October Astrology Predictions

Hi there neighborhood mystics, and welcome
to your October astrology predictions.
YOur year of manifesting begins now!
Find out how 2 key planets changing signs
is a game changer for you me, and everybody
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The October astrology of 2017 is taking off.
The full moon in Libra on October 5th is not
only a harvest moon, but an end to sexual
Venus has been chasing Mars all year long,
in Feb they were only 5 degrees apart, but
then Venus went retrograde in Aries and Pisces.
Venus has finally caught the object of her
desire, Mars in Virgo.
What have you been chasing for all of 2017?
On October 5th you just might catch it.
As we enter the last quarter, what are you
harvesting now?
What would you like to give birth to next?
On October 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio for
a 1 year stay in the deep waters of transformation.
Jupiter has spent the past year in the diplomatic
halls of Libra, just trying to make sure everyone
gets along.
Jupiter wants to expand everything he touches
and wants to bring inspiration, expansion
and understanding to the sign he inhabits.
Libra can be superficial and being Venus’s
domain a little too focused on social interactions
and idle talk.
When Jupiter enters Scorpio, he will go deep
and expand understanding in the areas of spiritual
growth and liberation.
Jupiter, or guru, will root around in the
dark waters of the subconscious, or psychological
hangups in order to inspire transformation.
Once Mars joins Jupiter in Scorpio in December
we can really make progress in this area.
On October 14th, Venus enters Libra, one of
her home signs!
With Venus on her home turf, expect life to
be a little sweeter.
While in Virgo, Venus was picky, complaining
and overwhelmed by the details.
In Libra, she can enjoy conversation, friends,
a glass of wine and beautiful and comfortable
On October 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio,
and the nights grow longer and colder.
The Sun’s path moves closer to the horizon
and the energy focuses inward.
On the same day, Mars enters Libra.
Mars is now in the house of Venus and feels
far from comfortable.
The warrior planet seeks the battlefield and
problems to solve, enemies to slay,places
to be bold and powerful.
The house of Venus has too much fragile china,
and fine paintings, and silk rugs for the
warrior’s taste.
He feels uncomfortable and doesn’t know how
to act.
Alas, we will have to wait until Dec 10 for
Mars to join Jupiter in his own domain of
On October 17th, Mercury enters Scorpio and
conjuncts Jupiter.
Perhaps Mercury uncovers a secret for Jupiter
to investigate further.
And on October 19, the New moon at 26 degrees
Libra marks new beginnings in the house of
By the end of October, we have 5 planets in
Libra or Scorpio.
The first 3 quarters of 2017 have been crazy,
fast and furious, full of quick changes it’s
been hard to find a spot to rest.
Here in October, we get a little pause, a
quick break, maybe a quick smoke and conversation
with a friendly stranger…as we head back
home on a crisp fall evening…go home and
listen to a hypnosis CD to stop smoking…and
dream of snakes coiled around
our feet.

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