Neptune in Astrology is DECEIVINGLY DIFFICULT!

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>z*( A0!s KW` Standard TOC `-.$ Hi everyone.
Heather here with astrology and I am
back>0special video this tis going to be
all about Neptu We’re discuss H in the birth
chart cDalso transits from some of effects
that you might experience by 8outer planet.
A like describe s be deceivingly difficult
because a lot people! H spiritual fantastic
romantic dreamy ,se wonderful gDgs. It’s a
compass dte, empathic energy, but i +!XA!
non-phys nonlinear) a-3%b o$ssociated J literallyI8!0(ption,
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[email protected] tweenEz thi]g dimen!
.eM,so we’ll get part% I’ve b }[email protected] %.>E I
hava webinar !7:C We stara YL Saturn, we just
did r hones $now I’m mo e master . In m$of
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total inform supple al ma! alsa Uranus, J
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ai)}-: doom ke)! ? I5 seem! to h Qxa5 .-nA#
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st); toUL guru e clou . All I hop”V !VQW each
an ide t put togeE lanE thank watc l.C? YF*O?
25% off $12:00 PM m 17A} [+%4 avail afa^ faci
e adv answer r qu 2( via email%^F G3 Bye.*
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2019-11-06T12:26:39-0700 Author-Date.ens $dfO
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text Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company
desc sRGB IEC61966-2.1 sRGB IEC61966-2.1 XYZ
IEC desc .IEC 61966-2.1
Default RGB colour space – sRGB .IEC 61966-2.1
Default RGB colour space – sRGB desc ,Reference
Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 ,Reference
Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 view XYZ
meas sig CRT curv A l !H!u! “‘”U” #8#f# $M$|$
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  • I have that global anxiety, too. Very often. Sad gift and doesn’t seem to help anyone. Neptune is in my first house in natal chart. Thanks for this. You have helped me see why life has been consistently weird for me. Some of it is wonderful, of course. ✌️❤️

  • Thank you! My life has a LOTof Neptune and I'm on a mission to understand more. In my birth chart Neptune is at 18° exactly conjunct my descendant and in an exact square to my 10th house 18° Pisces sun. Currently, Neptune is transiting back and forth over my sun and squaring my natal Neptune. It's weird to say the least! Very magical, VERY psychic, but yes, very confusing! And draining, mentally, emotionally, physically. I am so sensitive to everything right now, sounds, tv, smells, lights, fabrics, and especially foods! Its funny you say that about dietary allergies because yes, I just recently gave up dairy. Like i just suddenly felt I could not consume it anymore and low and behold, I feel great lol. Im also an artist and this has been great for me as I believe I'm producing my best work ever. I've got a few more years of this as it hits my Pisces stellium…. But I'm happy to finally begin understanding some of this. Delusions, absolutely. Magic, yes for sure! Thank you again!🙏❤🙏

  • Giiiiiirl. I have Neptune in 3rd/cap conjunct Juno…. And mars/Jupiter/moon pisces in 5th. Not a alcoholic but all my grade school teachers thought I was on drugs all the time. Grade school!

  • O wish i coild become more of a virgo personality. 'm a poscis ascendant with neptune in the First house…..

  • Neptune @ 7° conjunct sag MC. Im very intuitive and I can feel everything. Smh. I can't tolerate negative people. I can hear peoples thoughts too. I just know stuff. Its useful i. Healing work otherwise it can be distracting. Meditation and spiritual cleansing are very necessary.

  • Neptune on 6thdescendant rRX libra 29 degrees
    Plus a Pisces moon 28 degrees in 12
    Oh my
    I feel like that all the time of global events
    I am thankful you addressed this

  • I have Neptune, Mercury, Mars and Moon all within 3 and a half degrees in Scorpio in my 3rd house. I will feel the physical and emotional feelings and thoughts of people I know( whether I met them once or whether we were married but hadn’t seen one another in 15 years) when they have a heart attack, stroke, hang themselves, or have other health crisis, resulting in death sometimes, and sometimes not. Scared me A LOT until I figured out I was feeling it real time and then told some people what was going through my head at the time, and they said that those were their thoughts verbatim! Neptune is like heavy duty radar!

  • Neptune has been a hard one for me to get a handle on in my personal chart…I've got Neptune conjunct Jupiter (both retrograde) in Sag in the 4th. I have noticed that with every Jupiter return the psychic/intuitive side of Neptune levels up (for lack of a better term.) I really relate to picking up on the global energies, and sometimes I can zero in a bit and get close on events, but then there's the whole angsty "what do I do with this now?" kind of vibe…sighs…I think Neptune is one of those things that can be a burden and a gift all wrapped up in one freaky package.

  • Hi Heather, you say that Neptune in the 2nd House may indicate difficulty hanging on to resources. How would Neptune Rx affect the 2nd house differently?

  • Transit Neptune has been conjunct my North node. You described perfectly what I've been experiencing. Having a Virgo stellium, I'm skeptical, need tangible proof, etc. But that feeling that something terrible is about to happen, plus panic attacks. I didn't understand when they happen without reason. Days later, something would happen on a global scale. I'm prone to anxiety either way, but it gets more intense days prior to catastrophic events. Aside from that, I can make more sense of my anxiety when I know why I'm experiencing it. But when it happens without reason, now I somewhat have an idea that it's because it's not related to me. It took me a while to figure it out, until I started noticing a pattern of anxiety without reason on my end. Thank you, Heather🙏🌌

  • I think I understand my 2nd house Neptune. It is about delusional fantasies about becoming rich. Such as thinking that I will win the lottery.

    Jupiter is currently transiting my natal Neptune. There is also a square to it by the transiting Neptune in Pisces.

  • Great podcast. You're a brilliant astrologer. Thank you Heather. I'm heading over to buy the entire series shortly.

  • Chiron has been squaring my Neptune in the 11th House and I’ve always moved between different groups and attracted alcoholics and drug addicts which is partly why I moved. Being a Pisces Rising makes it more intense.

  • Yeah that's how I'm feeling right now, my son is even losing his balance alot and feeling weird. He said mom I'm ok as long as I'm home.

  • I'm skeptical about the interpretation by many astrologers that neptune is about deception, confusion, etc. I am a pisces sun, moon, mercury and I'm the most honest straightforward person I know. I don't feel like I'm someone who gets deceived or taken advantage of any more than anyone else I know. If anything, because I'm more intuitive, I'm able to sense deception in others much quicker. And I have a lot of pisces friends and none of them are any more deceptive, confused, or confusing than anyone else I know. I think some pisces because of their sensitivity and open thinking can be less immediately decisive than some earth signs or fire signs, like maybe they're more unsure of what direction to go. But I'm still not sure that's really to a greater degree than other signs I know. So I'm not sure about this interpretation of neptune/ pisces in terms of what I've observed in myself and others.

  • I wonder if Neptune has anything to do with vows of martyrdom or suffering. I have Neptune in the 2Nd and Pisces on the 6th house cusp. I also currently have Neptune transiting my 6th house and have had weird health issues that no one can figure out.

    I work as a healer in a holistic center.

  • How should one understand a Neptune 29 degree in 4th house – in Sag?? I feel there's something important for me there…

  • Thank you!!! I seem to be starting to experience my 3rd major "round" with intense Neptune energy and it isn't affecting me as strongly in the past but is helping me realize how alone I feel and how badly I need to go find a spiritual community to be apart of. For me, Neptune "trips" are periods where the delusions reveal themselves to be and I am transitioning into a new state of being and new sense of self so it can be very uncomfortable at times.

  • Neptune in the 2nd house….spot on! Thanks….explains a lot 🙂 my kidneys won't let me be an alcoholic…weird life…lol

  • I have Neptune in Cap in the 3rd, widely conjunct my IC (15 Cap) but it makes a grand square with my Nodal Axis ( NN Aries) and Venus conjunct Mercury in Cancer. It is also sextile Pluto conjunct the 2nd house cusp in Scorpio. Before I studied Astrology I had been taking a medication that didn't allow me to sweat. I have permanently calcified multiple lymph nodes (Pisces ruling my 6th) and I still have issues with my lymph system to this day. I also have an extremely hard time losing weight. I have to eat a ketogenic diet in order to lose anything. I have tried every diet, been on multiple medications to try to help me lose weight. The only thing I haven't tried is weight loss surgery but I don't see myself going down this road. I also can feel when I am sensitive to foods ( started when Neptune started to Trine my Cancer Sun) I get all weird and tingly, convinced I am having an allergic reaction, even though I have been tested for these foods at an allergist with no reaction.

  • Thank you for your wisdom and insights! I have Neptune in Aquarius 12th conj South Node in my natal chart. I consider it the blessing and the curse :p especially along with having Sun conj Uranus as well in Aquarius 12th 9 degrees away. Neptune has been transiting my 1st house and it's been a confusing time lol

  • 🌠❤😎Neptune in 12th.scorpio.part of pisces in jupiter..big on charity..helping others..vital to this yet

  • Hi heather to me NEPTUNE is about a generational ideal, I.e. Neptune in Pisces is Instagram era, people who live their dreams on Instagram however suffer tremendously behind camera sometimes in order to portray the life they’re living. The good is that it’s an ideal to reach and the bad is that it’s a deceiver

  • Neptune in Scorpio 28* on my Sagittarius Midheaven 2* exactly sextiling my Virgo Sun 28* Neptune in my 9th.

    Sitting at the top of my chart, oh yes, Neptune is strong for me.

  • I do that as well, pick up on global disasters as well as personal tragedies like a radar homing in. One of the very worst was a month before hurricane Katrina in 2005. I was going about my business and suddenly, I burst into tears and went to my knees knowing a large loss of life was about to happen south of me. I live in Kentucky and when Katrina happened in Louisiana that proved me right. Recently, I had the feeling of being a pez dispenser and just wanting to throw my head back and howl in sorrow! My mother passed away after this incident.

    My Neptune opposition to my Pluto and Sun are still to come for me. I dread that! Neptune opposing Virgo planets is very difficult. It has already passed over my Mercury/Mars conjunction at 11*/13* and is slowly moving to the Pluto 27* and my Sun 28* EEK! Neptune's power to vanish things/circumstances is worrisome.

  • Gosch Heather, your description of Neptune,s influence on us , exactly explains what I,m experiencing…it's like being an antenna for everyone,s thoughts/ feelings!
    Thank You for sharing this knowledge so that I can be more objective ( i.,m ok!!)

  • Wow I'm chocking about what you said. I have Neptune in 12th house. And I'm super duper sensitive about space, places I went to Jamaica this summer and I felt the land in such pain sad, sad energy. That it really hurts my feelings, thoughts etc…😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰

  • I thought you gonna talk about the all houses with Neptune😞😞😞. Please can you do it in the near future🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜

  • I have Neptune in Scorpio in the second house. You are spot on in describing the relationship with resources. Your personal experiences have given me an idea on how to deal with my own intuition as I relate to others and the world.

  • Natally I have Neptune in Scorpio/5th house. For me, traditional dating as a way to learn to know men romatically hasn´t been sucessful! Meaningful relationships with men arises from learning to know them through work (moon i 6H) or friends (venus in 11th). Slowly growing from acquintencies to friends and then suddenly falling in love.
    In my natal chart Neptune is highly involved with other planets: Besides a grand water trine (within 5 degrees) with jupiter/ascendant in cancer and chiron in pisces, neptune makes a sextile to pluto+uranus and is in an exact inconjunction with mercury.
    Neptune passing over my MC was my weirdest neptune transit so far!

  • You’re absolutely right about all of this Neptune in my second house and currently transiting my fifth house. This was very helpful

  • Thank god for mentioning the intuition and tapping into the energy of others. I am not crazy! I've "predicted" so many events through my feelings that it's scary. I do have the dreams as well and "meetings" with spirits who pass on messages….
    My Neptune is in 11° of Sag in my 4th house (my IC is 5° Sag) and is aspecting almost all of my planets excluding Uranus and Jupiter.

  • Natal Neptune RETROGRADE in 0°47' Sagittarius in the 6th house, Node in 12th,Trine ascendent in Cancer, trine sun in Cancer, opposition moon in Taurus sextile pluto in Libra at 0 degrees, there are no words for what my life has been like. But I am allowing it all to be used for my awakening 💖 Can anyone else relate?

  • You have quickly become my favorite Astrologer. As always, thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. This background compliments your beauty inside and out. Thanks (((Heather))))!!!!

  • Sun in Sagittarius in the 8th house conjunction Neptune I’ve been in relationships with 3 narcissists/ sociopath/ borderlines. Not able to see my worth and who I really was. I’m super psychic- creative, an empath, and very sensitive . I see now and on my way to seeing my true self but had to be deceived terrible by darker forced people .

  • I can absolutely attest to the difficulty of this planet. I had a powerful Neptune transit to personal planets in my 6th house, and i was taken out of life for years – I was essentially wiped out. Its no joke. I was on disability and LOST everything. Sadness, loss, lonliness, illness was my life for a long time.

  • Neptune Transiting Pisces • Now in it’s 8th Year.

    Neptune in Aquarius began transiting my 1st house in 2008 at 21° Aquarius (my ascendant) with Neptune then entering Pisces on Feb 3, 2012. I have Pisces intercepted in my 1st house with Mars at 7° Pisces also in the 1st house. I mention all this to point out two things:

    Neptune plus Pisces in the 1st house of the self, identity and physicality + Mars the energy planet both by house and sign are affected by this Neptune in Pisces transit. Whoa! This is, and has been, quite the Magical Mystery Tour experience…ongoing. No one should underestimate the power of this transit of Neptune, particularly while it is in Pisces, its native ruler…it’s a double whammy!

    Heather; as to the length of a Neptune transit you misstated the length: a Neptune transit lasts 13 to 14 Years (currently from 2012 to 2025) not the 3 or 4 Years you stated. Heather; I realize you do actually know this. I just wanted to mention the correct length because it is such a dramatic transit to houses on the angles and 13 to14 years is a long time and can bring a strong, often transforming effect.

    For me, since Aries occupies the last 7° of my 1st house, Neptune will be transiting my 1st until 2026 when it then enters Aries. I am an Aries with my Sun & Mercury in Aries in 2nd house where Neptune will next visit for another 13 to 14 years or until the last 9° of Aries then followed by Neptune in Taurus where my Venus is in Taurus in the 2nd. So these 5 personal planet placements + ASC in Aquarius continue to undergo the Neptune effect.

    Lastly, I am a design professional in the communication arts, this is where Pisces has always been a gift, but Neptune is tricky with its diffusion of energy, often blurring, obscuring or distorting our perceptions of that which surrounds us (my native Neptune is in Libra in the 7th). Nonetheless, Neptune will be trawling my personal houses forever – I can’t out-live this one.

    Both Neptune and Pisces are spiritually inclined, intuitive, empathic, caring, giving and knowing, with blessings of creativity, imagination and deep, piercing mental acuity…but this energy moves in both directions and extremes, often stimulated by the ever present high sensitivity this energy bestows, which can sometimes be overwhelmed by the harshness seen or experienced in the world. I feel if one learns to understand and work with this Neptune-Pisces energy, it can be better utilized and recognized for it’s value – it is certainly so for the creative. As an Aries w/Sag moon I used to feel this Pisces influence was a weakness; I now see it as a strength, especially in maintaining open doors to perceptions, keeping one in touch with the natural world and the infinite – key in recognizing our common humanity, while we learn to build upon this. Thanks Heather; I always enjoy your videos.

  • Exactly! Neptune in Virgo natal 6th house with Chiron & Jupiter! Thank goodness for Jupiter- saves my bacon. But Drs have difficulty diagnosing my strange illnesses. Chiron HAS made me The Wounded Healer. (after breast Cancer I became a Reiki Master!). Had edit to note- almost died from Mold toxins. Can’t be near mold. So right on!

  • Wishing now I’d kept a journal. Neptune was opposing my Sun back in 1996. It will be trining in 2022.
    What I remember from 1996 is it was a weird time, lots of personal change and counseling following a divorce. Nothing seemed real. Thank you Heather for posting this thought provoking video ❣️❣️

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