Meghan Markle Banned By the Queen?!

Meghan Markle is probably the most popular
royalty for the moment despite the fact she only got this title recently. However, the Queen cannot agree with the fans
and it seems like Meghan has fallen out of favor with Elizabeth! It’s your boy Marky Mark and I highly recommend
to stay with me to find out what Markle could possibly do that the Queen forbade her to
touch Diana’s jewelry! The
level of adoration of the Duchess of Sussex is so high that the coat she was wearing sold
from all shops in one day! I mean even I think she’s cool! And not because of her style or all the standard
royal deeds she does… each and every royal does it, boringggg! But Meghan is also famous for breaking rules! I also think all those rules are too old for
today’s changing world, Meghan, good job! She’s fresh blood in this huge family who
is a breath of fresh air at the same time. However, the head of the family and the head
of the country, her majesty the Queen, is not that excited about the rebel’s actions…
to the extent that she got enough of it and decided to show Meghan her place! Elizabeth has the right to choose whom to
lend the jewelry from the royal collection and allegedly Markle lost her right to wear
the pieces worn by Princess Diana! Wow, the Queen has been that specific! It seems like quite a strong hint that she
will never be as good as William’s late mother… Of course, Kate Middleton preserved all her
privileges related to the jewelry collection. Oh man, if she wears it any time soon, I’d
seriously take it as the action of showing her winning position over Meghan! This catfight has been around for long now. Back to Markle’s behavior! Or should I say misbehavior? Her baby shower she threw in New York appeared
to be beyond the line. The Royals were quite offended not only by
the place she chose but also with the fact they weren’t invited! Now I’m wondering whether the Duchess didn’t
know it for real or she just wanted to play the boss of the situation and break the rules… Well well well, this question was intended
to be kinda rhetorical but what she did next pretty much gives the answer to it. Meghan together with her husband moves out
of the Kensington Palace. I’m not saying that William didn’t have
any influence over that decision but you remember what Harry said: “What Meghan wants, Meghan
gets.” I have nothing else to say but the only song
plays in my mind right now, Nicki Minaj “I’m boss as*…” well you know the rest… I mean, it’s obvious she has some experts
who tell her how to dress and act appropriately, so there’s almost no chance she didn’t
know she was breaking the code unless she fired all her advisors… The source also claims that the Queen has
nothing against Meghan as a person but the hierarchy and following the “correct order”
is important. I can already imagine how her majesty comes
to the Duchess and whispers into her ear “Nothing personal but you suck.” That’d be brilliant! Brilliant like Diana’s tiara which Meghan
can’t get now! Muah ha ha, I know I’m ruthless! On the other hand, if the Suits star makes
an attempt to maintain a good relationship with Kate, the latter might be so kind and
grand Markle the permission to wear Diana’s jewelry again, since it’ll be in her power
when she gets to the throne. It just seems like it’s not a big deal,
like oh I can’t wear a tiara so what? It’d be so if it wasn’t inside the royal
family. Everyone realizes that it’s a warning for
the Duchess of Sussex to finally review her attitude and stop building her career as an
outsider of the family! What do you think about Meghan Markle “inappropriate”
behavior? Do you think after she was banned from wearing
royal jewelry she’ll change her attitude? I’m curious to read your comment and you’re
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