Alright Pisces this is your mid month. Love August 2018 reading and Well, I’m I feel like somebody is torn when it comes to love I Feel like there’s in and out in and out or off and on off and on It’s kind of the energy that I’m getting so it may be that there is a This could be in a marriage I feel like there’s some volatility or lack of communication in a marriage if it’s not a marriage it’s like a marriage or it’s a union and I think some of you are debating on whether or not to stay in the situation Others I feel like you do both want to stay but you don’t know how to make it work But for some I feel like one wants in possibly and one wants out But let’s see what the cards have to say. Okay, so for Pisces Pisces Pisces August love Okay, let’s see what comes up here oops the five of cups, I Did see this next card? I think it’s the three swords if I saw correctly. Yep, the three of swords and Then I’ll move the camera so you can see it the ace of cups in the challenge position The king of cups I’m getting uh, well with the king of cups cancer or crises Scorpio. That’s obviously you But I’m also getting fire Leo Aries Sagittarius maybe of significance and I’m also getting tour The magician and Then reverse I’m being led to see what’s underneath. Look at you The High Priestess and the son is peering out here Okay Let me Ingle this down So one of the things that I’m getting is there’s a major decision to Be decided in terms of love in August as some of you may be torn in two different directions It can be again, as I stated at the beginning of the reading whether or not to stay in a situation I Feel like you’re kind of even with the the king of cups here now this could be male or female but I’m hearing your art and with the High Priestess the dark and the light the positive and the negative Like you’re weighing your options. I do feel that there may be something that is Influencing and it could be a third person. I always like to say doesn’t mean infidelity there can be people that are Whispering or talking or gossiping or saying things to somebody that’s kind of influencing their decision and So it could be a friend of this person family member co-worker something like that so doesn’t necessarily mean infidelity, but I think that some of you have a big decision in love and there may also be children involved Because I am like I did at the beginning picking up marriage so whether or not sustain a marriage the other thing that I’m getting is that some of your issues with love goes back to a father figure I’m getting father more than mother, but it could be a mother figure And it goes back to childhood and there may be a reason why you are picking the people that you are picking. It’s also interesting Let me see here two three six Five If I added everything up correctly I Think everything becomes a two again But I may not have done my math, right? Let’s see, two three eight No Okay, nineteen twenty so that’s two three eight eleven Thirteen so everything that comes afore Which has to do with the home family, there may be influences of family or your family history is Influencing a situation also the for to me does represent building blocks Foundation stability And I feel like there’s an influence of Possibly alcohol that may be affecting the stability of a love relationship now for some of you I feel that Something positive is going to be coming out of this especially with the Sun card here Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn But I do feel that also Lack of emotions may be another hindrance. Somebody is not expressing themselves or Maybe they are fearing leaving a situation because they don’t want to hurt somebody emotion or Emotionally get hurt now. Some of you could be single in this situation and it could be You know with another water sign I Feel like what’s important is that you You kind of see things clearly don’t get muddled in the fog or I’m getting fog so I feel like There’s been a lot of hurt and sadness and pain regarding a love Situation and it may have been muddled now, maybe somebody again the drinking’s coming up. Maybe they Haven’t been able to see things clearly or they’re, you know, drowning their sorrows in either emotions or in drinking and that’s not allowing the best side of them to come out because the magician can be quite manipulative or using his talents or her talents and but not in a positive way or They’re not using their skills or abilities at all. Like they’ve given up on themselves in some aspect and so You definitely have a major decision to make whether or not you’re going to stay in the situation just remember and With this number three here. This can be as I stated a third party situation just remember That you can’t change people They have to be wanting to work on the relationship themselves, but if there is a person or a thing that is getting in the way of the relationship blossoming that They have to this person has to resolve it themselves You know, you can be there to support them but to a certain degree Sometimes with bow trees you don’t want to become like an enabler Not that you would but you know, sometimes there’s a very fine line It’s important to to look ahead. Look at the positive. Not at the negative There may have been an ending of some kind this three of swords definitely can be tears Releasing of pain there may even be somebody that someone needs to forgive It can’t even be forgiveness of oneself and And I am hearing like stop playing the blame game So Somebody may be blaming you and it’s just it’s like it’s going in circles. It’s not getting anywhere. So focus on pay attention to your intuition if Something feels off Listen to it there may be some secrets that get revealed but something positive Does come out of the situation so as sad as you may be feeling remember there are two cups still left behind You so naught is not all is lost Is what I’m hearing Okay So if you would like a private reading with me, you can reach me at moon water Tarot calm These are some messages that are coming through remember they’re not going to apply to everybody. So watch your moon and/or rising sign Alright, thank you so much Bye

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