Maria Helena – Sonhar com Números

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Believe that these dreams are very important, the numbers
Do you know what?
Numbers were invented by ancient civilizations, for what?
To give order to our lives!
Did you ever think that if there were no numbers
Wasn’t there, like, hours for nothing? Yeah or not?
How did we meet
on time, for anything?
I don’t even know how they did it,
It should be like this for the sun, for the moon, shouldn’t it?
Should be
With dreams and numbers
we have thus certain codes that are revealed to us
Every number has a vibration!
It is true.
So it is possible to perceive the meaning of each number
Look, when you dream up a license plate
the number of a door
or any number
So composed of several digits, you know what you do?
must add them up!
You add it all up, until you get the number going from 1 to 9, don’t you?
You add that, whatever it is, between 1 and 9
And then what?
You will consult the meaning of these numbers
For example, imagine that dreamed with the number 3, let’s see here
On the page, which I already brought marked, on page 151
Look if you add up these numbers, will you?
And then number three, you know what that means?
It means you’ll have an extraordinary week
It’s written here, look there, I even underlined
An extraordinary week, will have help,
your future will be very good
so a very good near future is coming
these dreams help you to choose
the direction you must go.
They serve as an orientation, so numbers are very important in our life
They are studied, still spoken,
Even the Bible talks about numbers, about the meaning of dreams.
So it is very important and for that very reason, that I wrote this book for you

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