Hi Pisces, this is Johanna. Welcome to your September 2018 reading And I have quite a few messages that are coming through Let me just see what happens with the cards I see. Oh Okay. Well, we’ve got the Hermit card that just flipped over so I’m going to start right here with the Hermit the sign of a Virgo may be of significance for some of you I’m also getting the fire signs, Leo Aries Sagittarius and error Those are standing out the most Gemini queries. And/or Libra The star cards And the two of Wands Okay, let’s see, what’s underneath The seven of cups, okay All right, so One of the things I want to There’s something about communication or possibly the possibility of needing to clear the air is how it’s coming across and so I feel like be careful with the words that you use I because there’s you know you We can’t take words back and I feel like there could be some Regret in something that somebody says now Maybe it’s not you maybe it’s somebody is going to say something that they’re gonna work regret saying towards you but I get like silence like there’s no communication Now there can be different reasons for that There could be that somebody’s angry I’m also hearing that there’s something that’s done Surgery why? So this could be something like someone’s getting braces like they’re having teeth pulled to get braces, and so or something gets wired shut That’s what I’m feeling so it could be something with the jaw And they’re unable to speak. I’m also getting possibly tonsils Wisdom teeth And/or root canal. I feel like it’s something with the mouth or the throat and Somebody’s having some kind of surgery done. It could be a cavity but feel like this is something that silence is somebody like they’re unable to Talk for a while So could be you know And it could be some kind of elective surgery that somebody I’m getting an elective procedure that someone’s doing the other thing that’s coming up is I feel like someone’s definitely at a crossroads and Deciding whether or not a relationship Is for them? And I feel like there’s something about somebody returning and I again I feel like it’s a fire sign, but it could be another sign might be that they returned kind of hastily or very quickly or without thought if you’re thinking about returning to someone just Remember or to a situation? Remember the lessons that you’ve learned You know Just don’t go back without thinking about what is going to change about a relationship or about a friendship or you know we can’t control what other people say or what they do or how they think but we can control how we Think and feel about the situation What we do how we react and that In itself can make difference in how somebody responds but we can’t control what they do so if there’s a situation where Somebody keeps, you know getting back together then breaking up getting back together breaking up. There’s a Need to kind of stop and say what are we gonna do or what? Am I gonna do that’s different You know from the situation, I’m also being led Okay, I feel like somebody’s deciding whether or not this marriage is going to be long-term Long-lasting or whether or not they’re going to stay in this marriage or the way it’s coming across is somebody is deciding whether or not this partner is potential marriage material or a union That’s how it’s coming across Okay, I Do feel that for some of you and I got this for cancer are developing some gifts and skills now some of you may be going very much within and Possibly being the hermit to an extreme Be careful of isolating yourself too much Especially with especially in the reverse there may be for some of you Like your stars about to come and shine there’s Definitely progress and I feel like you’re discovering some gifts about yourself This might be very much spiritual gifts And you may be going global this Like there’s the potential for you to take this bigger than what it actually is But you’re debating on whether or not you know, what direction you want to go with this gift another way This is coming across is going back to school and/or apprenticeship or an internship and I’m getting going back to school like at a higher level some of you it could be a master’s program or a ph.d program or Something like that but I feel like There’s a need to you’ve got a lot of choices and I think you’re gonna be narrowing down From like seven down to two and then you’re gonna pick You’re weighing your options Okay, what and this may be getting into a school this could be a program this could even be a work opportunity the other thing I’m getting is Something about children and I feel like this is somebody is one of three I’m getting adoption and I feel like somebody is possibly Like searching their past or their roots You might be not traveling overseas Or you may be some are Some it’s going overseas. So like you’re if you’re in the United States and you’re you know doing your history or What is that like Tracing your roots. You might be led back to definitely overseas and Discovering something about your past or about your history I also feel like there’s something about home or a homeland or traveling So make sure that your passports or your you know, nothing’s expired because there’s something about Overstaying a visa student visa work visa feel like somebody’s got to go back home it may be going back home to me or Visit or see somebody that importance it could be like a mother figure. I’m getting a female figure mother figure grandmother figure and or sister something like that is Like taking somebody back home is how this is coming across the other thing is I feel like somebody is going overseas to be in a wedding or Maybe at your own wedding It could also be that You’re just traveling for wedding. You’re not necessarily in the wedding or it’s not your wedding, but I Feel like there may be a person of importance that you might be meeting at the wedding These are some messages that are coming through remember this doesn’t resonate watch your moon and or rising sign And if you’d like a reading with me, you can reach me at moon water Turo calm. Thank you so much for watching I will talk to you soon. Okay? Bye

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