Reading Vlog: Ninth House, The Night Circus, & The Diviners [CC]

Hello! So welcome to another reading vlog!
If you watched my last week’s reading vlog, you know I was wearing the same
thing, same makeup. same day. I’m just starting the new vlog straight after ending
the last vlog. Why not? So this is gonna be a reading vlog of
trying to finish things off. Last week I was trying to clear up my wardrobe
cupboard. I have emptied it all out but I have a
mess to finish cleaning up um especially down here. So I’m gonna clean that up.
Reading-wise, I am 300 pages into Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. I found the first
half really slow but I’m hoping that I’m gonna enjoy it as it continues on. Its
following this girl named Alex who goes to Yale and she’s part of this Ninth
House, which is like the police force house that police’s the other eight
houses which are all into the occult and do different kinds of magic. Also she can
see ghosts. It’s a good setup but it took a long time to get going so I’m
gonna finish that off. I’m also listening to the audiobook of the Night
Circus by Erin Morgenstern all about this Night Circus and these two magicians
having a competition. I’m somewhat frustrated because we still don’t really
know what the point of the competition is but I am enjoying it. It’s really
beautiful. It’s really interesting and unique ideas. So I’ve gotta finish that
off. I think I’m about halfway through that. Also the other thing, I’m walking
over to my my book trolley, I need to finish off the Diviners. I am… oh what’s
happened to my bookmark? I think it’s still in there… but I’m about halfway
through the Diviners as well. I started this and then I put it aside to finish
off some library books so I’m gonna finish that off. And then there’s still
three more books on my February TBR which I guess I don’t know. I’d like to
try and start them this week because otherwise there’s only one more week
left and I don’t know if I can finish three books in that week
considering I’ve been wedding in that wake to go to as well.
And the month finishes on like Saturday which is when the wedding is so I don’t
know how much I’ll actually read next week. So I should try to make some progress on
the other books on my TBR. I don’t know. Mainly we’re gonna focus on finishing
things so I will check in again when I’ve made some progress on it! It is so hot today!
I just went out shopping and also to the library and I was gonna do some vlogging
while I was out but honestly it was too hot so I didn’t do that. But I’ll show
you the library books I got. Luckily they’re all quite small because I’m gonna have
to read all of these in March. So firstly I’ve got Edgedancer by Brandon
Sanderson, which I saw Codie from Codie’s Book Corner talking about how you’re
supposed to read it between the second one… the second book in the Stormlight
Archives in the third book… what are they called? Oathbringer’s the third one. The second
one is… phfff those names are just out of my head at the moment. But anyway Edgedander,
it’s kind of a shorter novel so I will read that. I’ve also got Chosen by
Kiersten White which is the second book in the Slayer series so it’s it in the
Buffy the Vampire Slayer world. So I’m excited to continue that series. And then
I’ve also got Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire. So these are all gonna go
on my March TBR I guess. Hopefully they will be quick
so I’ll read them right at the start of March. So that’ll be exciting for March
but it’s not March yet! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As far as reading
while I was out. I was listening to the Night Circus and after like such slow
build-up, some like crazy things happened. I was driving in the car like “what!?” like I
just couldn’t believe what had happened had just really happened. And like
through this whole book, you don’t really know what the rules of the competition
are or what’s going on and it’s a little bit frustrating because like you’re
reading the story but you don’t really know what’s happening. Even though
there’s lots of really beautiful stuff happening and a lot so the characters
are really interesting, you don’t really know what the point of anything is. But it’s
finally started to become clear what’s going on with the competition. There was
a reveal while I was getting changed while trying on this dress for the wedding I
have to go to. And that reveal was kind of crazy. I should have asked that
question myself… Anyway I’m really enjoying the Night Circus. I think I’ve
got like a couple more hours to listen to so hopefully I’ll be able to
get that done today. The next thing on my to-do list is actually to go out and
weed my front garden but this temperature is not making me super
excited to do that. The other thing I need to do is finish
off Ninth House. So I did last night get up to about page 400 and I’m kind of like
undecided. I’m trying to predict what’s gonna happen in the last fifty pages
because I feel like pretty much everything’s being wrapped up and the
things that haven’t been I expect are gonna be for future books in the series.
But like is she really gonna spend the last 50 pages like really slowly finishing
the book off? Because now would be a good place for at the end if nothing else
significant is going to happen. So I guess we’ll see what happens in the last
50 pages. I will say between pages 300 400 I really enjoyed it. There was some
really great lines, some really cool action. Some of the stuff that’s
happening with the magic is really cool. You can see that there’s a lot that’s
gonna be possible in this world and Alex as a character, kind of you learnt
some stuff about her and she’s acting more like herself so she’s becoming like
a really interesting person. And there are other characters, other girls
especially, that she is building relationships with and I’m really
enjoying that. So like those 100 pages have been really great but it’s a 450
page books and a hundred pages of greatness is not ideal. I would have
liked at least 200 pages of greatness. Anyway I don’t know what I’m gonna do
about rating that because I did really enjoy those hundred pages right? Anyway
I’m gonna go and actually do some of the things on my to-do list, just fight the
temperature and the fact that I just want to like go and have a cold bath.
So I’ll check in again later 🙂 Okay I promise you that I have moved
from this spot since I last talked to you! I weeded my garden, I had a nap, all very
productive. Then I finished reading Ninth House and there was still some more
stuff to happen and I liked it! There was a lot of stuff actually that
still had to happen. And that ending just left me thinking… well, when’s the
next book coming out?? Because I want it! I want to know what’s gonna happen with
that. It’s the thing that I was hoping would happen for like the second half of
the book and then it’s clearly gonna happen in the next book and I want to
know what’s gonna happen! So this book. I mean the first half was a
slog but the second half – I’m a fan. I really like what’s happening with this
world. I really like Alex as a character. I love Dawes still a lot. I like I think
what it has to say about women being survivors and going through horrible
things and just how unfair that is and like male privilege.
I just in the end I really like this book. So when’s the next book coming
out? Not for a while and I’ve got plenty of other things to read. So I guess next
I will start The Diviners. Right now I think I’m gonna go and do some other
chores. I don’t know. I’m so kind of stuck in that world but I’m gonna go and look
at my to do list and actually do some things rather than laying here and
napping and reading. I did weed my garden so I’m not completely unproductive! hey so it’s been a couple of days since
I checked in but yesterday I had to go and have my infusion which is like a few
hours in the hospital not doing much of anything. I was really hoping I could use
that time to catch up on the Diviners because I did start going on it again
and even though I still I’m not into it as much as I was hoping, I still really
hate Evie the main character. She’s just… I find her really annoying and I don’t
understand why anyone lets her get away with all the shit she does. But
regardless, coming back to this I think just knowing what to expect has meant
that it hasn’t been dragging for me as much and I’ve been starting to get
through it. And so I was hoping that I could make some really good progress in
my infusion. However, then on Wednesday night I went to this work meetup which
was all about autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It was great to see some people
that work in my industry and have a chat with them but it left me feeling like I
really need to get my ass into gear in terms of like applying for jobs and
sorting my shit out. So to stop myself from getting all stressed about that I
decided instead to be productive, take the next step, so I instead spent my
infusion time finishing off my CV, which is done. Even though I just really hate
writing about myself and trying to make myself sound great. Ugh. It’s like
can’t people just like trust that I can do my job?
Can’t they just talk to each other and know that I can do my job? I don’t know.
Anyway I finished my CV and then today I have come home. Yesterday I spend the
night at Jase’s cause he lives over by where I get my infusion but today I’ve
come home to apply for some jobs. So I think the whole job thing is gonna take
up a lot of my brainpower in the near future because I realized if I’m gonna
go to job interviews I need to like remember all my stories and examples and
I probably just need to give myself a quick refresher on some topics because
it has been a year since I worked and I don’t want to be like screwing over my
chances because I forgot everything. Which means that it’s gonna
be hard to get through all my reading because my brain’s all full of work stuff.
Reading is gonna be hard. But I am gonna try and finish some more of this later
tonight as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to get through it and the rest of
the books from my TBR so to read. However, I did finish some books and start
some books since I’ve talked to you. I finished off the Night Circus while I
was driving into town. And I really enjoyed it. But I can also see why some
people would really not enjoy it because it is very ambiguous and I almost think
I would enjoy it more on a second read because I really be able to take my time
and enjoy all the descriptions of the circus and all the different
interactions between the different characters. Whereas the first time
reading it, I kind of felt like because I was just trying to figure out what was
going on with this competition between these two magicians and like just that
that figuring things out just distracted me from the beautiful writing. So I think
if you have a good tolerance level for ambiguity and you just can really
appreciate beautiful descriptions then you would really love the Night Circus.
Otherwise probably not for you. Personally I thought it was pretty good.
I’m probably gonna give it four stars. although I haven’t put it through my
reviewing spreadsheet yet but four stars I think. And then after that I
started the audiobook for the Knowing by… I should have looked it up.
Sharon Cameron? I think. And it’s the sequel to the Forgetting. So it’s a
duology and I actually am now confused because I
thought it would come straight after because there was some crazy stuff
happening at the end of the first book. I think… it’s been a little while since I
listened to it. But this one seems to be some period of time in the future
because the town in the first book where people forget things every 12
years is, as far as I can tell, destroyed, and instead, we’re following
this character who comes from the society where the elites of the society
at least able to remember everything. They call it the Knowing. And so it’s
kind of quite an opposite problem from the Forgetting, which I find really
interesting. And then we’re also following these guys
have come from Earth and they are looking for this lost civilization. So
it’s an interesting start. It’s still a very YA simple writing I guess. I will
see as I continue it how it goes. I didn’t listen to too much of it because
then I just got distracted by work thoughts. Audiobooks are especially hard to
pay attention to when you’ve got a lot of thoughts in your brain. But anyway
that’s where I’m at with my reading. I’ve got to go and do job stuff.
So I’ll catch you later 🙂 hey so last night I did manage to get up to within a hundred
pages of the end of the Diviners and like it’s kind of getting going but I
still don’t really care about any of the characters and like I just find some of
the writing really questionable. It goes into a lot of details about things but I
personally don’t care about it. I guess if people have an interest in like the
nineteen twenties and whatever then they may find this interesting. But
also like there’s this bit where it’s building all this anticipation and one of
the main characters may be going to be attacked by the murderer ghost thing.
What’s gonna happen?! I don’t know, why don’t we just like spend a whole chapter
slowly rushing through the traumatic backstory of that character. And like I
just said “slowly rushing”. That’s exactly what it felt like to me. Like there was no
detail because we were rushing through it but also we’re taking a whole chapter
to do that when there’s a whole bunch of action that we’re waiting to happen.
Just yeah, I’m not… I don’t know. I can kind of see why people like this but I
just don’t think it’s the book for me. I guess I’ll… I’m gonna probably
continue the series by audiobook. Anyway we’ll finish the last 100 pages and then I
guess we’ll see what we think. I was gonna go now and take some boxes to the
charity shop and pick up some library books that are waiting for me at the
library but it’s just being pissing down today. Like it’s so wet and rainy. I
don’t know if you can really see how wet it is but it is wet and yech and so I’m
not going outside to try and take boxes of stuff through the
rain. That’s not an intelligent decision. I think instead I’m gonna stay home and
read and maybe try and move some of my clothes over to the other wardrobe, start
getting my work wardrobe together. Also audiobook-wise, I have been listening to
the Knowing and I really wish that I read the Forgetting more recently
because I feel like there’s some like hints and references to the stuff that
happened in the Forgetting and I’m missing it because I can’t remember
that much detail about the Forgetting at this point. But I am enjoying how it’s
taking so many of the same ideas and looking at them in like a completely
different way. So it’s not the most amazing book but I’m enjoying the
audiobook experience. I thought I would get more of it listened to today while I
went out and did stuff but that’s probably not gonna happen. Ok so I just finished off the
Diviners. It’s quite late on Sunday and I kind of want to after this dye my hair
so I guess that’ll be the cliffhanger for this vlog, is what color will my hair
be next?? I can tell you, it’s gonna be boring because I have to dye it back to
normal for work. 🙁 Anyway I should talk about the Diviners. So the
faces I was pulling at the end. There’s a kiss at the end but I just like I feel
like for the whole book, you were trying to convince me that a particular
character was kind of yuck and then at the end the character who kept thinking
that they were yuck, kissed him!? And like UGH! um yeah not not into that at all and
like I don’t even like either of the characters so yeah. I didn’t like
that. And I was also trying to think about how to describe why I didn’t like
this book and I think the main reason is that it spent a lot of the book eitting
things out for the rest of the series. So I guess I’m gonna listen to the rest
of the series in audiobooks or at least the next book and hopefully I’ll like it
a bit better. But I don’t know, because I also just felt like a lot of this
book, like it’s a 570 page book, and a lot of it was just like filler. Like bits
that didn’t really add anything to the story or the character development. Like
there’s a lot of description but I still didn’t feel like things were well
described? I don’t know. I just I know so many people like this and so I’m
trying to think what it is that makes me different from them and I think it’s
just that I don’t necessarily like a lot of description. I kind of like character
development and I like plot but I don’t care about descriptions. I can
imagine things for myself. I also don’t really care about the 1920s so a lot of
that just was a bit boring for me. I didn’t like the main character because
she is just annoying, attention-seeking but again she’s not necessarily a bad
person. I could see that some people might like her. But there’s a lot of
characters going on here and like it’s setting up all these
different people with these supernatural powers but it didn’t really do a lot
with those powers. Which again, is just because it’s setting up for the next
books in the series so yeah, I don’t know. It probably wasn’t terrible but I
didn’t really enjoy my reading experience so I’m probably gonna give it
two stars. Luckily the other two books that I did
finish this week I liked a lot more. So Ninth House is another one where at
least the first half of the book was suffering from just being all about
setup but then the end kind of pulled it all together and did something
exciting with that set up. So even though some of it was just setting up for
future parts of the series I still think the book itself had some really
satisfying bits and some really interesting bits. I like the
characters a lot more. I just… Ninth House, even though I was worried I wouldn’t
like it in the beginning, I ended up quite liking it. And then the Night Circus
is another one that was really slow and descriptive and I guess again you could
argue that big parts of that story didn’t really add anything to the plot
but they did add something to the character development and they really
they were really beautiful descriptions of the circus, which was kind of the
whole point of the story. So this was my least favorite book of the week. I think
I like Ninth House and Night Circus in different ways so I don’t think I could
pick a favorite between those two. I enjoyed them both quite a lot, gave them
both four stars. So two out of three, that’s not bad for the week. I am also
about halfway through the Knowing. No, I think that’s a lie. I think I’m about a
third through the Knowing so I’ll have to continue that next week as well. I
haven’t been listening to my audio book as much the last few days just because
my head is starting to be full of like job interview preparation stuff and that
makes it hard for me to concentrate on audiobooks so I might not be reading as
many audiobooks in the near future, which is a trouble because I know I have a
quiet a lot on my library hold list. Anyway regardless I’m gonna go and try
and dye my hair before it gets too late but thank you
for hanging out with me this week. Do let me know if you’ve read any of the
three books I read this week. I’d love to talk to you about them down in the
comments. Otherwise thank you so much for watching! I hope that you’re having a
really wonderful day and I will see you next time 🙂


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