Palmistry – The Different Signs On Your Palm (Auspicious & Inauspicous)

We shall see in this video,
that there are many different signs on the palm I would like to state right in the beginning that the signs on the mounts are the most significant. So you will have to check for signs
that are present on the mounts. The intention behind creating this video (on the various signs) is to point out that the signs on the palm never change. The lines may change, but the signs don’t. This is why it is very important to identify the signs. It’s a different matter that the
effect of the intensity of signs can be reduced by other characteristics of the hand such as shape, colour, etc. but the basic effect will not change. So we shall see examine these 7 basic signs and I shall now show you how they can be identified. This is a triangle… Later, I shall tell you the significance
of the triangle if it is seen on a palm. This is a square, and this is a mole, black mole… and here is a single straight line… this is an island sign, this is an asterisk, or a star… this is a cross-line and this is a net, or criss-cross lines. These are the 7 basic signs, what’s important is that each of them signifies different things on different mounts. This is why it is important to interpret the signs accurately. There are different signs on different mounts
and I shall describe them to you. Let us begin with the mount of Jupiter. how all these signs on the mount of Jupiter can be interpreted, how one can make predictions
by seeing them… I have all the details here. You can download these details from
the link provided in the description. I am not giving demonstrations of all the signs,
but a demo of a different sign on every mount. As you can see in this palm print, Below Jupiter, you can clearly see a star, in this circle. The star sign is interpreted here, it reads: Star on the mount of Jupiter
achieves full success in life, does not lack wealth, respect, and honour, always goes ahead, and enjoys
a good position in society. This person (whose palm print we are examining)
is a judge by profession. He had achieved a lot of success, respect,
and honour in society, and financially, he lacks nothing. The interpretation of the star sign on the mount of Jupiter is accurately reflected in this hand. Now we shall see the different signs
that appear on the mount of Saturn. You will find the description here, and you can download it from the link.
Please make it a point to use it for reference The link to all this data is present
in the description of the video. Let us see the mount of Saturn. We saw the star sign on the mount of Jupiter earlier, along with its interpretation. Make sure you read the interpretation of the star symbol on the mount of Saturn. It says: rapid rising fortune, gets fame, respect. You can see that the same sign provides different interpretations if it is located on different mounts. I will now show you a demonstration of the
mount of Saturn on this palm print. You can very clearly see on this print the Fate line here, and the mount of Saturn here. We can see a cross here. I’ve traced a circle around it. This is what the cross at this location indicates: gets
bodily injuries in fights and quarrels, premature death, weakness, and impotency. Let me clarify here – all the interpretations listed here
do not apply to one single individual. You will have to correlate it with
other features of the hand and check. All interpretations of one particular sign
will not apply to one person. In the case of this person, whose medical history I am familiar with, impotency and weakness
are his main problems. After 10-15 years of marriage, the couple
have not been able to have children. His doctor has made him undergo tests and it is confirmed that he is suffering from azoospermia (absence of sperm in the semen sample). Moving ahead to the mount of Sun
and the various signs on it,
the interpretations are listed here… I have here a palm print for a case study
of the mount of Sun here Along with the print, I will show you a live demonstration as well. As you can see, there is the negative sign of a cross here; I have marked a square around it. A cross on the mount of Sun is interpreted this way: “Faces too much ill-fame, faces difficulties in business, and fortune never assists him.” This person’s history reveals that he put in all of his money and started a huge industry but this venture failed miserably.. he soon became bankrupt, he lost his
name and fame (social standing) This is visible from the cross here. Let me give you a live demo now. See this person’s hand, this is his mount of Sun, and we can see a square here, exactly over the mount. You can clearly see all four sides of the square. A square on the mount of Sun, let us
now see how this can be interpreted. It says: “Leads a high-standard life, regarding honour, respect, post, and fame. His work spreads all over.” I know this person’s history, he does excellent work; he lives a fine, high-standard life, and his work is now spreading all over. Let us now examine the mount of Moon. The interpretation of the different signs when they occur on the mount of Moon are listed here. Here is a palm print for a demonstration. This is the mount of Moon, over which
you can clearly see a cross. This is the interpretation: “Dies due to drowning,
suffers from mental disorder,
and decreasing respect in society.” I would like to point here that just because there is a cross here does not mean that this person will die due to drowning. It is important to interpret after
seeing the rest of the hand. This person’s main problem is a mental disorder. He has an extremely soft hand, he is very sensitive and sentimental, and in the background of this sensitive
and sentimental temperament, the cross sign is increasing the negative effect. It is therefore important to correlate
this to other factors. In this same individual’s other hand, we can see
two crosses next to each other. This indicates that this person is
mentally very disturbed. Due to a small shock that he received in life,
this person became mentally disturbed. Let us now look at the mount of Mars.
Mars is found at these 2 areas,
the Upper Mars and the Lower Mars. The interpretations of the signs
as found on Mars are listed here. Here is the palm print that I shall use for demonstration. You can see several criss-cross lines
on the mount of Mars here. The criss-cross lines have formed a net structure here. This is the interpretation of the net structure
(on the mount of Mars): Impatient mentality throughout life,
and some suicidal tendencies. After observing this sign on his hand, we can suggest certain remedial measures to this person… Meditation and satsang practice, anger management, and adjusting of food habits… By doing these things, the effect of this sign
will be greatly reduced. This sign can, however, remain a potential danger for this person. His mind may have these tendencies (Impatient and suicidal) but if he wishes, he can have full control over them. Now we shall look at the mount of Venus. This is the mount of Venus, and listed here are the interpretations of the various signs occurring on this mount. This is a palm print in which a network of criss-cross lines are clearly seen. A net structure has been formed. This is the interpretation: “engages in
passionate dalliance, has no place in society,
failure in love, dishonour, sickly body.” This person’s case history shows failure in love, this person went into depression after
experiencing problems in his love life. We can provide the interpretation of the net structure in this manner, for this person. Do not make the mistake of applying the same interpretation for all individuals (who have this sign here). It is important to consider the other features of the hand before providing an interpretation, else you will be misleading yourself and others as well. Finally, we shall look at the mount of Mercury. These are the effects of the different signs
as they occur on this mount. Here is a palm print for demonstration. This is a very tiny sign here, an island sign.
I’ve marked a square around it.
It’s on the mount of Mercury. This is the interpretation of the island sign. “Loss in business, ill fame in society.” The island on the mount of Mercury on this person’s hand…. He had started a trading business
in which he suffered a great loss. This tiny island gives a clear indication of that. We have seen in this video how different signs appear on the hand at different locations. I am stressing here once again that you should refrain from giving an interpretation as soon as you spot a sign. We have made this series of introductory videos, in which you have been given information about palmistry so you should first through them and gain maximum knowledge from them, only after that, if you see the signs
in the background of all that information, you will be able to gauge the gravity of the effect of those signs on a person’s life. If for instance, you spot a star sign and pronounce that this is a favourable sign, and the rest of the hand is not supporting it, his life will not be as wonderful as what you are stating. It will only mislead you and that individual. I reinstate here that it is important to do one’s homework first, by going through all the previous videos on palmistry, before attempting to provide an interpretation. I have cited, as an example, only one sign per mount,
for the purpose of demonstration, but you can find detailed information (of all the signs on all the mounts) on the link appearing in the description of the video.

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