Quimbaya Artifacts – Did Airplanes exist 1000 Years ago?

Hey guys, today, let us take a look at these
strange golden artifacts in Colombia, which
look like modern day airplanes.
Yes, these are ancient artifacts created around
1000 years ago, and it is impossible not to
think of airplanes when you see this.
Not just one or two, there are seventeen strange
artifacts which look like flying machines,
displayed at the Gold Museum in Colombia.
Remember many ancient texts around the world
talk about aircraft and spacecraft, ancient
Indian texts call them Vimanas.
I have shown you several similarities between
India and Colombia in my previous videos,
even about the God of Gold.
But What do mainstream archeologists say about
these gold airplanes?
Archeologists claim that all these artifacts
represent birds.
But there is a not a single species of bird
which has wings attached to its bottom.
In all birds, wings are always attached at
the top.
So these are not birds.
But in modern airplanes, we can see something
spectacular – see how the wings are attached
at the bottom?
See how similar this design is, to the golden
. If you compare them side by side, the design
is uncannily similar to one another.
Another important difference is the tail.
Look at the tails of these gold artifacts.
These have vertical tails, pointing up, like
modern aircraft.
No bird has vertical tail like this, all birds
have horizontal tails, which point sideways.
Even more important, biologists agree that
there are no animals or birds which look like
Some experts claim that these were just rudimentary
models of birds, with errors in details, because
ancient Colombians would not have paid attention
to details.
But I found that this is not true at all,
because the most important detail is found
in the Gold Museum itself.
There are actual figurines of birds found
in the same museum, created by the same ancient
This is how they look.
You can tell immediately that they are birds,
they have eyes, they have beaks and they have
actual curvy wings and horizontal tails.
So to pretend that the ancient Colombian people
were just making these rudimentary bird models
is a false argument.
Here is another bird and see how it looks.
Notice how the details clearly show the wing
is attached at the top of its body and its
tail is pointing sideways, sharply contrasted
to the airplanes.
This is why most people call them ‘Quimbaya
Airplanes’ because these were found in an
ancient civilization called Quimbaya.
But do these quimbaya airplanes merely look
Or can they actually fly?
About 20 years ago, 2 engineers made a bigger
model of these planes and put some controls
inside, and it flew like a regular airplane.
This is conclusive evidence that ancient Colombians
were making models of flying machines, more
than a thousand years ago.
even though we read that wright brothers invented
airplanes just a 100 years ago.
But how is such technology possible in ancient
All historians and archeologists maintain
that Ancient Colombians were primitive people
without advanced technology.
If flying machines existed in ancient Colombia,
then shouldn’t there be more evidences of
advanced technology?
How about this object in the same museum?
It shows multiple wheels within a larger wheel,
looking very similar to a modern gear system.
There are concentric wheels, just like what
we use today.
These look like small scale models of various
gear systems.
There are wheels in the gold museum, even
though experts maintained that ancient people
of Colombia did not use wheels.
Mainstream experts believe there are just
fancy ornaments.
There are gears, there are spindles with teeth
and without teeth.
Some of them look like coils, just like the
coils we use for electricity in modern times.
And not just one or two, there are many of
them displayed.
Some of them do not even look beautiful, which
is the main purpose of any ornament.
Rather they look like parts of a technical
Is it possible that ancient Colombians were
using advanced technology?
So is it possible that these are models of
ancient airplanes?
Did aircraft and spacecraft exist during ancient
Or is this all a mere coincidence?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot
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  • I saw the history channel on ancient aliens , they made a flying model of one of these. It flew perfectly. And as I watched this video here , you showed the people who did it. Excellent coverage. Good job.

  • Undoubtedly you are awesome Sir and I will make a movie on you, with the great things you have given about Indian temples and other great things

  • The wings depict air current as you would find on a airplane wing. To coincidental if not turbulance from forward motion in flight.

  • Excellent video Praveen sir..👏👏👏👏👏 I think these are not an aeroplanes these are keys of locks..🤔 keys of any secret room's..keys of any underground tunnels..keys of any ancient time travelling machines…Am I right…???

  • My child came home. She told me gold comes from the universe.
    Not like diamond that grow under presure from kholes.
    She told me we all have some gold in our body.
    Could it be.( because they found golden objects inside mummi)
    That gold coneckt to sort of web.
    And if we have more gold inside our bodys we connect better with the gods.
    Only 11 jears old…and look she learn me♡
    Sorry for my spelling…not that good♡
    I just love all the videos you make.
    Praise the truth♡
    Good karma for you my friend and alot!

  • I may have solved this mystery:

    1. They were found in Colombia with a variety of other golden figurines depicting known animals

    2. The northern coast of Colombia is apart of the Caribbean sea where a very unique species exists

    3. The flying fish has physical characteristics identical to the majority of these golden figurines

  • Could they represent the land air and sea, head body and tail respectively. fish have vertical fins at the tails. just something to think about.

  • This is a mystery and no one in modern day knows it's correct answer but for contrary if we think that in ancient colombia there might be such birds with rudder like tail and wings attached to the bottom of their body but they might have gone extinct and no one knows about them also if we take the experiment of building bigger models of those sculptures and in the experiment they did flow like a modern airplane then it should not be astonishing as modern airplanes have been built with the help of modern birds so same way we built aircraft model with the help of old birds . I do not say that modern people were not intelligent or advanced but making an aircraft seems to be little odd at that time with no technology or fuel or advanced maths . However no one knows the truth, ancient Colombians might have built real aircrafts with supernatural powers . There are a number of answers to this mystery but none is proved or satisfactory.

  • People in west who claims Columbiams have made error are actually screwed up and scared as they looss the title of the first one to invent air planes, it exists since ancient hindua era.

  • The same when our common people says in our local languages like Assamese , Maithili and Hindi to English educated Indians then we are called sanghi , idiots , RSS and BJP . Your Americal English can be understood maybe to English medium Indian students . Thanks

  • To me it looks Like the people that made these were trying to accurately represent something that they saw. Something they saw often enough to get many of the overt details correct, but not something they saw closely enough to accurately copy the airfoil shape for the wings.

  • Such model airplane together with numerous giant sketches visible only from above, from the sky at Nazca valley in South America proves conclusively that ancient Colombians (derived perhaps from Indian settlers?) were capable of building aircraft in ancient times. We however need to figure out the kind of fuel used by the ancients in their aircraft. You are doing a great job Mr Mohoan. Keep it up n🐲🐾

  • How could they make these flying machines if they had never seen one? I really believe they were coping what they saw even if they were not flying themselves

  • Praveen Mohan, Why are you seemingly so sure the Ancients traveled from India to Columbia, rather than from Columbia to India. I wish you had more scientific data showing the dates of these many migrations. Thanks for helping to continue to connect the dots of Such ancient journeys all across this Planet and i suspect well beyond or rather from Tiamat and elsewhere..

  • This is one of my favorite sets of artifacts. They want us to believe that these people, who can mine and purify gold, build huge temples and create illustrious artwork, don't know the difference between a horizontal tail and a vertical one. Anyone who has seen both a bird, and an airplane, could tell you what these represent.

  • Again… ancient is only and always will be be a perspective…we say ancient from our view point but it should be clear to all with eyes to see, ears to hear and mind to think that the people that came before us were not primitive…they were clearly advanced or we the "advanced people" we think we are would know exactly how they accomplished these feats we can not figure out!!! It's that simple!!!!

  • colombian arts often lacks perfection as compare to indian so it could be easily mistaken for many things that are similar looking.does this have any written documentation like ancient vimanic shastras of india? also i believe pushpaka vimana is a local plane used by king ravana but @ 0:42 is a spacecraft.

  • The coils look like the electric stove top coils they must have know about convection heat distribution have a salty brine solution with rods connecting to those coils you got a electric stove

  • As soon as coil was shown on the video, first strike on my mind is mosquito coil, then after your speach I thought that coil might have been used inside the small gold flight instead of using a bird for sending message on ancient days sir.

  • Instead of taking only historians, take some scientists, engineers and doctors to the archaeological sites…… Bcoz they are well versed in sciences and can be able to relate the modern day stuff to the ancient world….. Like how those 2 scientists made a prototype of the ancient Colombian aircraft and fixed some motors and flew them using the remote control…. And If u can, plz send some photos of those aircraft, I want to analyse the aerodynamic conditions…..

  • One of the ornaments looks definitely like a Chacram. Also the golden bird (not the plane) looks like the pictures on the rock from your video about the Blood Stone.

  • These are actual small scale aircraft models used by the Asuras.. they used them to travel after they were banished from India.. they are much older!!

  • Those ARE airplanes. I have no idea how those ancient people knew how to make them but they did. Perhaps they had visions, perhaps they time traveled… but the scientists denying those are airplanes and saying they're birds, should have their degrees and diplomas revoked: they're not worthy of being called scientists. PFFFFFFT, trying to brainwash us into believing lies not even a child would believe. Well done, Praveen! Continue to disclose the truth!

  • They look very close to the aircraft flying on mars!! No bulb in the front of the plane, as the pilot sits in front, no cockpit!!! but uses a helmet!! They always seem to fly low to the ground!! and I'd sure like to have one of their airplanes!!

  • When that was made we made extra parts, I can't remember the entire design though it was only built to travel on earth. Atlantis ships were space grade. I remember the power source for the atlantis power plants and ships.

  • Bhai tumhari to sui atak gai h 1000 years pe. According to you all the monuments and historical artefacts in the world are only around of 1000 years. I am not agree with your time period, you are influenced by communists, they never go before Jesus Christ in the history. This artefact is much more older than 1000 years.

  • If that are airplanes then why not in indian temples were not documented with it since even the bicycle was sculptured in one of the Hindu temples you shown and a space craft were illustrated in Jain temple however no ordinary planes?

  • I am not agree with your time period theory in every videos ( i. e. 1000 to 1500 years ago ) . You gives all the information correct except the time period . Are influenced by Christ period ?

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