NASA’s Webb Telescope Shines with American Ingenuity

The James Webb Space Telescope
is an international … collaboration among agencies and
companies around the world. Music Over 100 different companies and
various NASA facilities … have worked on the telescope. Music These companies and NASA
facilities helped build and … test various parts of the
telescope. Music

  • Just Imagine all the people that have died making this telescope and it will never make it to space

  • It took many years.. technology changed too much in that period of time. They should redesign it with current technology again 😁

  • This demonstrates that money spent on science isn't 'wasted'. These science agencies are doing their job and big projects have to be approved by congress and what not. Some people make it sound like space missions mean we send the money to space. No; it's spent here on Earth. Just think of all those collaborations, skill building, research, publications, etc. And all that happened here on Earth. And think of what could such work do for humans 30 years from no, 50 years, a hundred years. Life and the future don't revolve just around the 'here and now'.

  • I have three questions about the dark energy that drives the universe towards massive expansion
    The proportion of dark energy increases by 9 percent
    The first question about the inflation of the universe before the Big Bang
    What is the difference between the speed of inflation and the speed of dark energy?
    second question
    The percentage of dark energy increases by 9 percent
    How did that rate increase occur?
    The third question about the emergence of dark energy after the great explosion that created our universe
    After the end of inflation, the speed of the universe slowed down in the time of the Big Bang
    After slowing down in the speed of the universe dark energy appeared
    Why did dark energy emerge after the slow expansion of the universe?
    Please send my three questions to the space research team


  • ….Becoming more in tune with the pale blue dot Carl Sagan bits by bits building up a bigger picture that's quantitative with these pixels like the Hubble on point like a decimalist input sensory receptors cuz a picture says a thousand words with these tiny silicon transistors made smaller then a grain and that there of sand semiconductors allowing us to see in the future and the past…..

  • *Ideas for this YouTube project? Please reply to this comment.* It’s so nice to find pockets on YouTube where NASA is displaying what it’s doing without plagued with comments from people that think NASA is fake. Space programs that show so much obvious evidence of these endeavors that can be checked out on so many levels, basically I think, disarm them. And there are so many projects to look at. I’m considering making a YouTube video that disproves the Flat Earth and the Fake Moon Landing based not on physical proofs, but rather focuses on the immeasurable human effort, and would primarily cite the NASA Technical Reports Server, which contains over a million bibliographic records and full text documents, including almost a countless number of images. Would also include references to databases from other countries with space programs, and many lesser-known NASA missions, to them at least, such as Cassini and Messenger. Unfortunately, most of these viewers are living in a paradigm that is so very difficult to break out of, there will be very little reception.

  • "JWST is an international collaboration among agencies and companies around the world"

    Shows map of a single country

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