Quasars… A new world of Astrology

Hey guys, I am Roshan from RK Dudes here!!
And guys, today, we are going to talk about
What are Quasars?
Quasars are the short form Quasi-Stellar Radio
They are points in the sky with electromagnetic
radiation in the radiating segments of the
But they are not stellar and don’t even emit
radio electricity but I know I told that and
it may sound a little bit confusing but in
other words, Quasars are the ‘Active Nuclei’
of galaxies.
For example, if an object enters the event
horizon of a BlackHole, it spins around the
Black Hole at a very high speed, and, if the
object doesn’t have any angular velocity,
it may even get sucked in.
From the beginning we have been told, even
in my Black Holes video(link in description),
nothing can escape Black Holes including electromagnetic
But how is the Black Hole emitting it?
Actually, it is not the Black Hole which emits
the radiation!
It’s the matter present in the accretion disk
surrounding it.
It is the matter of the disk that hasn’t gone
completely inside the Black Hole yet.
The FUN FACT is, quasars, blazars and radio
galaxies are all the same thing!!
Yes, they are the same objects viewed from
different angles.
I hope I gave you a brief introduction to
what are Quasars and tune in next time for
some more interesting facts.
And till then it is me, Roshan Kanna, signing

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