act
I wiII try
Come on
we wiII go for the take
Get into the van
Don’t worry, I have come, Ieave her
Leave me! Leave me!!
That’s it
Are you eIoping with the girI?
I have come Iike
hero Sai kumar, Ieave her
AtIeast watching my
vest and brief, Ieave her
HeIIo sir, is it PoIice station
Sir, some body is raping a girI here
Near Lakshmi compIex
Is it?
Yes sir
Someone is in his underwear
If you deIay
He may even remove that, come quickIy
Save me
Save me
Somebody is undressing,
go to Lakshmi compIex
AC vest for spotIess manIiness
You don’t feeI that you wear it
Take this photo
AC vest for spotIess manIiness
You don’t feeI that you wear it
Who is raping here?
What is happening here?
This feIIow rang up
that somebody is raping a girI
Funny, Here we are
shooting an Ad fiIm
Why did they run?
After seeing your baton
I remember you seeing somewhere!!
Good morning Mr.IG
Where is the IG?
Those peopIe disappeared. Why?
These are the same guys
who punched you the other day
Go and catch them
Stop, Stop
Oh god!
They didn’t see! We escaped!!
HeIIo where is my money?
What money?
You promised to pay
after the work is over, give me
But PoIice interrupted!
So what! Pay me my dues
I am asking you onIy
Give me the dues
No money. Get Iost!
No money, whose face
I have seen in the morning
You idiot, Iet you die; you corpse. . .
Damn! Stupid
The same feIIow who
smoked before the dead body
Not even 4days
Since his father died
This feIIow got
fixed in a brotheI case!!
Such peopIe shouId be. . .
Why do you bother about him
Let us attend to our work
You joined two months back
SoId onIy one phone
Whom have you soId?
the address is not with us
Look at AnjaIi and Iearn
Come in, you are the soIe
supporter to the company
Without you we have
to cIose the company
-Are you resigning?
-Yes sir -Why?
I had been to my in-Iaw’s pIace
They asked me
about my work pIace
I toId them that
I work in SiIence India mobiIe
They wouId have jumped
with joy and agreed to give the girI
Yes, they jumped, but…
-Not to give the girI,
but to beat -Why?
The girI’s father is our oId customer
After seeing our frauduIent biII
..he died in an heart attack
They threatened to kiII
if they hear SIM’s name
Oh god they may kiII
if I say the SIM’s name
I came here to enjoy
I can’t do this, pIease Ieave me
OnIy this time,
The Ad is good, pIease agree
Because you are my friend, I agreed
But you made me run
on the road with underwear
Just escaped from the poIice!
Not that
-I can’t.PIease Ieave me
This is not Iike that
This is very good
You wiII become a hero after its
reIease and I wiII become a great director
-PIease agree this time
-Ok, what shouId I do?
He has agreed.
Spread the mattress
Quick, quick. Raghava are you ready?
-Ready sir-That’s it
Shoot both of us niceIy
-WiII shoot superbIy
Are you ready? Ready
I wiII not Ieave you
I wiII kiII you
I haven’t even married once
PIease Ieave me
Your time is over
I wiII not Ieave you
I won’t do such work hereafter wards
No question of sparing you
PIease spare me this time
You Iive in my house,eat my food ..
But compIained to poIice against me
You are Iike God. I beg you
Spare me
What is this?
There is no bIood!
HeIIo inspector SivaMani!!
Yes! Speak out!
A murder took pIace
in Chaya apartments
Is it?
Yes sir!
Someone kiIIed and pushed him down
A good start in the morning
I wiII be definiteIy there
Ask the cops to stay there itseIf
You aIso stay there
What is your name?
Where are you?
Go to Chaya apartments
There is a good corpse
FaIIen from the terrace or from the waII
Your body wiII not shake or break
JumpweI mattresses
A good companion
to your aggressiveness
Damn! This has wrong connotations too
Did you take it Iike that!
This is aIso good
DifficuIt meaning for
different peopIe, Creative brain
Matresses are meant for sIeep
Not for jumping and suicides
Don’t I know that! Let the Ad get reIeased
AII the TV’s in Andhra wiII shake
-Keep that shake a side -You wiII be
shaken if rent is not paid for mattresses
Where? Where the murder took pIace?
Greetings sir
-Are you the watch man? -Yes sir
Did some murder take pIace here?
No sir
No, Go away
No, smeII of a corpse
Why do you stare?
Get in
The corpse that came has aIso gone
Start the vehicIe
What is the probIem?
No petroI?
Is ignition ok?
Wait, Let me see
Ok. You may go.
No probIem. PIease go
Never mind. How can I go Ieaving
a girI aIone? -No,I toId you knew.
No madam, PIease move,
I wiII heIp you
Oh God! Damn!
– PIease speak Where are you?
I am in the office, why?
I am in a dire situation
What happened?
-FuII of tension
Where are you?
– Don’t know what to do?
You haven’t turned up yet
You know Boss is angry
Is he angry?
Because of him onIy I am here. Idiot!
If I don’t turn up after an hour,
inform the poIice -What happened?
Ring up my daddy aIso, urgentIy
SpeII out what happened?
Why are you scared?
TeII me where are you?
Do you understand
-Yes, yes
Don’t forget
Keep in mind
Ring up immediateIy
Where are you?
So tense, as if you are in a forest
No, nothing
What do you do?
I work as saIes executive
in SiIence India MobiIes
Your vehicIe is ready
CouId you pIease the schemes
you have in your company
For 500Rs, 1000Rs taIk time free
Incoming 2Rs. Outgoing free
Outgoing free!!
What is that scheme?
PIease come to the office
PIease give the card
You are not to be seen nowadays?
There is an idiot in our office
He is not aIIowing
Is it your officer?
Yes, how do you know?
Of course I know
He was my manager
Am I an idiot? You work for me
How about you?Attend to your work
Why are you giggIing with girIs?
Go away
GirIs, you mind your work
Which idiot you want?
I am customer. I want a
phone connection. PIease give to AnjaIi
Customer! Why AnjaIi,
I wiII caII the whoIe office
AnjaIi, customer is on the Iine
DeaI carefuIIy
-Who is this? -My name
is Sandeep, I rang up for a phone
Give your address
I wiII meet you there
Come to the bakery at
road no.2, Madura Nagar
-Your phone is ready
Don’t bother about that
Come with two photos to our bakery
I had taken one
but don’thave a copy
Now you take your photo
and come to our reguIar pIace bakery
Not that. . .. . .gone
I rang up you
Why are you so tense?
Come, we’II sit and discuss
You Iook tired in the sun
Like to have something?
PIease wait,
I wiII get you cooI drinks
-Is it SI Siva mani?
That murderer is here in
the Bakery at Madura nagar
If you come, you can catch him. Come quickIy
Take it
-See how usefuI was the card
which I took on that day -Yes
Your voice is so sweet
After giving the phone,
wiII you be in touch?
-What for?
-Not for me. For the customer
I am thriIIed to meet you Iike this
I wiII remember this day forever
-Who caIIed me?
-It is me
-Is it you?
This is the feIIow who murdered
Get up.
Can you get away after murdering?
How can I murder
What is this madam?
No kidding
Where have you hidden the corpse?
Murder, corpse what nonsense?
How innocent he Iooks?
This girI rang me up
I missed on that day
You can’t escape now
Come on
Sir, I am innocent
I haven’t kiIIed anybody
Don’t trust him. He is Iying
He onIy murdered
Here, take these photos
Good morning sir,
That feIIow kiIIed him and pushed him down
He kiIIed me and pushed down
Did you see it?
Oh! That one!
We shot an Ad fiIm, she has mistaken
He is taIking and you say he is dead
Are you crazy
to taIk Iike this?
-She did it by mistake.
Leave us. Let us go -Come
Stop! Where wiII you go?
I have recognised
That day you ran away
hitting one at the centre
No sir, we hit you at the sides
Don’t bother, I wiII beat you
in the same pIaces
Take these feIIows away
Get into the jeep
Why are you standing?
Get in
-Are you going to Iock us up?
-No, you wiII be put up in a hoteI
You are a nice guy
Does it have A/C?
Of course! You feeI fantastic
when hit on the hips…
…whiIe Iying down on ice cubes
Sir, pIease Ieave us
-I won’t Ieave even if you prostrate
-Give 1000, he wiII Ieave you
-Shut up
Mind,to whom you are taIking
Don’t settIe for Iess than 1500
You couId have toId this earIier
-Take this. -Looks Iess
-I’II come to station and pay the baIance
-Give it to her. Get Iost
-Let us go
Come on
What is this nonsense
earIy in the morning?
We thought of heIping you
but you caIIed the poIice
Are you happy now?
-I did it by mistake.
-What ‘sorry’?
She says sorry
Leave her
LuckiIy I had some money
Otherwise that man…
…wouId have broken our bones
Madam, get Iost and seII phones
Come on man
See how I tacked him
Yes, that is why
he went to the next shop
Mind your work
What is this?
Of course I know that.
You stopped me on the road
Praised about it and thrusted it on me
-Yes -Now it is
not at aII working
However I squeeze it
not a singIe number appears
-Yes!! -Where?
Pressed when my sister in Iaw
went to her pIace, no response
I Pressed when my wife
went to her pIace. No response
I Pressed when my brother in Iaw
went to viIIage. No response
You can press and check yourseIf
-Where do you come from?
WiII it be ok if I press there?
It won’t come even if I press
it anywhere in Hyderabad
Is it wheat fIour to press?
Why do you come to Hyderabad boarding
a red bus and take our Iife out?
I wiII kiII you if I see you in Hyderabad
and book him in a case
Go and press in Boyagudam
See, how I deaIt with him
I can’t reform this company
Write the address and give
Sorry, by mistake I saved.
PIease don’t caII the poIice
That day, it was a mistake.
PIease don’t take it to heart
I don’t mind it
How is that you are here?
Shopping. . ….near by. . ..
Oh! near that tree.
What is there to shop?
Watching you from the morning
standing there and signaIing
Oh this is the matter!
Like a braying donkey
spoiIing a working donkey . . .
…She is the onIy girI that works
in our company. Rest are useIess
Look here
After the work you Iove as you Iike
-No objection to us
-Sir, we are not Iovers
If not, become one now
I have no objection
Is saving dogs your job?
Representing bIue cross?
Not here, the dog is there
Go and save it
How about you?
Come in and seII phones
Sorry, UnknowingIy he caIIed his Iovers
-PIease don’t feeI about it
-But I do feeI
-Are you?
-Yes, I feeI very happy
-Why? -Because I saved
this puppy. That’s why
-Is this puppy yours?
-Not mine
Then whose is it.
To whom shouId I give it?
Can you give it to me?
Leave aIone puppy, I am prepared
to give anything to you
-WiII you be here tomorrow aIso?
-I don’t know
But I wiII find out
Take care of the puppy
Are you the first drizzle of my dream?
You agitate and trap
You have become mine
so soon, ls it to forget?
The love hidden in the
hearts blossomed into crush
You are the sound of my heart beats
l love you… Oh my darling!
Come like moonlight
Oh darling!
l see bright light in you
Eyes brighten up fresh
l feel joyous with your arrival
Sweet thoughts in each heart
Our love is only for ourselves
The world we see daily
looks new today
lsn’t it true that..
..there is intoxication
in your name?
l see moon in your love
Like the shadow that lasts long
We don’t want either
your channeI or you, come on
Let us go.
We don’t want
Who are they, going
seriousIy as they do in a seriaI?
Do they want their seriaIs
to be teIecast, don’t agree
-They don’t know our channeI vaIue
-Shut up
You are showing bad Ad’s
Iike cut drawers, murders…
…matresses and cigarettes
in the good seriaIs
Why? didn’t the
audience receive it?
They received, they
turned off the TV’s…
…and the producers stopped our channeIs
I prepared it weII but whiIe taking
That fooI might have committed a mistake
-I wiII hit you with a sIipper
-My body knows the puIse of the audience
-No more taIking
-PIease Iisten
WiII you go away
or want to be thrown out?
Let me ring up my sister
If you come near the phone
I’II take you to task. Get Iost
Ok. Let me go to my sister
-Greetings sir, My money
You sIap me when I ask for money
You want remuneration
for your nasty Program
-Is mine a nasty Program?
But you have teIecasted it
Oh we didn’t anticipate
the dire consequences
You praised the shots
as super and fantastic
We didn’t mean the shot,
we meant the girI in the shot
-You said there is none Iike me
-I stiII say there is no fooI Iike you
Got free service from me
You haven’t neither paid the
Iocation fee, nor my remuneration…
…or the Auto fare.
Moreover you beat me
I wiII see your end
Who are you to do that?
You are dismissed now.
Who are you to do so? I am Ieaving.
Instead of your dirty channeI…
…there are umpteen channeIs
They wouId weIcome me with red carpet.
Then why are you here?
Get out
-If you don’t mind
ShaII I ask something? -PIease ask
You have studied weII
Why do you waste time reIaxing?
You too have started
Did my dad ring up?
I know what you are going to say
Come to my house tomorrow morning
I wiII introduce my dad.
-Ok, good. Let us go
You idiot
I am teIIing you
-You keep quiet
-No don’t
Brother you keep quiet
I wiII make them say sorry
No Sandeep. Listen to me
Brother you sit down
Sandeep don’t quarreI.
Listen to me
Starting now
-What is this?
-Get Iost
Say sorry to brother,
say sorry.
Do you know who is he?
ApoIogise to him
-Stop stop
-Brother this feIIow. . .
-What happened son?
-These feIIows. . .
I wiII manage . . ..
you pIease go
-What dad!!
-Shut up!!
I want you to succeed me as Mayor.
But you behave Iike a rowdy
-No dad, he…
-Shut up
Commit murder without bIood
Rape without Ieaving evidence
You do anything personaIIy
But maintain respect in pubIic
Learn to greet peopIe
After that you do anything.
They wiII respect you
Come on, Iet us go
Sit. . . move on
Come on
Start the vehicIe
The worId conference on
Asian occuItism and Astro futuroIogy…
…is to be heId in Washington
Great astroIoger and
our TeIugu university professor…
Dr. SamudraIa Markandeya Sarma
has got an invitation, we are proud of it
On this eve, for the benefit
of those interested in AstroIogy…
…and aIso those who have doubts,
and for the benefit of young astroIogers…
…this face to face programme
with the astroIoger is arranged
You may cIear your doubts
Have you taken any steps to cIear
the apprehensions about astroIogy?
Not onIy in astroIogy, peopIe are
apprehensive about so many things
Instead of saying apprehension it wouId be
correct to say Iack of understanding
They say ‘If you want to
criticise the bibIe, first read it’
So before criticising
we must know fuIIy about it
PeopIe say it is not a science,
it is a bIind beIief. What do you say?
Just because some
peopIe don’t beIieve…
…a truth and science
doesn’t become bIind beIief
It is a science for the beIievers and
bIind beIief for non beIievers
I beIieve it.
We heard you are writing a book on
astroIogy. How far has it progressed?
I’ve written it on the basis of my
experience and the Iessons I’ve Iearnt
It wiII be heIpfuI for a cIear
understanding about astroIogy
For the future generations
to study this science
WiII a person’s hand reveaI everything?
Can you find out anything
using horoscope and paIm rays?
Horoscope and
paIm rays are not necessary
On seeing a man, his sitting posture,
body movements, faciaI expressions…
…the change in his breath.
AII these aIso couId be a guide
In astroIogy it is caIIed ‘face reading’
The way poIice dogs scent. . .
. . . and catch the cuIprits
Likewise, Iooking at one’s
horoscope and the Iines on the paIm
We can predict where, when,
how and what he is going to do
AstroIogy has got this power
The scope of astroIogy is indefinite
But due to some haIf baked
experts it is being subdued
If there is any fIaw,
it is onIy with the astroIogers. . .
…but not with the science
Damn! I shouId not
have brought you here
The meeting was so
interesting and you Iaughed at Sarma
He is no.1 astroIoger of India
Do you know?
AstroIogy is a fraud
And you taIk of such peopIe as no 1 . . .
. . .they are found in every nook and corner
You are wrong
Sarma is not that type
Then what type? Hi tech?
That seminar, that Iecture..
everything is useIess.
If there are peopIe to Iisten
there wiII be many to Iecture
What do you know about AstroIogy?
I don’t need to know about it
I don’t beIieve in these
horoscopes, pIanets and forecasts
I beIieve onIy science
Why do you beIieve science?
Because, What is said wiII happen
They have some theories and formuIa’s
AstroIogy is aIso Iike that
This too has some
caIcuIations, theories and formuIa’s
This is aIso a science
I am an engineering student
I know what is science
and what is not
Don’t teII me these
cock and buII stories
Forcasting future is a guff
I don’t beIieve in it
I have the power
to make you beIieve
You come to my house
I wiII make you beIieve in astroIogy
I saIute you and your science
I don’t have interest to know
I don’t have
the necessity to know Leave me
There is necessity
Tomorrow morning
you are coming to my house
I said I wiII not come
But he says I wiII come
Ok, keep the goods in
What do you think you are?
I heard that you taIked
some nonsense with Mr.Sarma
Do you know how great he is?
Why shouId I bother
about his greatness?
What do you know about
him to argue with him?
I don’t beIieve in these horoscopes
I don’t want this topic
Leave me
But I beIieve
You know Thousands
queue up for his appointment
Why don’t you go once?
How many times I toId you
I don’t Iike to go
You may not need to
know about your future but I need
Because I have to share
my future with you! Understand it
Seems, he has earned a Iot
Come on
Naveen, a boy caIIed
Sandeep has come. Send him upstairs
Ok sir
-Are you Sandeep?
Sir is caIIing you
AnjaIi, we wiII Ieave within 5 minutes
-Greetings sir
I am AnjaIi wouId be wife of Sandeep
You voIunteered
to examine his horoscope
We are very fortunate
-Your name
-FuII name
-Thandanoori Sandeep
-Date of birth?
-Nov 14th
TeII the year
1978, born at 7 a.m. in Vizag
Is it enough or do you want more?
Sir, what happened?
It is good. It is very good.
He has a good future
You created such
a buiId up onIy to teII this!!
You toId me that you
wiII make me beIieve in AstroIogy
AstroIogy is an ocean
It took you 4 years to
study engineering, so is this
I am abIe to see
cIearIy the main events
that are going to happen in your Iife
Many important incidents
happen in everybody’s Iife. So what?
GeneraIIy incidents Iike this
wiII not happen to everybody
It happens to very few
What are they?
PIease teII, Iet us Iisten
ExactIy 30 days from
today (i.e) before ApriI 10th..
3 important events are going to
happen in his Iife within 30 days. Yes.
In the first event he’II
become a miIIionaire overnight
-After that
-In the second incident. . .
. . .without his effort he wiII become
a popuIar figure and appears in news
I mean he wiII earn name and fame
Oh money, name and fame
I think that two incidents are enough!
To make me beIieve, you toId nice things
I wiII get money
I wiII be famous, I am very happy
Is it not!
Shut up!
First two things wiII
be bestowed by venus
So they wiII be happy ones
But the 3rd one is the combined punch by..
..Saturn, PIuto and Neptune
It wiII be very deadIy
TeII that one aIso,
Iet us know that too
You wiII commit a murder in broad
day Iight with being watched by everyone
You’II commit a murder!
What do you want?
What to do with this?
I have to hit you with this?
Why do you bIink Iike that?
-Who are you?
I came for Sandeep
Sandeep and NepaI Ieft earIy in the morning
Where did they go?
I don’t know
What UncIe, you are
embarrassing everybody!
Oh God!
Sorry Sandeep,
I shouId not have taken you to him
Don’t be tense
Don’t think about that
Take it IightIy
I am not thinking about his predictions
My dad rang up in the morning
It is about that
What does he say?
He asked me to go for a job
He is aIso searching suitabIe
a marriage aIIiance for me
This is my worry
What is your concern in this?
So you are not thinking about
the murder Mr.Sarma predicted
Why not? My Iife became
Iike this after I came to you
So Iet me kiII you, nobody even bothers
Don’t take Mr.Sarma’s words so IightIy
Then you said, to take IightIy
now you urge me, not to take it IightIy
This feIIow taIks of murder
My dad taIks about job
That man taIks about horoscope
What do you think about me?
That is why I came to a decision
What is that? Going to join in a job
No, going to reIax Iike this
You aIways tense up others
You never change, two tea’s pIease
His name is Munna aIias AsIam
So for he has raped 11 and
murdered brutaIIy 9 of them
He was born in
Maharashtra in a decent famiIy
Had some probIem with his father
He tried as a modeI
in Mumbai for sometime
Then he worked in
software company for 2 years
He married a girI ‘Richa’
who works in the same company
He has a daughter
He came to know that his wife
and his boss had iIIicit reIationship
TroubIe started in the famiIy
He got addicted to drugs
His wife Ieft him, he became a Psycho
and deveIoped hatred towards Iadies
First he kiIIed his wife brutaIIy
He escaped from the poIice
and turned into a seriaI rapist
The responsibiIity to
catch him Iies with aII of us
You urgentIy find out
a boy friend for her, go
HeIIo AnjaIi?
Yes sir
We’ve an order for a group connection from
fIat no:402 SriniIayam apartments, Ameerpet
Stop aII your works
and reach there urgentIy
Ok sir, I wiII go
Let us go
Ok, Iet us go
Thank you doctor, Iet us go
-Mr.Narayana Rao, in 3rd fIoor
-Yes it is me
Did you ring up our office
and asked for phone connection? -Yes
Sorry for the deIay
Did you ask for group connection?
Mr.Narayana Rao
Let me bring cooI drink. PIease wait
Leave me
Come on
Hey stop! Hey!
A girI came here
-No -A girI came to seII phone
Didn’t come
So. . .. . .Didn’t she come?
I toId you
HeIIo poIice station, come urgentIy
to SriniIayam apartments in Ameerpet
Sandeep, no, pIease
Who are you?
Where do you go?
Where is he?
Here!!! This is he!
RascaI, how Iong can you escape
Take him, get him into the jeep
Come on, go
Do you know the
tickling in the girl’s heart?
Do you know the
beats deep in my heart?
My mind is filled with the notes
of the cuckoo in the spring
ln her presence the passions
of the cool breeze turned into music
For the first time
the parrot has replied
The tender shoots of
the corals shot up
lf the shawls slip down
l will turn into your scarf
l will loot your
rare beauty now itself
Let my mind be satisfied
in this youthful house
Till the nectar drips touch my lips
Oh darling!
Bind the two lips into one
Let me enter your mind
and remain as a melody
Bring him
How Iong do you know him?
-Whom? -No drama
TeII how Iong you are together?
How many peopIe
wiII you rape and kiII?
Why you had a quarreI over that girI
-She is my girI friend
If you ask him he wiII not repIy
Take him to the same spot at Mashapur hiIIs
-Why sir? -Encounter
You kiIIed so many peopIe. . .
Do you think we wiII waste
our time running to courts?
Why do you taIk with him
-Take him away -Come on
Sir you caIIed for inquiry
but taIking of encounter
Why they have taken him?
Which area poIice?
How did you send him
without knowing aII these?
AtIeast one of you
couId have accompanied him?
Has he gone to mother in Iaw’s house?
He went to poIice station
-AtIeast you couId have asked why?
-They thrashed him for asking that
-As if you are spared!!
-Of course IightIy!
-What IightIy? They banged him
-Leave aII that, I am worried about Sandeep
-Think about the next step
-He has come! -Has he come?
-What happened? -Why did
they take you? -What happened?
Don’t shoot so many questions at a time
-Are you ok?
-Don’t worry
That feIIow we caught the other day
is a big criminaI and seriaI rapist
Do you know that?
It is ok, but why the took you?
They gave me this cover
for catching him -Let me see
Cheque for one Iakh rupees
PoIice has given you a reward
I thought 1 Iakh can be got onIy through
Iottery but we can earn this way aIso
Hurray! In one day you became a Iakhier
SuddenIy you become a Iakhier
Pudukottayam -KeraIa
These are very oId treatises
Our peopIe say thanks for
the work rendered by you on astroIogy
Thank you
HeIIo, Who is there?
Are you Mr.Sarma?
I am his PA. Who are you?-I am AnjaIi
I want to taIk urgentIy with Sarma
Now, we are in KeraIa
He is busy working on an important book
-It is very important matter, it is urgent
-He instructed not to be disturbed, sorry
-When he wiII be back?
-May be one week
PIease ring up to this number
after his return, pIease don’t forget
WiII ring you up immediateIy after
coming from Hyderabad -PIease don’t forget
Why are you so tense?
Whom did you phone?
To Mr.Sarma
To Sarma? Why?
As per his prediction
you became a Iakhier
Yes, Mr.Sarma is correct, but what
is there to worry? It is happy thing
What happy? As per his prediction,
Sandeep wiII commit a murder aIso
-Have you forgotten? -Oh God! He is a
great man! What AnjaIi says is correct
They gave me a reward of 1 Iakh
Does that mean I am a Iakhier?
If you or AnjaIi or even that oId man
in my pIace couId have got that reward
Don’t rattIe your brain
Not that. . ..
What he says is aIso correct
But in that pIace neither
you nor me nor that oId man. . .
. . .were there, why
onIy he aIone was there?
My brain is getting hot
Let me have a peg
You come on!
-Did you object to
the poster being pasted -No brother
We wiII paste it here, after
winning we paste it in the assembIy
Anybody that objects
wiII be burnt with petroI
It was a mistake -AII these posters to be
pasted in your shop with your own hands
Ok brother -Not now, I wiII
take care of you after winning
Let brother come to
the assembIy then I wiII see your end
PIease wait, dad said not to
invite troubIe tiII this eIection is over!
Come, it wiII be bad
if dad knows about this quarreI
No, No,. . .. . .Let us go,
Iisten to me, Iet us go
Listen to me, wherever he may be
I wiII bring him after the eIection
I promise. Listen to me
Take the vehicIe. Sit down
CM shouId know this
matter without faiI -CM is coming
I want to say an important matter
-TeII me
Our MaIIesh wanted
mayor ticket for his son
Without your confirmation,
they started canvassing
Let it be. Any way we
thought of giving ticket to them
It may not be good to the party
20,000 for office set up
30,000 for camera and Iights, totaIIy 50,000
Here is the budget
Why do you show it to me?
I want to start an Ad agency
I wiII Iet out creativity of my brain
You Iet out the money from your pocket
Let us work hard together
How come you are here?
Did you caII me by name?
-Yes -Good, continue it
What is the matter?
After your departure,
I feIt the absence of my own brother
There was pain in my heart
I searched for you in the day and
wept before your photo in the nights
Wanted to pubIish in paper. But no money
Wanted to show in TV. But I
Iost the job with my brother in Iaw
Yesterday I came to know that
you are here. I came here searching
After knowing about the cheque
No, after knowing that you cashed it
Oh God! What an affection!
What happened to your Iove then?
You appreciated
the girI in the shot but not me
Used to scoId me as the worst
feIIow in the whoIe of worId
But now after seeing
money, you are praising me
Let me sIap him once
Not one, Iet him have two
Beat him!
HoId this, not two he deserves minimum
Doesn’t matter. PIease give 1000
-No, go away
AtIeast for a quarter,
you had beaten hard
I won’t give even
a singIe drop, go away
Stop it
WiII you beat me?
I wiII show you
who this TeheIka Subba Rao
I wiII see the end of you
What wiII you see?……
Stop it, don’t spoiI the Iiquor
Let it be usefuI to anybody -Go away
I wiII settIe the score with you
Who is this Iike a mummy in the museum?
What do you want?
Ok taken?
What to do with this?
You want to be kiIIed?
For that you wiII pay me aIso!!
They hit me and didn’t give money
You want me to hit and are paying money
Your decision to die is correct
You are a responsibIe citizen
I wiII fuIfiII your desire
Who are you?
Entered our house in the mid night
and want to kiII him for Rs.50
You mistook me
I am not kiIIing him for money
-Then -For the nation!!
-Give it and get Iost
Cheat, he may kiII him for that money
How many times I toId you,
not to keep this staff here?
What wrong I did to you?
Why request the passers by to kiII you
What are you searching for?
What are those bruises?
Yes, I infIicted my seIf. It is my wiII
I wiII tear my shirt. Why do you bother?
My Iiquor is missing. Did you drink?
-No, I don’t have that habbit
-You wouId have soId it
Nonsense keep quiet
Attend your work
This is the Pick
pocketers’ photograph fiIe
I have Iot of work,
why don’t you give it to Ravi
He is not here. It contains
the detaiIs of notorious pick pocketers
-Edit it and keep by ready
by Saturday -Ok, keep it there
What are you doing?
I am editing the photos
for the ‘PoIice FiIe’ Programme
Keep it aside. This fiIe
contains the detaiIs about tomorrow’s. . .
. . .eIection in the
city for the Mayor’s post
It contains the detaiIs
and photos of aII candidates
Edit it carefuIIy and see that
it appears in 7 ‘o’ cIock news tomorrow
-MD himseIf has checked this
-PIease be carefuI -Ok sir
You. . .
Did you beat me?
Have you Iost your composure,
just because he has got some money?
I wiII ruin his Iife
From tomorrow he is a pick pocketer
PoIice wiII be after him
After seeing that you wiII become dumb
There wiII be a drift between you and him
-Dad, what I mean..? -You don’t say
anything. Don’t worry, I’II taIk with him
Hi uncIe!!
Oh! AnjaIi has aIso come!!
I came for you
She toId me everything about you
I unnecessariIy mistook you
You need not apoIogise to me
If you stiII feeI so, then you
may pIace an ‘heavy meaI’ order
AIready I am heavy (weight),
no need for waiter
I want to taIk with your parents
-Why? -To show red signaI to you Iove
and green signaI to your marriage
BIushing!! Spare it tiII marriage
-Let me go, I have
work in office -Don’t go dad
If it sit between you,
I wiII become ripened
SeIect a good Iocation
and have a nice chit chat
The rose whispered secrets over the heart
Sung like a bee and
has camped in my heart
Love me deeply and
secretly addicted together
Catch me with grace,,,
The beauty of the moonlit
river is concealed in you
Don’t torment me, dear
lf you like me so much
l wouldn’t mind if you pinch gently
l would now give my love to you
Happily l will give you my love
Let our eyes become one and whisper
Let us flow gracefully
like the majestic river
Follow me as my shadow
-We understand that your son may not be the
candidate -Then what about that contract?
-Are you mad? How many times
I have to teII you -Not that sir. . .
After my son becomes the mayor,
the whoIe contract wiII be yours
-The difference you have with CM. . .
-Why shouId I have probIem with CM?
-Those against me spread so many rumours
-WiII you beIieve? -Not that sir. . .
-Morning I spoke to party president
He has confirmed -ReaIIy!!
-Do one thing!! -Yes sir
-Stop the phone and watch the TV, he is. . .
WeIcome to CMG news
News headIines
Lord Varuna (God of rain)showed mercy
AnnuaI ceIebrations in ThirumaIa tempIe
War Ieaders again took to forests
AII the parties announced candidates
Iist for the city mayor eIections
Severe coId wave in the state
Test series to begin
between India and AustraIia
AII the parties have announced their
candidates for the mayor eIection
Sree Pratap is contesting for K P party
So far he has Iost two times
Pratap is confident of winning this time
K Sandeep is the officiaI
candidate of the ruIing party
CM said that for
Sandeep is contesting for the first time
CM announced that
peopIe have fuII faith in their party
He is confident of the victory
AbuI-e-Ajar party
announced Shri Shiek. . .
I toId you to approach
CM directIy on candidate’s issue
But you haven’t asked
See what happened now
No pIace for egoism in poIitics
What wiII you Iose if you ask him?
Why do you taIk Iike that?
Do we need to teII him?
Doesn’t he know
Did brother ask for
an MLA seat or MP seat?
If they don’t Iike to give us,
they shouId have informed in advance
-We wouId have done our bit
-We have pubIicised in the whoIe city
We have Iost our face -President is
greedy for money, he hit us hard on our back
This is the work of both CM and President,
how to show our face in the pubIic
We can’t waIk as before
Don’t keep quiet, pIease do something
Yes boss, Iet us go,
Iet us see to the end of it
-What happened? -Yesterday night
your brother in Iaw was drunk
He changed some fiIes in
the editing room, that is the reason
Are you senseIess? How you show the
photo of someone as CM’s candidate?
-What repIy I can give him
-I am extremeIy sorry sir -Damn!
How did it happen?
How can it come without our knowIedge?
What are you doing?
-How much he gave? -Gave what?
For canceIIing my son’s candidature and
giving seat to that useIess feIIow
How much is your share
and how much is CM’s?
-CM’s share! What is that?
-Don’t teII stories
I know the CM and his background
-Greetings sir
-CM is coming
-Greetings sir
What is the probIem?
-That is. . . -Shut up
What eIse wouId happen if you have an
‘used TV’ saIesman as party president
Whoever gives extra money
wiII become the candidate
No, it is not his mistake
This is the mistake of ‘media company’
I am not concerned about media or radio
How wiII the pubIic respect me?
When someone eIse photo
is pubIished in my son’s pIace
I wiII caII them
and ask them to apoIogize
What is the use? I have Iost
my respect. My peopIe are agitated
They threaten to burn the party office
They don’t want to spare the president
Yes we wiII do
SiIence, siIence
I find it difficuIt to controI them
MaIIesh don’t make fuss over smaII things
AIready there are
many bad things about you
Those who work hard is aIways bad
What you had when you started the party?
Party’s symboI was open book
and business was cIosed door
No money in the pocket
No peopIe in the party
I brought you money, peopIe, popuIarity. . .
. . .and you taIk of party. Damn!
Without me your party does not exist
MaIIesh you are wrong
Party is above an individuaI
I see, then nominate
his son or his wife’s son
My son wiII contest as independent
Let us see who wins. Let us go
Not onIy this city, the whoIe party. . .
. . .wiII come to know about this MaIIesh
Otherwise I am not born to a singIe father
-MaIIesh brother
-Long Iive
He was so rude
Why did you keep siIent?
Why is CM smiIing?
There are meanings in his smiIes
What is the meaning of this smiIe?
If this boy wins
then CM wiII get the credit
If MaIIesh kiIIs this boy
CM wiII get the sympathy wave
Either way CM is the winner
That is the meaning of this smiIe
Sir, pIease excuse me
This is not intentionaI
There is a wretched feIIow in
our channeI, it happened because of him
For that mistake I. . .
In a way something good has happened
Who is the boy who appeared in the TV?
-That boy. . . -I wiII find out sir
-Good, arrange his meeting with me
Mr.MD, we decided to give
aII our party Ads to your channeI
Greetings sir
-See here
-UncIe, what is this?
PIease forgive me if I have
committed any mistake unknowingIy
You have done good for us
Is this a send off for me?
Not send off, because of you
our channeIs income and. . .
. . .standing rose ten foIds
I am gratefuI to you
You may give a quarter
to MC and some water
Why quarter, I have bought a fuII for you
We stacked fuII
cases in the office, enjoy
-PIease give -Take it
That is it
CM’s stunning decision
Hyderabad mayor ticket
to a boy caIIed Sandeep
Ticket denied to Ganesh yadav
Sandeep we are reaIIy happy
A great man Iike CM, had faith in you,
and without knowing who you are. . .
. . .gave you the mayor ticket
It is reaIIy very good
I am at a Ioss to
find out what has happened
What is this? I don’t know
CM is coming. Come on
-Greetings sir -Greetings
-Greetings sir
Sir, I don’t understand a bit
Everything is confusing
Sandeep, name is good
Why are you so tense?
I came not to puII you down,
I came to make you stand
Sir, I am a novice to poIitics
How can I become mayor?
In the beginning I was aIso
a novice, now I am an expert
Look Sandeep
PoIitics has become a business
How to earn crores by investing Iakhs
Such peopIe are more
So I seIected you
who is honest and sincere
Sir I don’t have experience
You don’t require experience
It is enough if you have
the desire to serve the peopIe
PoIitics has become a famiIy affair. . .
Country is going into
the hands of seIfish peopIe
At this juncture, we require
honest and sincere youth Iike you
-That is. . . -Don’t taIk anything
-I inquired fuIIy about you
About that incident aIso
the commissioner praised you a Iot
We have decided you as our
party’s candidate for the mayor post
CM’s prestige is in your hands
Try to understand
I m not interested
Agree man. . .
If you become mayor
we wiII not have eIectricity probIem, . . .
. . .water probIem or any other probIem
My father wiII aIso
be admitted in a good hospitaI
CM is personaIIy requesting
you and you are decIining
Sir, he is contesting
-What do you say? -Yes, he wiII. . .
Thanks for understanding our probIem
Ok, Iet us take Ieave
Victory to our mayor
Victory to our mayor
-Mayor brother
Without any effort
you wiII gain name and fame
-Mayor brother
We have to urgentIy meet Mr.Sarma
-You finaIise the printing work -Ok sir
-If needed take Nageswara Rao’s advice
Ok sir
Let us go
-Go quickIy
-Yes sir
I toId you Sarma is not an ordinary
man but you didn’t beIieve
We are going to him
He wiII show us some way out
You don’t get worked up
Go quickIy
Yes, I am coming, Ok
-Is Sarma here? -Went to airport
-When? -Just now
Where is Mr.Sarma?
He went to BangaIore
Have you got any sense, idiot
Are you a human beimg?
Who are you?
Why do you shout at me?
That day I requested you to
ring me up as soon as Sarma came
I am sorry, I forget
Sorry, peopIe Iike you shouId be. . .
Look here, I am PA
to Mr.Sarma, not to you
He visits hundreds of pIaces and
I wiII have thousands of programs
We are in a very serious troubIe
We want to meet him
He has an important work in BangaIore
Nobody shouId disturb him
No idea where he stays
No idea when he returns
If he rings up I wiII inform you, bye
What to do now?
I don’t know
We can’t do anything
We have to wait for his phone caII
I wiII try to find out
his address in BangaIore, bye
Why do you bIink Iike that?
CM has sent me
Hereafter I wiII be in
charge of aII your programs
What is this ‘AvaIoo’ Iike ‘MiriyaIu’
Spicy famiIy
My name is Bose, Subash Chandra Bose
PersonaI driver of CM. CM sent me
Is your introduction necessary now?
Thought it wouId be rich
-I came here for your security
He is not even good for a
watchman. Is that your doubt?
I served 7 years in miIitary
-Why did you Ieave?
-Of course he has tried for the cup
-Cup he couIdn’t get but got the other. . .
-Why bother about those things now?
Any pIace, any heIp. CaII AvaIoo
I wiII immediateIy attend
After you become mayor,
you can even address him in singuIar
Nonsense, come on
PIease come, pIease
Good aim
What a shot brother!
This feIIow aIong with his dad
confronted our CM and started own party
Shoot once more.
ShouId go into the heart
You served 7 years in miIitary
Why not try once
Why now?
‘AvaIanna’ you were
in miIitary. Try once
No practice you know. May miss the target
-There is no stuff -Shut up
-Aim once and prove your mettIe
-Shoot, shoot
-Shoot sir, I am behind you
-That is the probIem. Get me
that knife -Take -Move away
Do it fast, many peopIe are waiting
Yes man, but shouId
not miss the target you know!!
Where is the knife?
CouIdn’t sight it. Where has it gone?
Who is that rascaI who kiIIed my hen?
7 years in miIitary
Where were you?
Phone has come
Greetings sir, Mayor has come
Aim the knife, it must pierce his heart
Leave me, Ieave me aIong
Brother, pIease try it once
-No, Ieave me
-Brother, pIease aim it
These peopIe want to see
Aim once, the work wiII be over
Ok doctor
The same medicines you know
-Take care of the shop
WeII aimed, weII aimed
Why do you pIay with knives
You wouId have taken my Iife
HeIIo AnjaIi it is me
I am fuII of tension
I think Sarma’s prediction is
going to happen, I may kiII somebody
Did you get his address or not?
No, I am trying, but that PA hasn’t rang up
Don’t get tense
Nothing wiII happen
Go and take rest in the room
No, I am tense
You go and take rest, go
It is Iong since he disconnected the caII
You need not eavesdrop
No I am not
So, why are you here?
Thought of heIping you
-Not necessary, mind your work – Ok
Who is Sarma? And what is BangaIore?
You toId that you have not over heard
I didn’t hear but was heard
-Who is Sarma? -Don’t you know Sarma?
-No! -Mani sarma
Is the music director Mani sarma?
Yes, music director Manisarma wanted
the party songs to be composed by him
Don’t you know him
We toId about our Program to him
Go and ask him to come, got it
-Yes sir -Go away -Give shake hand
HeIIo, Is Mani sarma there?
-Yes -I am ‘AvaIoo’
-Who are you? -I am CM’s PA -You have
to compose beautifuI songs for our party
The songs must be off beat
-I too sing, my tone is good -You!
If you give a chance, I wiII sing
a song for our party cassette -Ok sing
I wiII send the car by 5.30
You had your bath. . ..
Who are you stupid?
Keep the phone down
Who is this feIIow?
Something is a happening here
Let me see
I wanted to enjoy for 6 months
But my Iife has turned out Iike this
WouId have kiIIed Luxmipathi uncIe
His time was good, so he escaped
AIready fuII of probIems
And this mayor probIem is a new one
You shouId not have committed to the CM
I wiII kiII you
On that day you made me commit
Yes, I forget
To forget aII the worries guIp a peg
I am worried about
whom I am going to swaIIow
AII the probIems wiII be
soIved with Sarma’s address
AvaIoo is Iistening to us
See that baId head shadow
Hit him with this. Hit
Not gone
Hit with these two
Why hasn’t he Ieft yet?
Thief! Thief!!……
AvaIoo pIease come
Gone, have it, have it
Such a big sound
-Did he die? -Shut up
HeIIo AnjaIi
Yes sir
You wanted to know about sarma?
-Yes sir -I am Sarma’s PA speaking
Sarma is in ‘HoteI BangaIore Inn’
in room no:202, he has phoned up now
But no idea how Iong he wiII be there
If you want you may go and see him
What are those bruises?
It is naturaI for security
First take care of your security
Mr.AvaIoo, where are we going now?
To MaIak pet! To the CM’s
programme of ‘SaIute to a house’
Is the saIute to
the house or to the men?
It is to the house
If the house is Iocked?
SaIute the neighbour’s house!
If that is aIso Iocked?
My saIute to you, pIease drive
HeIIo I am AnjaIi speaking
One second, it is for you
Mr.Sarma is in BangaIore
You come to my office immediateIy
We have to dash to BangaIore
Ok, we wiII be there
Whose phone is it?
Mine, purchased for 4000 rupees
-WiII you stop -With this bruised face
Is it necessary to go now and saIute?
Very much needed, you are in some
probIem and hiding something from me
You teII me, I wiII soIve it
-Stop the vehicIe -Stop
-Get two ice creams -Now?
-Yes now!!! Quick
-What? -Bar or cup?
Which one you Iike?
Cup ice is better! Looks officiaI
Then get bar ice
You pIease go
They are Ieaving me and going
Just now got the mobiIe
WiII you be back by
I wiII be waiting for you
Have you got brains?
You Ieft me on the road and came
Why do you scoId? He forced me
If he insists, WiII you come?
If something happens to me
Be carefuI in the future
I wiII advice CM to sack you
CM said to go as per their wish
Nonsense! Where are they?
They went that side
Come! Come!!
This feIIow has come
He has become an obstacIe. It is
getting deIayed but this feIIow is here
I have an idea
I wiII dash to BangaIore. . .
Meet Sarma and wiII ring you up
-Ok, good idea -Nice -Let us go
Who is that girI going urgentIy?
Is it so necessary for you?
Where is the ice cream?
Our program got stopped because of you
What is your probIem?
TeII me, moreover CM is with us
You and your CM is the big probIem for us
-What is that? -Yes
-Get in, Iet us go -You too coming?
You! CouId even beat you
6feet, so fat, I may get hurt
Get in, get in
Ok, you wiII shout Iike this onIy
HeIIo, Are you
Sarma’s PA Naveen? -Yes!
Mr.Sarma vacated and went
Any idea where he went?
He toId that he wiII be
visiting a viIIage near Mysore
I have no idea
ProbabIy he may ring up tomorrow
-WiII you ring up tomorrow?
-Yes madam
Thought you may suggest an idea but
you are mixing up tonics and medicines
I wiII give, as per Sarma
You wiII kiII some one
Yes, that thought is
giving me a Iot of tension
I have an idea, see that
oId man, on the cot downstairs
-Yes -He requests
everybody to kiII him -Yes
Luxmipathi is aIso dying
because of the medicaI expenses -Yes
If you kiII him
He wiII be happy, Luxmipathi happy
Your probIem wiII be
soIved and I wiII aIso be happy
You are advising me
to do what I don’t want
Apart from this, no go, Iisten to me
Who is caIIing at this time?
-HeIIo I am AnjaIi
-TeII me
I missed Sarma, don’t know
his whereabouts what to do now?
We don’t want Sarma now
I have pIanned everything
Come back urgentIy
Hang down the phone
-Who is that?
Sarma is not in BangaIore
We don’t need him, Iet’s go
With this the oId buddy
wiII be off, come on
-That is poison, it wiII kiII -You come
on man, not a poison. It wiII see him off
SIowIy, Iook ahead
Mayor brother, Iong Iive
Don’t trampIe, that’s good
He is not aware that we came for it
-Pour, pour -You do it
-The probIem is yours, not mine, give him
Give him
Has he gone?
Sandeep, NepaI,
come quickIy, come quickIy
Sandeep, come quickIy. Come on
Why did your uncIe kick the bucket?
UncIe, uncIe
-Come on Iet us go
Oh merry doll!
Oh dancing doll!
l have work with you
Oh walking ‘Kondapalli’ doll
Make merry
Oh speaking cuckoo!
This handsome moon loves you
-He dances Iike ‘Chiranjeevi’
-Buddy, you are reaIIy good!
I never thought you had
so much Iove for my dad
Night you woke up
my dad and gave some medicine
From then he is dancing Iike this
Who toId you?
My dad! He even speaks now
We Iost speech
Even before becoming mayor you
are doing so much good to the peopIe
You wiII do a Iot if you become mayor
From today my dad has 3 sons
Look after your dad weII
-How couId it happen?
-I am aIso confused
We gave poison
but it acted as EIixir
Don’t worry, I wiII prepare another one
Shut up! Don’t give me your dirty ideas
Not that. . .
For this you asked me to return back?
Do you know what you are doing?
Not that. . .
-No more taIking. . . -Listen to us
He is innocent, I am to be bIamed
What you are doing is not correct
Sir, Why she is so serious?
Why do you bother?
No, no, I am wrong
You gave Iife to him
Even at 70 years, he is so energetic
Even we are not that energetic
-Don’t say ‘We’ say ‘You’ -Ok, Leave it
You are doing great things
But seems you are under great tension
Come to the subject!
Why you came here?
Nothing! Why do you snub at me?
Tomorrow is the nomination day
CM asked me to attend to your needs
Be ready by tomorrow
-Ok, you may go -You wait there
He is a nuisance
Go away
HeIIo, is it Mr.Naveen?
Yes madam
Any phone from sastri
No, not yet
PIease inform me as soon as
he comes back, very urgent matter
Sure!! I wiII caII you when he comes
Brother, come quickIy
-Mom is caIIing -Let us go
SuddenIy you wiII become a Iakhier
You wiII name and
fame without any effort
You wiII commit murder in pubIic
Oh God!
Sandeep! Are you senseIess?
Just missed or eIse
You wouId have kiIIed her!
See how he Iooks
She is Iucky, her Iife is spared
Sandeep where do you go?
What happened?
As per Sarma’s prediction,
tomorrow is the Iast day
I am afraid I might kiII some one
You and AnjaIi are aIways with me
If something happens to you
because of me, I wiII go
You fooI, what do you taIk.
AII of us have to go one day!
We wiII be fortunate to die in
the hands of a such a good friend
One thing is cIear. Fate may be powerfuI
But friendship is more!
Don’t go anywhere. Trust me
No, I am going away
Ok, As you Iike
NepaI. . .. . ..
Brother what is the use of beating him
Listen to me
Don’t get tense
That Sandeep wiII not win
Dad wiII take of everything
Tomorrow we wiII fiII the nomination
What nomination?
AII this because of you. It is you
AII this wouId have been spared
if I had not spared him on that day
It is my fate!! My fate!!!
Phone from DeIhi. . .Dad is on the Iine
Ganesh, What are you doing?
I am back tomorrow. Don’t worry
about that CM’s candidate
I wiII take care of those things
If necessary, I may even stop the eIection
I came to DeIhi where Ianes
are notorious for vandaIism
I am teIIing with experience
If you do anything in haste, you may
have to spend your fuII Iife in jaiI
How can you expect I wiII
give my daughter to you
You may kiII someone tomorrow and go to
jaiI What is the future of my daughter?
UncIe Iisten to me. I don’t
have time. I am under Iot of tension
I have to marry quickIy AnjaIi come on
Leave her hand. Are you not ashamed? Get out
Not that
What not?
Listen to me
-What is there to say? Get out
I forget when I am angry
I wiII turn beast
What wiII you do?
See what I do!
What happened dear?
Dear what happened?
Dear!! What happened?
I am Sarma’s PA speaking
Where is Mr.Sarma?
-He has come back from Mysore
-Where is he?
Conducting sacrificing fire
in goddess tempIe at the city suburb
I forget it He wiII be here up to 12.30 noon
After that he wiII be in DeIhi. If you
hurry up you can meet It is Ieft to you
I am off in a jiffy
Where do you go in such
a hurry. Take the ‘HARATHI’
Ganesh, I have to go
urgentIy. PIease Ieave me
He wants to fiIe nomination.
You go man
I am not going to fiIe nomination
I have some personaI probIems.
I apoIogise for what happened
in the past. PIease Ieave me
What probIems have you got?
PubIicity through the city.
CM’s support. WonderfuI company
-Get him into the vehicIe
-Leave him
Leave me
Start the vehicIe
Move away
Where is Sharma?
Check that side
Leave him, Ieave
To the district judge
My name is ‘SamudraIa
Markandeya Sarma’ Professor. . .
. . .in AstroIogy in TeIugu university
I have anaIysed thousands of horoscopes
I have anaIysed my horoscope aIso
During the saturn’s transition,
that is when I am 56 years
11 months and 12 days oId
that is on ApriI 10th by 12:02 noon.. broad day Iight
in the presence of the pubIic
I wiII die in God’s precincts
My studies and curiosity
has not stopped at that
I was abIe to predict the horoscope
of the man who wiII kiII me
I met him too.
My death aIso must be an exampIe in
the book I am writing-‘Maha sankaIpam’
The worId must know that
AstroIogy is a science
Treat this Ietter as my
‘Death statement’ and request to acquit..
..Sandeep as innocent.
After anaIysing the case in detaiI…
We beIieve that
Kandamoori Sandeep has not kiIIed
Dr.Sarma, intentionaIIy.
Court acquits him as innocent

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