PISCES FEBRUARY 2020 Tarot ** PREDICTIONS ** Pisces February Astrology

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and your guardian angels love you and care for you okay and the reading is
handled with care all right let’s see what the guides want you to know all
right I have an interesting message coming in for Pisces um in this month of
February some of you may find yourself like in between two people or two ideas
like I feel like your poll there is this this um this this poll coming in
according to the guides and some of you it’s like it could be between somebody
says this to you somebody says that to you there’s like two
there’s an idea you know there’s different ideas here for some of you
this is going to be about yeah two people maybe it’s like your mom feels
this way about your boyfriend and your boyfriend obviously feels this way about
himself you know so it’s like there’s a pull and I see Pisces a lot of you like
kind of like hanging bare in suspension in the balance in the middle it’s a very
interesting vision it’s kind of funky but it’s fascinating the spirit guides
show you kind of in suspension as you’re almost like in between two ideas or
options in your life or there’s tense energies in the mind because you know in
one way you feel it could go this way then you feel it could go that way
you’re something so bits in suspense for some of you Pisces okay very interesting
message all right um if you needed guidance or coaching predictions you can
certainly always reach out to me okay as I always say for the new viewers you
never know until you try so let’s let’s get into the cards now let’s see what
they say oh the star card awesome very nice for you to start off with a knight
of Wands reversed page of Wands reversed okay whoa the
hero font up right another major account a card up right for you Pisces and the
seven of Wands reversed okay you know it’s very interesting I feel for some of
you according to the guides right now or I don’t just feel or I don’t feel I’m
being told that February twenty twenty or by the by February maybe even late
mid to late January twenty twenty and then onward it feels like a very fresh
energy in your life and it’s about this sort of like an uplifting outcome
related to money or finances in your life so I feel a lot of Pisces there is
this sense of maybe a breakthrough financially or maybe career-wise
workplace wise maybe by February or in February there’s a there’s a there’s a
new outcome it’s uplifting or you feel uplifted in some ways maybe you are
uplifted out of a challenging situation you know related to money or for or a
career workplace your job you may be lifted out of a troubling situation or
some of you it’s a very healthy transition to a new organization or a
new set up or initiative or project could even be maybe you going
entrepreneurial okay so let’s go ahead and get started we have for you the star
card up right now the star card Pisces indicates dedication devotion focused
hard work your remaining focus to your balanced energies as well you know
balanced between the the emotional and the practical here in some ways I feel
like a lot of Pisces in February may find themselves giving of themselves to
all these various areas and you know they’re all the way from the practical
or the you know the most practical matters to the most emotional areas of
your life so there’s a sense of you know everybody wants a bit of Pisces okay
everybody wants a bit of Pisces in February and so you owe a lot in some
ways or you may be giving a lot to emotional life to love or to a marriage
to Friendship and maybe working out a friendship or a collaboration with
somebody in your life is its emotion it maybe has some ego to it as well and
then you’re also giving of yourself very practically okay so there’s a lot of
pisces availability let’s put it like this you know – you’re really giving a
lot too many facets of your life various experiences that really call for you the
star card is also indicative of yeah exactly dedication devotion miracles
also hopefulness you know a commitment you stay true to a commitment you stick
with it you stick by it for some of you this is going to be about you doing
something for the greater good this can also be about pregnancy motherhood
nurturing you know it could be in that area of your life as well family
planning and you’re hopeful you’re optimistic the stars are shining down on
you some of you may be interested in astrology or horoscopes some of you this
is also about to be being the center of attention you know getting appreciation
getting good reviews feeling like a rock star you know you’re really good at what
you’re doing is talent and expertise and some of you it’s simply about you you’re
not giving up on something or someone you know you’re not giving up you’re
you’re putting your back to it into it all right you’re not giving up your
there possibly for the long run or you just we’re sticking with it okay um now
we also have Pisces in some other area of your life though you may feel like
you need rest and a desire and there may be a desire to give up a bit so the
seven of wands in Traverse does indicate tiredness exhaustion it does indicate
this element of you know yeah feeling worn out Pisces and that may be due to
maybe this you know giving of Pisces you know Pisces really giving a lot of
themselves from late January through February 2020 to various areas and
experiences of their lives you may feel especially dedicated and
especially dutiful in some ways or maybe obsessed or possessed by
these areas and you’re giving a lot of your energy that by you know by some
point in Feb 20 2007 else get the win because you know you you don’t want to
deal with something anymore this might be emotional detachment as well for some
of you Pisces pictured here on the 7 of ones reversed some of you this is about
maybe the competition wins out maybe you got overwhelmed there’s opposition
there’s a sense of also you know maybe you’re not willing to fight every battle
or a particular battle anymore right there’s a sense of energy reduction
giving up a little bit some of you this is a conscious decision by you possibly
to take care of health to take a break to rest up relax that’s possible as well
okay with this seven of Wands reversed and some of you
this could be indicative also of the six of Wands where maybe you have got some
come into something relatively fresh or new that right now you’re being may be
trained or prepped in some way okay that may be now right now is not the time for
you to you know you know rise to the occasion and show what you’ve got show
what you’re made of show what you’ve learned maybe right now you’ve come into
something new some breakthrough something fresh and it’s time for you to
just get those learnings before you’re ready to in a sense go to battle okay so
that’s possible as well very interesting that that message from your spirit
guides yeah that’s interesting here now you also have the page of Wands and the
knight of Wands in Reverse Pisces as well in February now you got to keep in
mind there are no hard starts and stops energy flows Pisces life is very fluid
some people actually believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty
second when the Sun a major major astrological energy body transitions
into a whole new zodiac sign okay so some of you Pisces will start to feel
these energies in the last ten days of January twenty twenty and then you’re
going to be feeling these energies and major or minor and subtle or more
visibly apparent concrete ways throughout Feb 20 2008 going to be
it’s gonna you know the manifestation will be in all different ways for each
one of you and you got to keep that in mind there’s no hard starts and stops so
possibly by around late January through Feb 20 2010 so pull back there may be
something that comes to a sudden stop it could even be in the career area they’re
saying to me or maybe suddenly you decide to quit resign or there’s a
termination or there’s something that you feel like it’s like somebody says to
you or does something that makes you feel like you can’t go forward you can’t
go past a certain point that’s possible as well Pisces I feel like there’s
something in your life here Pisces that makes you realize or assess to you you
can’t go past a certain point well you may be wanting to make progress you know
and it reminds me of that theme I got for some of you Pisces where it’s about
maybe something’s delayed or in suspension or if some time is making you
wait you know or somebody’s making you wait for some reason some of you this
could be you feeling lethargy or sloppiness or yous could be maybe
unemployment or feeling like you’re out of a job or maybe you are out of a job
for some of you this pager knight of Wands orner verse can just be like your
passion isn’t in something anymore there’s lack of excitements there’s lack
of motivation in some other area of your life separate from that star energy we
have some of you there could be a challenge with an Aries Sagittarius or
Leo male or a female energy or really anybody of any Sun sign exhibiting the
energies I just mentioned there could be the sense of them being too brash too
quick too harsh in some ways too fiery you know too fiery and maybe even like
who they’re very interesting someone out there is dealing with like a very
corrupt fire sign very corrupt that’s what the guides say corrupt is could be
like a you know very strong narcissist or social path or somebody who’s just
very very extremely difficult to deal with and maybe an Aries Sagittarius or
Leo the knight of Wands in Reverse does particularly indicate that some of
you may be losing hope in for a particular
direction or you’re holding yourself back for a reason you’re holding back
the excitement you don’t want to go forward in a specific direction that
might be calling to you you’re pulling yourself back you’re holding yourself
back for some reason you’re not wanting to engage you’re not going towards
something with a lot of enthusiasm and and fervor you know that’s possible and
the page of 1c in Reverse here can also indicate some health concerns health
vigor vitality concerns maybe this you need an IOU maybe you need a vitamin E
vitamin C vitamin B boost or something you know vitamin D and some of you this
could just be you maybe not seeing the potential in something or not wanting to
take a chance take a risk maybe not being the adventurer at some point in
this month in some interaction not wanting to be a risk taker not wanting
to be the opportunist or an event or an adventure you may be comfortable in your
comfort zone okay you may be choosing that route or life or experiences are
making you choose that route okay making you choose that so again see how these
themes play out very fascinating okay and you also have Pisces the hero font
up right now the hero font in the month of February late January 2020 indicates
that some of you may literally just come into some new community or social group
or workplace or environmental new rules new regulations some of you may be
interviewing you’re considering you’re considering you know these different
facets of a of a proposal in some ways some of you may be standing before a
judge or somebody who makes a judgment in a in a way an authority figure or the
potential boss or the boss or you know law enforcement the justice system the
education system and there’s a sense of yalli really listening to somebody I
feel like some of you may also there’s like a Show and Tell or you are the
spotlight is on you reminds me a little bit of that star card so you may be in
fact interviewing or presenting of yourself in some ways or you’re
pronouncing something right you’re pretty right presentation essentially in
some way shape or form some of you the Hierophant
maybe about learning new rules regulations history tradition the roots
religion or spirituality focus here for some of you and for other Pisceans the
Hierophant is also about access like access to Kies access maybe to a new
building co-op or something you know access to an association access in some
ways in the month of February and judgments dealings with the court system
very much possible here this this person I mean well as the Pope right this this
very prominent I really feel a lot of Pisceans are being maybe captivated by a
presenter or there’s this sense of really looking towards someone who’s got
knowledge to share or information to share data a judgment you know could be
the judge you know our jury so see how this plays
out it’s very interesting dealings with the government immigration visa concerns
all part of the picture here new corporations and maybe learning about
maybe you’re at a conference or seminar and you’re learning about the tricks of
the you know you’re learning the tricks of the trade right a tricks of a trade
that’s what the spirit guides are saying to me very interesting some of us for a
minority of you the spirit guide you’re saying this has to do with a parent
mother or father some of you this is figure in the center that you’re looking
toward looking upon may be attracted toward or gravitating toward captivated
by their communication or what they have to give or say this may be a parental
figure okay for some of you minority all right a small amount of Pisceans
watching now pisces i am going to give you an additional oracle card at this
oracle card is my from my own oracle debt that I used God in the Archangels
to develop and if you’d like to order one for yourself you can definitely go
on my website it’s like I think it’s like less than $25 and it’s a set of 69
cards okay very interesting cards here and for Pisces for February 2020 let’s
see what God and the Archangels want you No there it is travel and differences
we’ll teach you all aboard all aboard God says so angel
double letter H H this is a placeholder for the spiritual message just like
angel numbers are placeholders for spiritual messages and you may see a
j-john license plate or document or URL links angel double letters just like
people see angel numbers randomly and repeatedly okay and if you that’s how
God and the Archangels choose to communicate with you Pisces and you must
remember this message travel and differences will teach you all aboard
all aboard so there may be something here of
multicultural communications people from far away maybe it’s somebody are dealing
with in love of maybe a lover faraway or a potential friend far away or you’re
interviewing with employers far away whatever it is travel different cultures
communications maybe you’re watching world events or global events and
interacting with in a global community it’s gonna they’re going to teach you
your there’s some lessons or learnings or wisdom knowledge you and you will
gain from that and also differences just differences with people who may not be
far away you have to be willing to learn you have to get on that train you know
like that school bus or that that train of Education all aboard let’s hop on
some of you there may be something about travel telecommunications that you’re
really focusing on in this month of February or late January may be prepping
for travel maybe you’re being encouraged to do there is a sense of being
encouraged to travel here as well for some of you Pisces very nice energy okay
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until you try happy birthday Pisces and happy
Valentine’s Day thank you very much

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