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(sighs) – My Hero Academia. The series where we follow the lives of U.A.’s Class 1-A as they come into their own as heroes except during almost all of season four. Because this season, some new
faces are taking center stage. Namely, the big three, Mirio Togata, Nejire
Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. As well as an up and coming
villain known as Overhaul. So, let’s shine a light on
these stars of season four. (gentle music) Who are the Big Three? Mirio Togata, Nejire
Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki are third-year UA students
at the top of their game. According to Daddy Eraserhead himself, Togata is closer to being
a Top Hero than some of the pro heroes who teach at UA. All of them will make waves in the pro hero world once they graduate. But despite having a cool
group name like big three, their rise to fame only
started within the last year. None of them made particularly
strong impressions during the sports festival in
their first or second years. Which is to say, watch
out who you make fun of in middle school because they could return from summer vacation having
gone through quirk puberty. Which, I don’t know is a real thing, but you get what I’m saying. The big three’s first member, Tamaki Amajiki, has that
classic anime bad boy hair and pointy ears, so he
basically looks like if someone transmuted Sasuke
Uchiha with a Keebler elf. And that’s actually way more
intimidating than it sounds. Moreso because of the Keebler elf part. Sasuke doesn’t scare me. His transformation class quirk, Manifest, is pretty much a horror show. It allows him to replicate
the physical traits of anything he’s eaten recently,
on any part of his body. Eating Octopus gives him Tentacle fingers, consuming a bird could give him wings, eating a bed bug could give
him a dagger (blade slinking). What? You didn’t know that bed bug fact? You see, I actually learned something from my biology of sex course in college. Not as interesting as it sounds. I just learned a lot about bugs. It’s important for Tamaki to consume a lot of whatever he wants to manifest. The more he eats, the
better the trait manifests. From what we’ve seen so far, his quirk only activates
when he eats animals, so veganism is off the table
if he wants to be a pro hero. It’s a sensible limitation,
but if he could transform into peanut butter he’d be
able to defeat any villain with a nut allergy, just saying. That actually sounds really brutal. Given how wildly useful his quirk sounds, its no surprise that Tamaki works at a top hero agency run
by the Pro Hero Fatgum, who also relies on eating for his quirk. Fatgum personally recruited Tamaki, and they’re a pretty good match. Tamaki may be an intimidating hero, but he’s kind of an anxious mess beneath that ever-transforming exterior. Horikoshi created Tamaki’s
personality after he had to do some public speaking at Jump Festa. Horikoshi was so nervous that
he was inspired to make Tamaki a socially anxious guy. In spite of his many successes, Tamaki’s anxiety can prevent him from putting his best foot forward. That is just too god
(drum thumping) relatable, and it makes sense. When you’re in the top three before you’ve even graduated high school, that’s kind of a lot of
pressure to deal with. As a result, Tamaki puts a lot of energy into avoiding people at all costs. Oh god, this is me! He avoids eye contact,
hunches his shoulders when he walks. You know, typical New Yorker stuff. He’s sending the message that he would like his personal space to be respected, thank you very much. I think Tamaki and I would get along well. When he’s in his hero identity, Suneater, he’s got some built-in tools
to avoid the public eye. In addition to the standard mask, his costume features a full hood! It doesn’t really have any
quirk-specific applications, its really only there to hide his face. I get it, Tamaki, weak
low, hell is other people. To combat his anxiety, Tamaki has a habit of leaning his head against a nearby wall to calm his nerves. This is getting really scary. That’s exactly what I do. – [Adrian] He’s your Herosona. – Oh, he is my Herosona. It’s rare that Tamaki comes off confident, but when he does, it’s
usually when he’s shouting out another person’s hard work. And that’s a pretty cool character trait. We should all do more of that. Shout out to my cats because they’re the only reason I got out of bed this morning. Another shout out to Mitski, for making Bury Me at Make Out Creek. And shout out to you, Adrian. You’re such a good boy. – [Adrian] Oh, thanks. – He’s such a good boy. When Mirio single-handedly
defeated Class 1-A, Tamaki pointed out that Mirio
had to work incredibly hard to cultivate his quirk, and that the students
at 1-A didn’t understand how much he’d been through. Being a member of the Big Three isn’t all fun and games after all. It makes sense that Tamaki
sticks up for Mirio, though. They’re childhood friends. They met in the third
grade when Tamaki was a painfully shy transfer student. He struggled to make friends, but Mirio noticed Tamaki’s shyness and took the initiative to reach out. They’ve been buddies ever since. And now I gotta take back what I said about Tamaki being scary. Once again, he’s the
most relatable character in all of My Hero Academia,
thank you very much. Also, fun fact, Tamaki loves butterflies. Which kind of fits him perfectly. Next, I wanna talk about a
wildly underappreciated lady, the Big Three’s Nejire Hado. She’s a beauty queen and a hero, and I gotta give her props
for subverting the idea that you can only have beauty or brawn. I’ll get to her powerful
quirk in a minute, but I want to give some time
to this queen’s pageant career. She participated in U.A.’s
annual beauty pageant, which I guess is a thing. Nobody tell Mineta. Though she did very well, she was bested by Bibimi
Kenranzaki two years in a row. I’m gonna go see what she
looks like for a second ’cause I don’t think she’s
been in the anime yet. – Oh my God.
– Oh my God, ew. – Ew.
– Euh! Whoo! – [Adrian] What the
(drum thumping) is that? – Hello, nightmares, how are you? To be fair, Bibimi does have
eyelashes longer than most people’s arms, so I guess
that means she’s a shoe-in? Nejire’s best friend,
Yuyu Haya, encouraged her to enter the beauty contest
in her freshman year. You can tell they’re true besties because they have matching
friendship bracelets. They’ve sort of got a Cardcaptor
Sakura and Tomoyo vibe, and Yuyu once said that Nejire is the cutest thing in the Galaxy. That so sounds like Tomoyo,
and I love her so much. She’s not wrong, when you
have friends like that, who needs to be a beauty queen? I wish I had a friend
that followed me around and was like, “Dorrie, you are the most “horrifying Eldritch entity
in all the universe.” Dreaming is free, dreaming is nice. Even if she didn’t take
home the pageant crown, Nejire has found massive
professional success. As a member of the Big Three, she’s destined to shake
up the Pro Hero world once she officially joins the
workforce after graduation. For now, she interns in the office of Ryukyu Japan’s top heroes. We haven’t seen much of
her work at the agency, but we know that Nejire
vouched for Froppy and Ochako so they could intern at Ryukyu, too. Since both girls got internships, it’s fair to assume that
Nejire has some pull at Ryukyu. We’ve gone over a lot of
Nejire’s accomplishments already, and we haven’t even gotten
to her awesome ass quirk. Nejire’s Emitter-class quirk,
Wave Motion, is amazing. She can turn vitality into
massive energy blasts, eviscerating any foe. She emits the energy from
either her hands or her feet, allowing her to fly or
float with her quirk. In that way, she’s kind of like Bakugou, but without all the rage. (sniffing) Whoa. You smell that, girls? I smell a new ship. It actually doesn’t smell very good because Bakugou is a very sweaty man. Having a quirk that relies
on vitality has forced Nejire to work on her endurance. Thanks to her training, stamina draining quirks
affect her less than others. Not a bad side effect. Unlike Tamaki and Mirio, who
are ostensibly best buds, it seems like Nejire, on the other hand, is still working on developing
a close bond with the boys. Like the class act she is, Nejire seems to keep things
strictly professional. Good girl, careers before… (clocking ticking) Boy years. Nailed it! This man is known by many names amongst My Hero Academia fans, Tintin, Vault Boy, Lucas from Mother, Deku’s Regret, and Mirio. Deku’s Regret, I quit. (laughs) Mirio Togata is a goofy guy
who loves watching comedy, chowing down on a bowl of ramen and cheering people up. His cheerful demeanor is just one of the reasons he was marked
as the most likely person to become the number one hero following All Might’s retirement. Deku’s Regret, I mean,
Mirio decided on his career in heroics after he fell
into the river as a boy, and a nearby pro hero rescued him. That experience stuck with him, inspiring Mirio to become a hero himself. He devoted every waking
moment to his ultimate goal of becoming a hero. However, his transformation-class quirk, Permeation, has made
this a wee bit difficult. Mirio’s quirk gives his
body an intangible quality, allowing him to pass
through all physical matter. He can activate it in specific limbs or through his entire body. Many people, including his own father, saw this as a useless
ability for a hero to have. And to be fair, the quirk
has a lot of drawbacks. If he activates it
throughout his whole body, he’ll fall through the ground and stay there until he
deactivates the quirk, which then shoots him out of the ground. Not exactly an easy reentry. On top of that, when
his quirk is activated, Mirio loses most of his
senses, the ability to breath, and his clothing falls off. He says all he can feel is
the sensation of falling which is how all my nightmares end. All in all, it’s a pretty
inconvenient quirk. Especially when you consider that my guy could apparently
fall into the earth’s core if he wasn’t careful. I’m suddenly remembering when he had that fight with class 1-A. He was like, “I’m sorry
for showing off my willy.” I love that he refers to it as his willy. It’s so innocent, it’s like a little kid. – [Adrian] “Free Willy”, man.
– “Free Willy”. “Free Willy”.
(laughing) Luckily, he’s learned to control his quirk to an impressive degree. And he’s got a hero uniform that won’t leave him in the buff. When dressed as the hero Lemillion, his uniform is immune to
the effects of his quirk. Why? Well, it’s woven in from
his own hair, of course. Of course! Flashbacks reveal that
Mirio had a long ponytail in Middle School. I assume he was growing out his luscious locks so they could be spun into that hero costume,
now that is dedication. But just for the record, his casual clothes would
still fall off of him if he used his quirk, do
with that what you will. I can hear the fan fics being written. Y’all got no chill, that’s
why I love you though. If I haven’t convinced
you by now that Mirio is a super hard worker, well, maybe Tamaki can help me out. But a certain pro hero
deserves some credit, too. Mirio got a lot of special training from Sir Nighteye in
his second year at U.A. I’ll give you all the deetz
on All Might’s number one fan in a minute, but let me leave you with a parting fact about Mirio. his hero name Lemillion
comes from his goal to save at least one million
people through his heroics. Believe in the me that
believes in you, Lemillion. I’m just gonna call him
Lemon Man instead though, because I like that more. Man, Mirio has really inspired
me, I wanna work hard. I wanna save one million
people, plus ultra! Okay, so maybe my goal of
saving a million people is a bit ambitious, but I can get started building
my skills on today’s sponsor. Skillshare. Let us see here. Oh yeah, they’ve got it. They’ve got like everything. I could take this course
about writing a good hero. Or this one that will
turn me into a poker hero. I can see it now, my hero name is Royal Flush, the Poker Hero. With my quirk I can win every card game, and I can take this handy
dandy photography course once I’m ready for my close
up which I’m always ready for. Okay, I don’t think that’s
what Mirio has in mind, but still, there’s plenty
to learn on Skillshare. And they’re giving away a free 2-month, unlimited access trial to our subscribers who click the description box, and after that, it’s only
around 10 buckaroos a month. Are you ready to be a hero? If you’re not feeling quite ready yet, maybe it’s time for a work study. Sir Nighteye has you covered, that is if you can make
him laugh, of course. (giggles) I make myself laugh all the time. Sir Nighteye is a storied
hero who loves All Might with all his heart. And that’s saying something. He’s supposedly a bigger
fan boy than Deku. In his youth, Sir approached All Might as a fan and asked to be his sidekick. Alas, All-Might had a rule
that he would never take on a sidekick and refused
young Sir’s request. But Sir was persistent and he eventually broke All Might down. And it’s a good thing he did because he became the
brains of the operation. Sir single-handedly completed
every piece of paperwork that came All Might’s way. Jeez, no wonder he needs
comedy as an outlet. When Sir parted ways
with All-Might six years before the start of the story, he had enough organizational talent to start his own Hero Agency. On top of that, Sir Nighteye is considered to be one of the smartest people in Japan. He’s also a smart dresser, and he took advice from
the great Edna Mode. No capes. Well, he actually took it a step further, deciding to wear a suit rather than traditional superhero attire. Horikoshi actually designed him after the stereotypical
image of a Japanese man. The suit gives Sir a pretty intense vibe. He does a lot of glaring, a lot. He can be an intimidating
guy, but despite that, he loves to laugh. In fact, he requires
heroes to make him laugh before he’ll formally acknowledge them. Which is a bit weird, but then again I don’t really trust people that don’t have a sense of humor. It all stems from his personal belief that a good hero should be able to make civilians laugh while putting fear in the hearts of villains. Sounds a lot like his
mentor All Might’s promise to save people with a smile. If one of Sir’s subordinates
fails to make him laugh though? They’re in for a world of hurt. Well, hurt pride, maybe. Sir rolls out this giant tickle machine and punishes them? Big wooly mammoth-sized yikes-a-roni. Potential HR violations aside, Sir has four employees under him. Two interns, Mirio and Deku, and two sidekicks, Bubble
Girl and Centipeder. While neither get much screentime during the series’ fourth season,
it’s kind of cool to note that they were both designed by fans. Shonen Jump hosted a
character design contest with promise that the winners would be added to the MHA story. The winners were Bubble
Girl, a cute blue girl, and Centipeder, a terrifying man who is a literal human centipede. Sir Nighteye was kind enough to give the fan-made heroes a gig, and that is the cutest
shit I have heard all day. More manga, please do this. Sir Nighteye’s real name is Mirai Sasaki. His parents might have had the same quirk as Nighteye, because they named him Mirai, which translates to future and ties into his
Emitter-class quirk, foresight. After touching and making eye contact with a target, Sir is able
to see into their future. He retains access to
that future for an hour. The farther into the future he sees, the muddier his predictions. Still, his predictions
have never been wrong. After using his quirk, Sir is unable to use
Foresight again for 24 hours. Which is a little confusing because when Mirio and
Deku run into Overhaul, Nighteye says he should have
used Foresight on them… Anyway, his quirk is
useful in close combat. He can see every attack
his foe plans to use, as seen in this fight against Deku. Like his former master,
Sir is truly a force to be reckoned with. If I were to meet the man, I would definitely ask
if he has any foresight into when I will finally be able to take over this retched universe. I will leave the earth one day, and escape all you (drum clanging). This season’s main antagonist,
oh, he’s a spicy one. Kai Chisaki, or Overhaul, leads the Shie Hassaikai or
the Eight Precepts of Death. One of the few Yakuza groups remaining in Japan following All
Might’s near eradication of the Yakuza in years prior. Because of this, Overhaul
refers to himself as a dying breed. Overhaul is a lifelong criminal. He first joined the
Eight Precepts as a tot, when the group’s boss found him, took him in and raised him as his own son. Like most Yazuka, the boss
had a strict honor code. He instructed Overhaul to
leave innocent civilians alone, but we all know how this
whole villain thing goes. Overhaul wants to repay
the boss who took him in, so he made plans to fix the Yakuza, restoring it to the fame it
held in the pre-All Might era. He intends to achieve
this goal at all costs, even if it means harming
the sweet, sweet, baby, Eri. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, Eri! I’ll die for you if I have to, you precious little blue ram thing girl. I love you, Eri. Oh, I love her so much, I
wanna know more about her. I’m sorry, she’s just so cute. Eventually, Overhaul strayed
away from the bosses wishes so he could fulfill his goals
of restoring the Yakuza. The boss is currently in a coma, making Overhaul their interim leader. I suppose we’ll see how his plans to restore the Yakuza work
out later this season. Overhaul will do whatever it
takes to achieve his goals, even if his actions aren’t
up to the Yakuza code. He’s helped by his
Emitter-Class quirk, Overhaul. Using his Quirk, Overhaul is able to take apart then recombine
anything he touches. His quirk is perfect for
extracting very small things like blood samples. Or, you know, exploding people. RIP Big Sis Mag, moment of silence. When Overhaul reconstitutes
something he’s taken apart, he can fuse his victim
with something else. If that occurs, he creates
some sort of Chimera thing, and this is already the second
FMA reference in this video. Maybe you oughta check
out our FMA timeline to see what happens to
people who make Chimeras. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. But as far as Overhaul is concerned, his power allows him to
combine quirks as well, and that’s kind of a big deal. Yeah, Overhaul is truly a scary villain. I am mortified, yet so very intrigued to see what he does in Season 4. Man, I hope he is hot under that mask. I’m Dorrie, thank you for
watching, and if I made you smile, please subscribe to Get in the
Robot: Your Anime Explainer. (upbeat music)

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