Maria Helena – Transformar emoções menos positivas

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Today I’ll teach you how to transform your emotions
less positive.
Some of these emotions
are anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy
the pain.
Emotions arise in the mind so conscious, is it or is it not?
They are immediate, instinctive
When something like that comes up here, it starts to feel things, doesn’t it?
are uncomfortable
But what does it do? Show us
Show us what is unbalanced with us
To transform your negative emotions
in positive, do so, do as I do
I’ve got a little heart here, a quartz I carry around with him all the time, don’t I?
This little heart by chance is in sight but I always walk with a little heart of pink quartz
Do it like this
Take awareness of your breath
Conscious breathing raises your energy
And helps dispel the heaviest emotions
Think how it breathes
See if he’s breathing well, if he’s breathing here through his lungs or breathing through his belly, that’s very important
When you feel a negative emotion
stop and concentrate on your breathing
understand what that emotion has to say to you
every emotion has something to tell us
understand why you’re feeling afraid?
Why are you feeling angry
Don’t just feel it and be done with it.
“But why am I feeling jealous?”
“That person has something I don’t have”
So maybe instead of being jealous, it’s better to start working for the same thing, you know?
Understand what brings out that emotion
And then accept. Accept and forgive yourself
Forgive this emotion
So say, “I accept you and I forgive you.”
So it’s human to live out all those emotions, okay?
And you in doing so, through forgiveness and acceptance
You transform the emotions
Try to accept whatever you feel
Try sending love to those emotions
And you’ll see you’ll feel much, much happier
Everything will be better in your life
Try it, and I’ll tell you! is it a deal?

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