hi this is the weekly horoscope for
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has this week Neptune is quincunx ceres and quincunx the North
node you have this opportunity to go back to the past relationships but they
may have ended so badly twice bitten twice as shy so you can start seeing
people from your past coming out but it doesn’t mean you have to have a
relationship with them it doesn’t mean you have to say hi okay so it’s up to
you what you want to do but this week they can be coming back or this can be
feeling some kind of way like you’ve been taking advantage of been taken
advantage of by others and now you want to keep the peace and continue the
relationship but you don’t like the strings that come attached to those
people and you don’t want to express yourself because you don’t want to cause
fight or can open up a can of worms that you don’t want to go so you don’t want
to go there at this time then Uranus is forming a t-square with the second
eighth and eleventh house so for some of you this can be lessons with money or
this can be certain changes that you need to make in order to get along with
certain people in your life or to get along with a group of people in your
life at this time people in your life either at work or with friends you may
not feel like you’re able to express yourself or be open without someone
going down your throat or snapping at you you can feel stressed with career
and everyone around you feeling that stress as well so it’s not just you
experiencing that stress but others are putting that stress upon them as well
and kind of taking it out so you can be walking on eggshells with
certain relationships this week then uranus trining Vesta in the sixth
and eleventh house this is also happening all week long this transit as
well this could be opportunities opening up for you or you can be joining a group
and feeling like you have a purpose or this can be receiving inspiration by the
people around you you can be more in a leadership position with a group so this
energy also brings about growth this week then Saturn in your seventh house
opposing your first house you can have a difficult time expressing yourself or
you can be feeling intimidated by certain people around you or you can
feel intimidated by certain people at work because you don’t want to step on
toes this week or you want to try not to judge the person because you know that
they’re going through something at this time or they can be trying your patience
and pushing your buttons or you can feel like you’re being taking advantage of
the first card I come up with is the six of swords cock those brains for you shoot
that mouth office was coming up and then for others of you this is traveling and
then for others if you get the hell out of your damn head the knight of coins
the mind on the money and the money on the mind with this energy so there can
be money worries at this time there can be worries about career and
re-evaluation with career at this time because for some of you you may want to
go in a different career direction because you’re not happy because again
you know with so much so many planets in the sign of Leo you’re not receiving
that recognition or that attention that you want to receive with career for some
of you the seven of cups brings about thoughts of future future future coming
up with this energy the ace of coins creating your own reality money coming
in for some of you or getting a job but I feel like this job may be in a
different state or country for some of you this week the Ace of Wands receiving
recognition for your work or creative projects that you are starting or doing
or finishing up at this time the four of swords for some of you you need to keep
yourself grounded because you’re allowing the planets in your second
house to really talk to you the opposition happening between your
12th and 7th house to really get to you so for some of you this is a great time
to delve into your spirituality and for meditation the summer time is not really
the best energy time anyways because all the planets are in retrograde and so for
a lot of crabs you know this is a real time of reevaluation so the only time
things are gonna happen or when the planets are direct and right now they’re
in retrograde so you can be overthinking certain things or over analyzing certain
situations at this time but you know try to trust that energy during this time
period because that can be your intuition talking to you and I talked
about that in my video that I did called your inner traffic light okay so try to
pay attention to that don’t get so discouraged by it it’s just that you
know you’re you are you know for some of you you’re not in tune tear to yourself
or your intuition so you take it more as depression or anxiety when really it’s
your intuition talking to you at this time saying don’t move it’s gonna be
okay okay the 3 of Wands tells me success on its way this week the star
card manifesting what you want at this time the knight of cups brings new love
coming in and also I feel for some of you this can be dating during this time
period for some with this energy especially my 20 year olds okay for
others of you just as blessings on to the universe the moon card you need to
create more balance in your life this week okay so you know try not to fixate
on one particular thing in your life that’s not working and try to focus on
everything else that you can control around you to create balance the nine of
coins I see for some of you you can be to focus on what other people have at
this time and it’s making you very jealous and you try to compete with that
person try not to do that don’t do that tit for tat thing because that will
drive you crazy within it yourself it’s best to focus on
what’s going on with you with this energy the queen of Wands I see love
coming in for some of you and then I see money
coming in but the money that’s coming in at this time can have lessons with it so
be careful with that I do see some surprise surprise lessons
with money or money that was owed or debts that are going to be coming up
don’t allow anybody to borrow money this week from you because you’re not going
to get it back the five of cups I feel like again create balance in your
life with this energy because you can be focusing on something that’s out of your
control this week is what the cards are showing me I love you my crabs please
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