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Today I will talk about the master numbers
You know what I’ll tell you?
That in the universe, everything in the universe has a certain vibration
Even the numbers, of course!
Numerology studies the vibration of numbers, which go:
from 1 to 9
basically it is this, then there are other things, that I will approach further
But there are special cases that are master numbers
which are the 11
these figures are not reduced
because it has a very important meaning, are those master numbers, okay?
So the people who do the math at your birth date
and then gives as a way of life
Number 11 or number 22
has a very special destination, okay?
He has a more evolved soul,
have played a very important role
And those people, who add up the numbers to 33 or 44?
They are very rare
I must say that to this day I have found no one
That doing these math would make a 33 or a 44
because they’re really very rare
The 33 is a visionary
an idealist
a person who is always, always imagining things and seeing and doing
Now the 44
can easily find solutions
for all problems, however difficult they may be
Because they’re very special people.
Beyond the date of birth
that indicates the way of life
therefore through your date of birth
How do you do it?
So the day, the month and the year, that’s how it does
Then you add it all up, what you give in the end is your way of life.
So the way of life, numerology also studies, the personal year of each person, which is already different
So he tells you how it’s gonna go, each person’s personal year
If you have for example a personal year, that already has to add more, okay?
If you have a person year 11 or 22
that means that this year will be a turning point in your life
and will bring you great changes.
Fascinating, isn’t it?
So learn, it’s within your grasp, okay?
Learn numerology because it is very interesting and will help in your life, for sure!

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