Master in Astronomy – Leiden University

The mornings are usually very quiet. I get up and I make coffee. It’s very nice that I have two people to share the apartment with. We have a chat and we see what the day is going to bring. And it’s a nice way of starting the day. So even though Leiden is small in size it really has everything … … one would need for a comfortable life style. It feels very safe. You can easily walk … … or bike anywhere within the city. Something I really like about Leiden University is … … that it’s a very international community. All the courses are taught in English. It really feels like a place where you want to work … … and you want to spend your time. Everytime I just walk in hallways or I work in the office … … I feel like I’m in the right place. My supervisor in China pointed me specifically to Leiden University. I think he could not give me any better advise. As a master student you have your own office … … with your own computers. You can spend your time in the office … … doing research and study with your colleagues and friends. Leiden is amazing to do a masters in, because … … it has the specialisation in instrumentation which is as far as I know unique for the masters. And as a master student here you really have all
the freedom to design your programme and your studies. So during your master you’ll get to work on two different research projects … … with two different research groups.
So you get a good opportunity … … to interact with different researchers within the observatory community. Leiden University is strong in research. There are various research topics you can choose from. From observational, practical, theoretical or computational astronomy. The staff and the supervisors are very approachable. You can just walk into their office. I think that’s really important because once you come here to another country … … you really want someone to help you.

  • Wow…

    Iam looking forward to attend here.
    Iam from India but a mongoloid race currently doing BTech Aerospace engineering however Astronomy is my passion since childhood and wanted to pursue MS in Astronomy and cosmology after my BTech.
    I would like to know how much is tuition fees for international students(in India rupee).
    Please reply.
    Thanks in advance.

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