Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story The Green Jasper Diviner Epilogue english sub

Sunao:Shrine Maiden Shizuka:Magical Girl Sunao:Demon Shizuka:Witch! Sunao:Demon Soul Night Chiharu:Ummm! Grief Seed! Sunao:Gem Shizuka:Soul Gem! Sunao:That’s good Chiharu:But we still remember it nicely Shizuka:I am just a bit older. Shizuka:Switching the language is pretty hard… Sunao:I have a long experience with it. Shizuka:Speaking of which Chiharu in the village does it no longer smell? Chiharu:Yeah,It’s already much easier to breathe Sunao:Eh did it really Smell? Chiharu:It Didn’t really smell but somehow it isn’t really different. Shizuka:It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the witch, it’s really a force specializing in the incident. Chiharu:Yeah,you might feel bad at that time. Sunao:Somehow, this power will be useful in the future. Chiharu:I’ll do my best to do that! Shizuka:That is reassuring Chiharu:But It’s strange. Chiharu:I met Shizuka-chan and Suano-chan but it was very short. Chiharu:It’s like 3 people are going on a journey. Sunao:Looking back,I couldn’t imagine it happening at all. Chiharu:It’s exciting! Shizuka:Chiharu is a magicial but the day been shallow. Shizuka:It’s a very rapid change for me? Sunao:Shizuka is getting more confused Shizuka:No, a lot already happen Sunao:Is that so? Shizuka:I don’t know well but I feel like it has finally begun Shizuka:My Life Chiharu:Lets get it someday,How to prevent people turning into Witches! Sunao:And fight for the book of the day until death Shizuka:Because it’s a rarity that our Tokime clan continue to embrace. Chiharu:So the first we we must do is? Shizuka:I already thought of something to do. Chiharu:As expected of Shizuka-chan! Sunao:So what will we do then? Shizuka:When I look at the family tree in the house of Kamishiba,I contact the woman and her divided house. Shizuka:Let’s create a group of women and women by recruiting people to participate. Chiharu:oooOOOh! Shizuka:And when you’re ready, let’s go beyond this landscape. Sunao:That’s right beyond these mountains All 3:To Kamihama!

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