Maria Helena – Prevenção do Cancro na Mama

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Today I will tell you about the importance of breast cancer prevention
It’s along with skin cancer one of the types of cancer
most common among women
See, that in Portugal
are detected every year
About 6,000 new cases of breast cancer, you see?
You see, it’s a calamity
Approximately 1,500 women die each year from this disease
It’s very important, but very important
make the prevention
to detect symptoms in time
and do the appropriate treatment
Talk to your doctor about when you should start taking tests
and how often
even if there are no signs
no symptoms
I say one more time
Talk to your doctor!
You already know
Better prevention than cure
And a kiss too big for you that you see me right now
and that he’s sick.
Think you’ll heal, think you can
think that you are able to react, because you are a wonderful being
And God dwells in you
A big kiss for you

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