People of Change | Zena Ballout

What’s fascinating is the search for this feeling of excitement.
That’s something that motivates us to keeping changing.
The feeling of the unknown.
My father is from Lebanon and we moved abroad when I was still relatively young; it meant a lot of changes for me.
This gave me an early insight into what was then still a foreign culture.
There are similarities, but of course Arabic culture has other values too.
And as a result, as a child I developed in many ways, without even noticing it.
I’ve become very open to others, and consider it normal that there are two ways of living.
And both ways have strengths and weaknesses.
I believe it’s important to change, even when everything is good.
Otherwise you always stay in your comfort zone, where you feel at ease…
…but where you never question any further and stop learning.
I believe that the best part of my job is that I can work with a great deal of freedom.
I can work creatively and have free rein over how I run my working day.


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