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tan ko jogee sab kare, man ko virala koy sahaje sab vidhi paie, jo man jogee hoe Kabir Das ji says in this couplet that everyone can become a devotee of God by wearing a saint’s dress from the outside but he who does devotion to God within his mind does not need any show Every kind of accomplishment is possible with true practice and such a people are rare. Therefore clean your mind too, as a person can find God not through his body but by mind I, Suresh Shrimali, welcome all you dear subscribers to the December 2019 Gemini horoscope and how will it go for them Dear viewers, firstly you will know how Gemini horoscope is being formed and which planets are changing their positions? then we willl talk about business and wealth jobs and professions Then we will talk about mothers, sisters and women Then after Students and child happiness, we will talk of health and enemies And after that, the special remedy which will make this passing year a memorable one will prove to be effective for all But first let’s take a one look at your horoscope of this month Rahu will remain in your own sign throughout this month Mars and Mercury will go to Libra. Mercury will be in 5th house till 4th December then from 5th to 24th December in 6th house and finally from 25th December to month end in 7th house. Mars will be in 5th house till 24th December and finally from 25th December to month end in 6th house. Sun will be in 6th house till 15th December and later from 16th December to month end in 7th house Venus will remain in 7th house till 14th December and later from 15th December to month end in 8th house In this whole month, in the 7th house, Jupiter and Ketu will form Chandal Dosh and , Saturn and Ketu will form Shrapit Dosh Now we will talk of Moon which stays in a house for 2 ¼ days but does wonders during this period so on 13th and 14th it will be your house and along with Rahu will form Grahan dosh on the 24th and 25th in the 6th house it will form Mahalaxmi Yog along with Mars and on the 26th and 27th it will form Gajkesari Yog in 11th house along with Jupiter but with Saturn it will form Vish Dosh and with Ketu, it will form Grahan Dosh Now see, whether it’s you or me, ordinary or someone special, in the life of every human being, there are two to four days in a month when there is a feeling of loneliness, unknown fear mental disturbance, delay in work, some sort of problem and many kinds of fear and sufferings I tell these dates in advance so that we are aware of it and take the required precautions In this episode, on 1st, 2nd, 28th and 29th December, Moon will be in the 8th house on 11th and 12th Moon will be in 12th house and on 19th and 20th in 4th house So take care we will talk of business and wealth, i this whoule month in whichever field you are doing business whether it is manufacturing, trading or professional work you will need to do it with full confidence as success is assured But due to Chandal dosh, money could get stuck, there could be loss or you might get cheated Therefore I would advise you to be aware If you are planning any kind of investment in real estate, then think twice if possible, avoid it but complete the research work before investing Remember that investment is very important Remember that if investment is rightly done, then a person can earn money through money Therefore this investment will get you financial benefits and you will earn more profits than before But think well before you do it. Your efforts will give good success but not complete success. Because of not following time management, no proper discipline not making proper policies and not having proper plans can cause difficulties If you are into production or manufacturing then the results will not be according to your work done To run a good business, you have to take care of the manufacturing unit, which will in turn increase your turnover And you will be able to do your work with full intensity. For this, all the means of safety, short-circuit, fire, safety should be adopted properly As such troubles arise due to Chandal Dosh and Shrapit Dosh If you wish to expand for long term profit or open some other branch or close some and open other then this is a perfect time In business, old friends and customers will be very helpful and relatives will also help Maybe this month, your wife could join your business If you are the wife, then your husband could join or your children could also join You could also get the award for the Best Business Person of the Year at a Business Seminar Or you can get some other type of honor. The 8th, 20th and 23rd will be very auspicious for you. Talking of job and profession Whatever job the native is doing, whether he is working in the country, or outside if he is wishing for a change then you need to understand that change is certain But you have to keep a positive attitude I believe that instead of changing jobs if you try to convince your boss, present a better project then they could give you a promotion and can transfer to other department. This too will be considered a job change Due to this, there are signs of growth in both your promotion and salary At the workplace, you will be able to influence your colleagues, superiors and ministers to a great extent with your intelligence, IQ and EQ, your working capacities and your views and ideas But in the mid month you will have to face competition, that is, you will get tough challenges Enemies could also create obstacles in your way, take care Do your work carefully and avoid negligence. You will work very thoughtfully in terms of career. But the trips are fixed and there will be business with pleasure during the trips that is along with enjoyment your work will be well done To maintain your reputation at the workplace, you have to work hard For career growth, for some new changes, you can learn something new, you can study or you can do some research Those wishing for jobs in the government sector have very good chance of getting benefits. And at the same time I would also like to advise that if you are preparing for government job, or if you are having a government job then you must make improvements in it You can move to a new position by doing further studies You can move to a new position by doing further studies There could be a conspiracy against you. You will have to pay more attention to it. I am giving some dates 7th, 14th and 27th will be auspicious for you. For some special work. Lets talk about mothers, sisters and family life this month will create an atmosphere of joy in the house due to the arrival of a small guest There will be a spiritual activity ie religious activity which will reduce tension between family members And your house atmosphere will be like a blessing .And you will be very happy For this, people will definitely thank you family members who do not thank you are definitely appreciating you from the heart but are not publicly acknowledging it, as by doing so, you might get an ego Let them be In Friends, Love-Life and Relationship you will get to spend very beautiful, exciting and romantic moments Love from friends and colleagues will make you realize that – Yes I have achieved something You just have to learn to fight against your weakness you have to fight with your laziness,with your anger, resentment and jealousy Relationships with parents will be better There were some members in the family who did not get along with you but now will become friendly If you are single, you have more chances of becoming double, that is if you are not married, then you will find a partner And your desire that you should have a love marriage at the place of your choice, its chances are increasing If you want to propose to someone or you want to learn a special new job or begin a hobby then 100% this is the right time for you. Instead of believing in outsiders believe the person and the capacities within you and move on Therefore, do not trust anyone else’s words. Who could give us a certificate of career, we know ourselves better You should mend relations with those people which were broken earlier Stay alert on 5th, 13th and 20th. Talking about happiness from students and children then it’s time for students to take full guidance from teachers, mentors and gurus You should not sit at the back of class, if you are sitting back, then present yourself as if you are sitting in front. And do not shy away from asking questions The time is good for students from technical and medical disciplines. And due to Sun’s positional there are good chances of government and administrative services You are working hard but it is possible that the stages are bad in your horoscope. Due to which the results are not according to the hard work done If there is someone who could bless you, it’s your mother. Take her blessings and move ahead There will be good news on the 1st, 7th and 18th. Therefore, do good work. in health and enemies Cold, cough, and trouble of breathing from your lungs can cause great pain So do yoga and pranayam, take the help of Aryuveda. So that complete cleansing can be done Viral fever and weakness will trouble you. For this, only a better diet will be beneficial It will be better for you to be health conscious. Adopt healthy food and local food You have to be alert on the 12th, 24th and 28th with regards to health and enemies. Now I will tell you about the special remedy for Gemini for the month of December which will prove to be effective for all Here are the remedies to increase auspiciousness and reduce inauspicious effects, in the month of December: – This remedy is the same for all the zodiac signs . You will benefit if you do it along with your family in which you need to know: – 01 December is a day of celebration due of Sri Ram and Janaki’s marriage on the occasion of Vivah Panchami On this day: You should worship Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita and along with the whole family recite the entire Ramcharitmanas and Ram Rakshastra, or listen to it. You can organize an event by calling bhajan congregation This will create a pleasant environment in your family life and you will get the strength to get over your hurdles. There will also be an atmosphere of harmony and happiness in the family By performing such remedies, hindrances in getting married are overcome At the same time, you should try it with different flowers in the entire month as most of the flowers bloom in the month of December You should offer arkh, datura on Mondays. red flowers on Tuesday Ganesh ji should offered durva on Wednesdays. On Thursday, you should chant the mantra “Om Bhu Brihaspataye Namah”. If possible, then fast for Santoshi Mata on Fridays. On Saturday, chant “Om Shanneshrai Namah”. And if possible, you could make a mixture of sugar, sesame, oil, flour and coconut powder and feed it to ants Malamas begins on 16th December. This is the best period to donate, auspicious works are prohibited so from 16th December to 14th January: – Try to wake up early in the morning in the Brahma Muhurt and after a bath take a copper container, fill some water, some wheat, along with durva, vermillion, red flowers and offer it to Sun Lord while reciting “Om Grihini Surya Namah” and then fasting, should be done Donation and prayers should be done. All sins and bad deeds of a human being are destroyed by performing havan and meditation and they get enormous benefits Make a pledge that you will give 10% of it as donation wherever you are whether in a village, city or wherever you are you could donate or may be to a leper, those who live in a orphanage, old age homes or those who are helped by no one. Such people should be helped There is a special importance to donate lamps, clothes and the Gita book to the needy people so that they read the Gita. By donating a lamp, you get the benefit of many virtues along with the addition of wealth. The money you have given or donated is multiplied and is returned back. On 22nd December on Safala Ekadashi, early morning after a bath fill water in the Dakshinavarti conch along with perfume and add astagandh powder and a silver coin and perform abhishek for Lord Narayan and at the same time recite the Vishnushastranam. Otherwise, if you chant the mantra “Om Mahalakshmi Namah”, it will be fruitful for you too Take some of the offered water and sprinkle it all around the house If you are doing this work regularly every Friday, then it will be fantastic. You could also sip some of this offered water There will be happiness and prosperity in the family and the environment inside will also be pure I haven’t given you many remedies, but such small remedies can make your life better. I sincerely hope and believe that you will not only understand this program but you will definitely follow it. I would request all our viewers that if you like our program then do subscribe. You have full right on like, dislike and comment This helps us to learn and improve our programmes At the same time you could visit our web site and take advantages of the services provided You could join us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat I will be in India in December whose information you are getting But on 30th and 31th, 9th and 10th I will be in London,UK On 1st and 2nd January I will be in Nice, France and on 3rd and 4th I will be in Cannes, France 5th to 8th I will be in Santa cruz Tenerife Island, Spain Besides this you could meet me personally in India and also contact me through Video conferencing and Telephonic appointment I hope that this last month passes well and makes way for a great 2020 I wish you in advance Happy New Year for those who follow the English calendar I pray to God so that you spend your life well This is all for now, Namaskar and Blessings


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