Mentalisme [Concealed #01] Polygraph ** Street mentalism **

Peter Drucker said “The most important thing
in communication is hearing what isn’t said” thing that I’ll try to demonstrate
in this first episode with Mehdi thanks to his body langage to discover a piece of information that only he knows So Mehdi, the other time we made an experience where we talked about telepathy that we used signs and other thing like that then, the last time we used real playing cards, now what we gonna do is to use really signs. So, here are the signs that I told you last time we have a “+”, we have some waves we have some circle, a star and I added an hexagon just to have a little bit more signs ! So ! Here are some signs In a few moment you’ll choose one of this signs in your head, any sign you want but don’t tell me what is your choice and when it’s done tell me ! Done ! Done ? Perfect ! Okay, now I will show you cards one by one every time, check if your sign is draw on the card that I show you or not once you’ve check that the sign was or wasn’t on the card take it and put it down in your pocket – Okay ! – Okay ? So, I will mixed them up to avoid to think that I’m cheating or other kind of stuff Now, check if your sign is on this card, I don’t want to look at it on this card perfect, put the card in your pocket, perfect ! If your sign was on the card, please
think of something positive for me for example, the last time
you saw your best friend just now If your sign wasn’t on the card, please think of something negative for me,
for example the last time that someone hurt you or that someone told you an insult just now Think again to something positive or negative okay perfect I think that there was’nt your sign euuuuh your sign was on the card, your sign was on the card ! more positive sensations perfect ! Now, check to your sign on this one, please for me check if your sign is on the card or not and once you have check, put it in your pocket, perfect you put it in your pocket, perfect ! Please, for me,
can you tell out loud, even if it’s wrong “There is my sign on the card” – There is my sign on the card I’ve the impression that… no really… I think you lied or you said the truth There was your sign on the card ! – Yes ! Okay, the same thing with this card check, and once it’s done, you put it in your pocket
perfect, put it in your pocket and again, the same thing, tell out loud
“There is my sign on the card” even if it’s wrong – There is my sign on the card I saw a little grin, I think that you lied
your sign wasn’t on the card – All right ! Perfect, we’ll try to go further I’ll try to find the sign that you chose for this, I’ll ask you to imagine it, in big, like draw between us imagine, so…Perfect ! a completly free choice we agree
I didn’t force you to make make that choice, you choose the sign that you wanted What was the sign that you have chosen please ? – Wavy lines ! – Exactly, that match, wavy lines thank you for participating Mehdi – Thank you – I hope you enjoyed – Yes !

  • Spoilers

    Première carte : mord la lèvre inférieur pour diminuer le stress 
    Troisième carte : incohérence dans la phrase entre la deuxième ou c'était vrai et celle-ci. Question de ligne directrice.

    Beau montage c'est sympa

  • Dans ce genre de vidéo où l'on ne voit pas forcément très bien ce qui est écrit, comme sur scène, une astuce simple consiste à laisser le participant retourner lui même la révélation pour qu'on puisse mieux s'identifier à sa réaction et vivre l'impact de l'effet.
    Je pense que tu pourrais ajouter une phase de processus de lecture de pensée avant de trouver le signe pour qu'on comprenne bien que ca n'a pas à voir avec les cartes 😉
    Et pour finir, le montage fait très pro !

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