Moon in 10th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

last video we discussed about Sun in the
10,000th of horoscope in this video we
are going to talk about what happens
when you have moon in the 10th House of the Horoscope
so keep watching
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going to talk about moon in the 10000
thousands come before we talk about moon
in the ten thousand what is moon moon is
your inner self moon is your mind moon
is your desires nature moon is the
planet of opinion subjectivity your body
mother nourishment all the Cancerian
qualities and he is the planet of
fluctuation and rhythm now this planet
comes into that $10,000 school what is
10th house 10th house is the most
Keener houses what our kin rouses
house number one house number four house
number seven and house number ten are
the kinder houses 10,000 is the most
prominent kyndra’s tenth house is the
open sky 10,000 is the cell it is the
brightest point in the sky so any planet
does great job into the tenth of each
planet comes in becomes visible to
everybody just like Sun in the afternoon
right about your head now moon comes in
into the ten thousand ten thousand is
the house of authority power career work
highest material achievements it is the
house of your status authority power
10,000 also signifies your public life
because it will be the visible life how
people look at you and this is signified
by what you do
are you enacted and your politician are
you writer are you an entrepreneur what
people look up to you depends upon what
you do and tenth house is the house of
your work and career
hence tenth house is the house of the
status and authority as well tenth house
also signifies the father fourth house
is the house of mother seventh from the
fort is the partner of the mother that
is for your father
planet of privacy is coming into the
house of your public life so these
people are very secretive even if they
are the celebrity or even if they are
into the public life you won’t be able
to see them much they are not outspoken
they are not much visible they don’t
like to showcase their private life now
moon comes into the tenth house the
planet of fluctuation comes into the
house of your working career so it
brings in the fluctuation in your career
and what kind of fluctuation it means it
need not be an up-and-down into your
career as a success and failure it may
bring in the moment in your career like
you were working for some client in
certain countries now your you have to
move this element of movement can be
seen with moon in the tenth house now
moon is coming into the house of
public life where where you are visible
now moon feels uncomfortable here moon
doesn’t like to you know showcase his
talents he is shy personality moon is
very much about the fourth house or
eighth house it resonates well with the
fourth house of the eighth house which
is all about the shinies and your
private environment but ten thousands
wide open it’s a wide open sky and
everybody is going to judge you
moon feels uncomfortable here moon loses
the strength into the tenth house makes
person shy in the tenth house because
then what is ten thousand house is your
office just imagine it as your office
and Moon is your nourishment your boss
is not going to nourish you he is not
going to pamper you like your mother
which is moon and fourth house then
house is the house of completion it’s
the competition where everybody is
competing against each other and nobody
cares about others is the tenth house
now who doesn’t like the signification
of the tenth house moon likes that quiet
fourth house environment the planner of
desires comes into the house of work so
these people are extremely attached to
their work no matter what they do they
are totally involved into that because
the mind the mood is into the work now
these people will be constantly working
like they will be the people will take
work from home now their home is their
work area they will be constantly
working because they are occupied with
the work they constantly think about
work how they can improve it how they
can achieve the things they are looking
for and that’s what makes them
connected to the world 10th house is the
house of your work in Canyon and moon is
the planet of creativity so this people
the people with the moon in the 10th
house are very much interested in to
music or dance due to the placement of
moon into the 10th house so yes from the
10th house moon aspects the fourth house
of the horoscope what is 4th house is
all about your nourishment your private
environment your home environment and
your mother your earlier education can
also be seen that the 4th house now moon
is aspecting the 4th house the planet
signifying the mother is placed into the
house of father now the mother of this
person the person with the moon in the
10th house has to take lead in the home
she is the one who is going to lead
maybe father is absent or even if he is
present somehow she has to take the lead
in the family from 10000 aspects the
fourth of what it shows is the person
loves to work from his home environment
the plan the whole home environment ease
into the work area and is aspecting the
4th house of the private area and home
environment so these people are so much
involved into work that they want to
work even from the home and they are
very suitable to work from home so yes
so yes this is me in the tenth house of
the horoscope as much as I could hold
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  • Very cool. My first lord 10th house. Moon. 10th lord direct aspect moon (mars) career advice? My sun in 3rd house conjunct jupiter in virgo

  • Moon in the 10 house can also make a person social activist as moon is all about nourishment so they may have a tendency to work for society. Just a thought though don't know much about it.

  • Scorpio ascendant.Moon in the 10th house in magha nakshatra pada 4.In cancer ascendant avamasa moon in 1st house in pushya nakshatra.what will be the effect ?

  • You nailed it! Your analysis matches word by word in 80% of areas you touched. Working from home, I perform & get excellent feedback, working from office is bad! Trained in dancing etc for 15 yrs, mother led the house in every work while father brought the paycheck….and many more! Awesome as always! Thanks

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