Meet The Planet Made of Diamonds

49 trillion dollars that is the total
debt held by the world’s governments but what if I told you that one single thing
in our universe could easily pay off all of the world’s debt it may sound like
fantasy but it’s not it’s a real planet located in space the planet is made
totally out of diamonds and it’s worth twenty-nine non million dollars today
we’re going to look at what’s on this planet if we could get to it what it’s
worth and also if humans could harvest the diamonds on it I’m Charlie and today
we’re going to look at the planet made of diamonds but before we become non
millionaires why not subscribe and press the notification bell to the day was the
10th of October 2012 astronomers jaws drop when they realized they discovered
a new planet that planet went on to be called 5/5 Cancri E the planet is double
the size of Earth and it’s made pretty much all of diamonds the surface of the
planet is covered in graphite and diamonds unlike earth which is covered
with water and granite this one has diamonds instead most of this planet’s
mass is pure diamond there’s only a few official images of this planet and as
you can see it kind of looks like a very red hot ball you can’t see any shiny
diamonds on it from this photograph and the reason why it looks like a volcano
planet is because it’s very near to its host star its host star is called 5/5
concrete a and it’s said to be much much more hot than the Sun but when the
planet is pointing at its host star you can see it fully litter and when it’s
fully lit up it turns into a blue color which is the Diamonds and graphite on
this planet the planet was discovered in Texas United States and it was turned
with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope the telescope had detected hydrogen and
helium but oddly no water vapor was detected this led to them discovering
this planet known as a super earth apparently some parts of this planet
could be kind of dangerous that’s because it is home to many
volatile materials for example lots of carbon dioxide all of the water and
hydrogen we have on earth is replaced with carbon dioxide on this
planet this means it’s very carbon-rich but not very oxygen-rich and there’s
also no water vapor in the atmosphere or 55 Cancri E
sorry vapors however this planet is the first time in atmosphere of a
super-earth exoplanet has ever been analysed successfully NASA was able to
use infrared observations to check out this planet in great detail but be
warned on this planet is a gigantic global lava ocean however this planet
does have chemicals similar to that of the Earth’s atmosphere
these include nitrogen and possibly oxygen but let’s get to the thing we’re
all thinking about the money what exactly is 55 Cancri E worth the
answer is 29 non million dollars that probably doesn’t mean much to you
because you can’t visualize such a big number but here it is written down as
you can see it’s the number 29 with 30 zeros the biggest number you’ve probably
ever thought of is one trillion that is a 1 with 12 zeros but all of that money
could completely change how we live on earth the entire GDP of the world is 70
trillion dollars this means the money made by the world is 70 trillion which
does sound like a lot but this means that 55 kangri ii is 384 quadrillion
times the world GDP and it also means that if we could get to this planet and
extract the diamonds we could easily pay off the debt of the world right now
governments around the world have 49 trillion dollars worth of debt but that
would only be 0.018 2 percent of this planet’s worth
Earth rotates around this planet once every year that means on 5/5 Cancri E
time is totally different as to how we know it what is 1 day for us on earth
would be 1 year on that planet but how exactly did a scientist get the number
29 million well it’s easy you need to first get the raw time and value 1
kilogram of raw diamonds is worth a cool 1.5 million dollars and 55 Cancri e’s
diamond mass is this number on screen right now to put it simply that’s three
times the mass of the earth if you multiply these numbers that
means the value of this planet is 29 million dollars if we were to split this
planet up amongst the seven billion humans on earth we’d all be multi Multi
multi trillionaire in fact we would be much much more than trillionaires in
fact everyone on earth would at least be an octillion heir to put that into
perspective here’s the list of how those number rankings go but you’re probably
thinking if this could make us all super rich and solve all the world’s problems
why don’t we go there well there’s a few issues first off is can we actually get
to the planet if we wanted to go to the planet we’d have to figure out how to
survive in the temperatures on the planet five five cankering E is 4,000
degrees Fahrenheit that’s 2200 degrees Celsius of course this is too hot for
any human being no matter how much gear we put on them and it’s also too hot for
any technology that exists right now not only that this planet is very far away
40 light-years to be exact to put that in miles that’s 230 trillion
miles so it’s more or less impossible to actually get to this planet but another
issue with this planet’s worth is supply and demand remember I calculated the
worth of the planet based on how much one kilogram of diamonds costs right now
but the only reason the kilogram of diamonds cost 1.5 million right now is
because they’re very rare if we had a whole planet full of diamonds
then the rarity would drop and the supply would go up and with the supply
going up the demand would decrease driving the price way down so sadly this
planet is not going to solve all of our problems any time soon but it is still
pretty cool to know that a planet made totally of diamonds exists in space not
only that if we were able to build a suit or maybe some take which could
survive the heat humans could live on this planet this planet is classified as
a super earth planet or an exoplanet but on the subject of extraterrestrial
diamonds did you know that Russia is hiding something from the rest of the
world recently a gigantic asteroid filled with diamonds crashed in Russia
inside the asteroid is more diamonds than the rest of the world has combined
but amazingly Russia was able to get a hold of this asteroid that fell in their
country inside the asteroid is trillions worth of
of diamonds the asteroid made a gigantic crater in the regions of Siberia Russia
and inside it there’s enough diamonds to power the global market for the next
three thousand years this is very crucial because diamonds aren’t just
used on things like rings they’re also used in lasers and technological
innovations they can also be used to attain nuclear fusion so if the global
stock ever depletes then we all need to go to Russia as they have more diamonds
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