Mars in 10th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Venus in the 10th house of the horoscope
in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have Mars in the
10th House of the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart so
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in the tenth house of the horoscope
before we talk about Mars in the ten
thousands of the horoscope what is Mars
Mars is your life force Mars is the
vitality your physical strength Mars
literally means your blood
Mars is your enterprising skills mas is
about your ability to initiate it’s your
ability to fight it’s your ability to
fight back for competition aggression
can also be seen with Mars Mars is your
Mars is a disciplined soldier so he has
all the qualities of the soldier Mars is
the soldier of the Sun Sun is the king
in the celestial cabinet and Mars is the
commander-in-chief of the celestial army
so he is the one who takes the
initiative who attacks who goes and
attacks onto the enemies he is the
fierce and disciplined soldier he is
fearless and aggressive and passionate
now this Mars is coming into the 10,000
forest of what is 10,000 the tenth house
is your highest achievement tenth houses
the house of karma about the things you
do you are known by the things you do
whatever you do you will be known by
your deeds your Karma’s will create your
identity in this material world
tenth house is the house of your highest
material achievement 10,000 the house of
your karma ten thousands the house of
OpenSky first house is the house of
eastern horizon it’s the time the Rashi
at your eastern horizon so first house
easier eastern horizon seven thousand
zero western horizon for thousands the
letter letter is the area just below
your feet and Zen it is the tenth house
it is the area just above your head so
all the planets when come to the tenth
house becomes visible
so they give good results ten thousand
is the house of public life frame
success authority all these can be seen
with the tenth house tenth house is the
house right above your head and hence it
shows the public life it shows your
visibility it shows your fame authority
status can also be seen with the tenth
house ten thousands one of the important
kyndra house along with one four and
seven ten thousands all so the important
key in the house tenth house is the GU
Pattaya house which are literally means
the house which grows with time Opera
House’s are the houses of
self-improvement house number 3 6 10 and
11 are the opera houses and these are
the houses which constantly grows on
improving so the discipline energetic
planet like Mars does great job into the
10th house now let us look at what
happens when you have Mars in the ten
thousands of the horoscope has a
combined effect of Mars in the tenth
house the planet of energy coming into
the house of work so these people are
extremely workaholic these people like
to work and they
energy and physical strength to take
their work to the next level so these
people are constantly improving to the
skills they have and in their work area
or their career so they’ll be constantly
working to improve themselves in the
work in the planet of competition comes
into the house of career and work 10,000
mas loves to be in the tent of strength
house is a wide-open competitive space
everybody is there to compete if you
don’t complete and win you’ll be out of
the race you’ll be no more in the race
and Mars doesn’t like to lose he has the
strength he has the energy he has the
enthusiasm and he has the mindset to win
all their enemies and when mass comes
into the 10th house he loves it
now it’s wide open competition and he
loves this competitive environment now
he can operate with its highest
potential and with the relevant
significations in the natural horoscope
10,000 ruled by Saturn which is the
original sign of the exaltation of this
Mars Mascis gets exalted into the sign
of Capricorn which is unstoppable
workaholic sign of Saturn which
resonates well with Mars so mass gives
great results into the 10th house he
gets the strength into the 10,000 the
planet of entrepreneurship comes into
the house of the work and the public
life so these people are often seen as a
public speaker or maybe motivational
speaker who are inspiring people just
like Tony Robbins Gary Vee just just
like the people we talked about into the
Mars in the ninth house the inspiration
and the energy you can expect the same
with the business aspect of it
these are the people who will
demonstrate others will motivate others
to rise in life they will help others to
rise in life as well with their energy
with their physical strength
they are extremely inspiring the planet
of passion comes into the house of the
open air house of working career tenth
house is all about the things you do and
Mars likes to do things passionately
Mars is not the dull planet he is
energetic sometimes it can bring in the
best of the results when it comes to
doing something because the passion is
the only thing which keeps us going when
nothing is happening for us from the
tenth house Mars aspects three houses
Mars has three special aspects masks and
aspect fourth house from itself seventh
house from itself and eighth house from
itself we have to count the house Mars
blessing so let’s count it for the Mars
in the tenth house
so when mass is into the tenth house it
will aspect four places from itself like
10th 11th 12th and first so Mars will
aspect ascendant now Mars is impacting
your personality as well first house is
your physical body as well as your
orientation towards the life your
perspective to look at the life now the
person with the 10th house Mars when it
aspects the first house it is not only
placed into the house of the world
now it is also aspect in the house of
your physical body and yourself now this
person becomes even more intense even
more energetic enthusiastic and who is
ready to take on who is ready to
initiate who is ready to start something
he is the one who has
greatest enthusiasm to start new
business to start new initiative he is
always ready to start ascendant is also
the house of your physical body so all
the martial capacities can also be seen
with the person having 10,000 ARS like
he will be energetic passionate
discipline and a go-getter from the
10,000 ma suspects the fourth house of
the horoscope with the seventh aspect
where comes the seventh aspect ten ten
eleven twelve one two three four this is
the seventh aspect now when mass aspect
forth out of the horoscope what it does
is tenth house is the house of your
father and fourth house is the house of
your mother the planet of the argument
the planet of the energy passion
competition all these significations the
planet Mars is aspecting from the tenth
house to the first house excuse me to
the fourth us now here it becomes quite
uncomfortable masa doesn’t like to sit
at home if you put Mars in a kitchen you
will get bored he doesn’t like to be
into the fourth house he wants to go out
on the battlefield and thrash their
enemies to take on the new initiatives
would like to go on to win new
territories to conquer New Territories
that’s what mass likes to do but here
Mars gets uncomfortable because now it
is energizing now he’s putting his
energy in the home environment which is
quite uncomfortable the planet of
argument aggression is coming into the
house of your nourishment and private
life and mother
so what it shows is the person will have
arguments with his mother or it is also
possible that he has a very disciplined
mother which in his initial life during
the childhood the fourth house area he
is not comfortable with or maybe he is
having an argument with his mother
now the discipline which his mother has
installed in him is now helping him to
grow into the jungle to win into the
jungle to compete into the tenth house
area of work where nobody cares about
other people to be frank I want to win I
don’t care about what happens to the
other people is worth tenth house now
this discipline helps this person to win
from the penthouse mass aspects the
fifth house of the horoscope with eight
aspect what is the fifth house fifth
house is the house of your children
fifth house is the house of your
education is about the politics is about
the strategies you do is about the
hobbies when math aspects the fifth
homes from the tenth house what it shows
is the person will bring in the passion
to follow his hobbies or passions now
the planet of passion is coming and
aspecting the house of hobbies this
person does great in to the creative
field because the planet of passion is
expecting your hobby now he can take his
hobbies to the next level and can take
them professionally as well
this person will be extremely
disciplined about his children
you have to get up early your how to
take the workout seriously you had to do
this you he will put in the discipline
to his children with respect to the
physical activities the person with the
Mars in the penthouse is a great
strategist these people can make the
strategies which will help them to win
into the 10th house they will have the
greatest of the strategies because 5th
house is the house of strategy and Mars
is the planet of the energy initiation
and war competition aggression passion
and independence as well when Mars is
debilitated into the 10th house it rules
the second house and the 7th our second
house is the house of finances and seven
thousands the house of your partner and
now it is into the 10th house they
penetrated debilitation is just one part
of it and Moon the sign of debilitation
is the friend of Mars and we have to
look at the six folded strengths of the
Mars and not just the debilitation and
exaltation we should not come to the
conclusion with just one element no
matter how profound you see that element
doesn’t matter if you have Mars exalted
or debilitated it doesn’t matter what if
you have Mars exalted into the 10th
Wow it should be great no it need not be
great you have to look for the
conjunctions aspects placement of other
planets the lordship of the mass let’s
talk about the lordship of the Mars Mars
when is exalted into the 10th house
rules the 8th house of the horoscope
and the first horse of the horse code so
the first house is a tease and 8th house
is copy oh and Marcy’s into the 10th
house now the Lord of eight is going
into the 10th house it creates the
pancha Maha purush yoga wherein you will
have a Mars in the sign of exaltation or
in its own sign in the kendra 1 4 7 10
so it creates that Maha purush yoga
called root chakra but it need not give
you the best of the results or it can
give you the best results it depends
upon so many other things you have to
look at the 6 folded strength of the
planet you also have to look at the
agenda of the planet what is the agenda
of the planet in your chart you also
have to look for the conjunctions
nakshatra aspects exchange you also have
to look for the danio cos Arista yoga’s
Raja yoga and all these on the
background of rimshot 3 Maharaja if not
couple more Mahathir shows like Chara –
a yogini dasha but at least on the
background of em shot their mother and
when you will look at this then you can
come to the conclusion that yes we can
and when you will analyze the chart to
this extent you would
the same approach to deal with
exaltations and debilitation and you and
you will soon realize that it is not
only about the exaltation and
debilitation there are many more things
to look at okay so yes this was Mars in
the tenth house as much as I could hold
grasp and share with you guys if you are
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youtube channel go to the playlist
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fascinating world of Vedic Astrology but
I would recommend to start your journey
with how to get started into Vedic
Astrology playlist or twelve ascendants
playlists or planets through houses
playlists sending you tons of positive
energies sending you high vibrations see
you in the next videos love and peace

  • 🙏👍🙇.great video.100 percent true..passion ,deciplined.I am not interested in cooking,but what ever I cook , people says I cook with passion and affection.I always bring creativity in cooking and my hobbies.I loved my Mars in 10 th house.although it is in has all those qualities, which ever I want in my life.✌️👏👏👏👏

  • Thank u ☺ nice details. I have Mars in 10th house, Ascendant Sagittarius, Sun sign Capricorn, Moon Scorpio and Jupiter Sagittarius 🤔

  • I too have mars in 10th house (I am a leo ascendant) and I have sun and ketu in 10th house of navamsha. My sun is vargotamma is virgo

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